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SitOrSquat Find a Toilet App

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Updated May 09, 2012

The SitOrSquat App is a free app that helps you to find a public toilet. The app takes advantage of the large online database of public toilet locations on the website SitOrSquat.com. The app is currently supported for use on a Blackberry, the iPhone and the iPod Touch (iPad as an iPhone app).

How It Works

The app comes with a very quick and easy tutorial to get you started. You can search for a toilet in three ways:

  • By typing in a particular location
  • By requesting a written list of nearby toilets.
  • Through the use of GPS identification of your current location

Each option provides you with distance estimates and offers color-coded information as to whether the toilet is open based on operating hours. You are given three choices regarding map layout - standard (Google Maps), satellite, or a hybrid of the two.

Additional Features

  • The app allows you to filter your search options, by setting parameters such as the availability of changing tables, only searching for open bathrooms, and limiting the distance you are willing to travel.
  • If you register an account, the app allows you to add toilets to the overall database and provides you with a place to keep track of your favorite toilet locations.
  • The app lives up to its name by rating toilets as earning "sit" or "squat" designations. According to SitOrSquat.com, a "sit" toilet is one in which users are comfortable with direct contact with the toilet seat, while a "squat" toilet is one that you would want only to hover over.


From the locales that I tested the app, it seems as if the distances quoted were often less than accurate. However, viewing the location on the map was helpful in determining where close toilet options might be found.

Is This App for You?

I really like this app. It is a very user-friendly and appeared to offer lots of viable public toilet locations in the various urban and suburban locales that I investigated. And, as the app is free, one could not complain about the price!

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