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Barbara Bradley Bolen, Ph.D.

Dealing with Gas and Bloating

By June 22, 2011

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When people ask me what IBS is, I typically talk about the urgency of diarrhea, the struggle associated with chronic constipation, or the symptom of debilitating abdominal pain. I don't usually mention gas and bloating. I don't know why that is, considering that gas, bloating, and flatulence often are a large part of the IBS story. I am not alone in this omission, in fact gas and bloating are not even among the defining symptoms of IBS as described by the Rome III criteria.

Well, I can no longer be faulted for overlooking the problems associated with intestinal gas. This article offers you a step by step guide for dealing with the uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing symptom of intestinal gas.

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February 23, 2009 at 5:13 pm
(1) Jennifer Heisler says:

I don’t even have IBS and I’ve had to run to the bathroom in order to avoid gassing my cube mate. I can’t possibly be alone in the quick sprint to a place where one can pass gas without a huge amount of embarrassment.

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