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IBS in Children

It can be very challenging to deal with IBS in children. The following articles will help you as a parent to deal with your child's bowel symptoms and find out where to get help.
  1. Abdominal Pain in Children (5)
  2. Constipation in Children (7)
  3. Diarrhea in Children (8)

IBS in Children FAQs
Get answers to your basic questions about your child's IBS diagnosis.

When Your Child Has IBS: Top Ten Tips
Learn how to help your child, as well as care for yourself and the rest of your family.

School and IBS
Here you will find some tips and resources for helping your child deal with the demands of school while managing their IBS.

IBS and School: 504 Plan
A 504 plan can be very useful if IBS is interfering with your child's ability to meet school demands. Here you will learn about your rights and how to obtain a 504 plan.

Have You Used a 504 Plan for IBS?
Here you can read stories from others as to what the process of getting a 504 plan was like. See submissions

Probiotics for Children
Probiotics for Kids Child Nutrition Basics

Infant Q&A - Color of Bowel Movements
Concerned about the color of your infant's bowel movements? This brief Q & A should help.

Stool Color Changes
As a parent, it is understandable to be concerned about any changes in the appearance of your child's bowel movements. Here you will find out what things are normal, and what things might be cause for concern.

Preschool and Food Allergies
What to consider before starting a child with food allergies in preschool.

Celiac Disease in Children
Overview of symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of celiac disease in children.

High Fiber Foods for Children
Discussion of high fiber kid-friendly foods.

Red Flag Digestive Symptoms
When your child has a chronic condition like IBS, it can be hard to know when to call the doctor. Here is your guide to red-flag digestive symptoms that you need to tell your child's doctor about.

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