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Diarrhea, Gas and Bloating

Often unwanted problems with gas and bloating come along with chronic diarrhea. The following articles will help you to understand the problem and find some helpful solutions.

Gas and Bloating Treatment Guide
You can find reassurance in the fact that treatment is available for the intestinal gas and bloating that seems to be going along with your chronic diarrhea symptoms. This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of the problem.

What Causes Intestinal Gas?
This article will educate you as to the causes of excessive gas and bloating, helping you to know what things you should be staying away from.

Bloating and Distension in IBS
Bloating and distension often show up alongside diarrhea. This overview will help you to better understand why that may be happening.

How to Ease Gas Pains Fast
Here you will find some suggestions for fast relief of those nasty gas pains.

How to Eat to Prevent Gas and Bloating
Sometimes the problem is not what you are eating, but how you are eating. Learn some simple strategies to help prevent those unpleasant symptoms of gas and bloating.

Got Gas? Learn How To Beat the Bloat
Here you will learn what foods to eat and what over the counter products to take to reduce flatulence, gas and bloating.

Readers' Tips for Easing Gas and Bloating
Find out what others do to ease intestinal gas and bloating and share your best gas-busting tip.

Embarrassing Gas Stories
Passing gas sometimes goes along with the symptom of diarrhea. Here readers share their stories, helping everyone to reduce shame by realizing that it can happen to anyone at any time.

Top Six Gassy Foods
Sometimes the problem is what you are eating. Here you will find a list of foods that are likely to contribute to intestinal gas.

Non Gassy Foods
Here are your go-to foods for those times when you do not want to deal with excessive gas!

Reader Lists of Gassy Foods
If you suffer from IBS-D, chances are you are also dealing with a lot of gas. Here you will find some reader submissions regarding the gassiest foods.

What is SIBO?
When excessive gas and bloating show up alongside problems of chronic diarrhea, a condition called SIBO might be the problem. Learn what SIBO is and how it may relate to your IBS-D.

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