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Updated September 30, 2013


A gastroenterologist (GI) is a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating disorders of the entire digestive tract.

To become a gastroenterologist, one must attend medical school, complete a three year internship in internal medicine, followed by a two to three year fellowship in gastroenterology. As part of this specialized training, gastroenterologists become qualified to perform endoscopic procedures, including:

You may see FACG or FACP after your doctors M.D. degree. This means that they have been recognized for making an extraordinary contribution to the field of gastroenterology. FACG is awarded by the Amercian College of Gastroenterology and FACP is awarded by the American College of Physicians.

Having a good relationship with your physician is extremely important. This article highlights the important things to think about when choosing a doctor:

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