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Diarrhea and Exercise

The following articles contain the information you need regarding exercise and the symptom of diarrhea.

Runners' Diarrhea: Reduce Your Risk
Learn some simple steps for keeping your system quiet while you exercise.

Can Exercise Help Your IBS-D?
The answer might not be as obvious as it seems. Learn the facts regarding IBS and exercise.

Home Exercise for IBS
If you suffer from IBS-D, it sometimes is challenging to think about leaving home, let alone exercising away from comfortable bathroom access. Exercising at home may be a better option. Here you will find some ideas for establishing a home exercise routine.

Readers Share: Tips for Exercising with IBS
It can be anxiety-provoking to think about exercising while worrying about IBS-D symptoms. Here is a place where readers share their tips for exercising comfortably.

Yoga for IBS
If your IBS-D keeps you close to home, yoga might be a nice exercise option.

Wii Fit for IBS: A Stay at Home Exercise Option
The risk of diarrhea episodes can make it hard to commit to exercise. The Wii Fit offers a fun home alternative. Here is my review.

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