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IBS Gift Guide


Updated December 03, 2012

Does someone in your life suffer from IBS? Or perhaps, you have IBS and could use a little extra tender, loving care. Here you will find some ideas for gifts designed to reduce stress and encourage digestive health.

1. IBS Self-Help Books

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Although self-help books can be extremely helpful for any health problem, I think they are even more essential for a person dealing with IBS. The very nature of IBS symptoms are such that most people deal with the disorder in relative silence. Reading books about IBS, and in particular, books written by other IBS patients, helps to provide much needed education and validation. The following article will provide you with some options:

2. Gift Certificate for a Vitamin Store

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Because IBS relief can be hard to come by, many IBS patients turn to over-the-counter supplements. The downside of many of these supplements can be the cost. Therefore, a gift certificate to a local or online vitamin seller should be very much appreciated.

3. Heating Pad

Photo: Nancy R. Cohen/Getty Images

If your loved one suffers from severe abdominal pain as a part of their IBS, they will be very grateful for a heating pad. In addition, to providing some much-needed psychological comfort, it is possible that the heat from the pad may actually help to provide some pain relief.

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4. Herbal Tea

Photo: Shana Novak/Getty Images

Sipping a cup of tea is always a soothing ritual. You can put together a lovely gift by pairing some herbal tea with a tea cup or mug that reflects something personal about the receiver. Take the gift a step further and educate yourself as to which types of herbal teas are best for taming the symptoms of IBS:

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5. Hypnotherapy Options

Photo: Paul Burley Photography/Getty Images

Hypnotherapy is a form of treatment that has consistently been shown to ease IBS symptoms. If you think that your loved one might be interested in hypnotherapy, you could offer to pay for a few sessions. Another idea is to buy them a hypnotherapy audio program. I offer a review of a popular one here:

6. Yoga Tools

Photo: Blue Line Pictures/Getty Images

Yoga has a long-standing reputation as being excellent for stress reduction. Yoga can be practiced at home, which makes it a nice home exercise option for those whose IBS results in a need to stay close to home. Ann Pizer, About.com Guide to Yoga, offers a nice list of yoga gift options:

7. Meditation CDs

Photo: Newton Daly/Getty Images

Meditation is another ancient form of stress management. Meditation CDs offer guided practices to help the novice meditator to get started, or to deepen the practice for those with more established meditation practices.

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8. Aromatherapy Items

Photo: Martin Poole/Getty Images

Aromatherapy products not only come with the promise of stress relief, but they make an elegant gift. Wondering which type to get? Elizabeth Scott, About.com Guide to Stress Management offers some helpful guidance:

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