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Barbara Bradley Bolen, Ph.D.

Passing Wind in Public

By February 1, 2013

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Guess what? Even your Guide to IBS passes wind in public. I share this with you in the hopes it will help you to feel less embarrassed/ashamed/humiliated if it were to happen to you. The other night was a doozy. It may have had something to do with the bowl of quinoa vegetable soup that I had as a late lunch (see: "Eating Healthy and IBS Symptoms"). Anyway, I was at an early evening yoga class and we had just done some deep twists. As I moved to get ready for the next series of poses, I passed wind. It was long, loud, and full-bodied. The interesting thing was that I was very aware that I was not unduly embarrassed by this. Do I wish it hadn't happened, well, yeah, but I was pleasantly surprised that the experience wasn't such a big deal. It happened, class went on, and no one treated me any differently after. This is a good lesson for all of you, particularly since anxiety about potentially passing wind may end up increasing your chances, due to that troublesome brain-gut connection.. If you pass wind in public, no big deal. Everyone does it. Even me.

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