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Barbara Bradley Bolen, Ph.D.

Potential IBS-D Drug: LX1033

By August 2, 2011

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A while back, I wrote about Lexicon Pharmaceutical's work on a medication designed to treat non-constipating IBS, called LX1031 (see, Up-and-Coming IBS Medicine). The company appears to have come up with a "more potent" formulation entitled "LX1033". Like its predecessor, LX1033 is an oral medication designed to work on serotonin within the digestive system, but not within the brain. The fact that the medication is designed to act locally in the gut should help to reduce unwanted side effects.

As you may well know, new medications must undergo a process in which they are tested in clinical trials. Lexicon has just announced that LX1033 has completed a Phase I clinical trial in which healthy volunteers were given the medication, at varying dosages, for a total of two weeks. The medication is reported to have been well-tolerated. As compared to placebo, LX1033 showed significantly lower levels of a serotonin marker (5-HIAA) in both blood and urine samples at all dosage levels. This serotonin decrease was seen at a lower dosage than that seen with LX1031. The company plans to continue to test this drug as a potential treatment for IBS-D.

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