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Barbara Bradley Bolen, Ph.D.

Insensitivity About IBS

By February 19, 2013

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Time to talk about all of the knuckleheads out there in the world who say the most unhelpful things to you about your IBS. Some people are know-it-alls who think it is their mission to tell you exactly what you should do to get better, while others think it is all a big joke. Some of the time people genuinely care but just have no idea know what to say or how to be helpful. My job here as your Guide is not just to educate you about the enigma that is IBS, but also to educate the world! To that end, I have put together the following article. I suggest you send a copy to all of the people in your world who handle your IBS badly.

Now, let's talk about revenge! Here is a place where you can tell the world about the insensitive comments that you have had to deal with as you also deal with IBS:

The inspiration for this article came from a joint collaboration of all the About.com Health Guides. The link to this joint effort can be found below. Please take a few moments to check it out. It may ease the sting a little to know that people with IBS are not the only ones who face insensitivity. You may also learn a few things about how to handle the health problems of others with grace and sensitivity.

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