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Book Review: Eating for IBS

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Updated April 10, 2012

Book Review: Eating for IBS
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Eating for IBS, by Heather Van Vorous, is a cookbook written specifically for IBS patients. The author, a long-time IBS sufferer, outlines a plan for managing IBS symptoms through careful attention to the foods one eats. Focus is given to the avoidance of known trigger foods, as well as to eating in a way that helps to keep the colon calm. Van Vorous shares her own personal IBS-friendly recipe file, with recipes that sound as delicious as they sound nutritious. Recipes run the full gamut seen in any quality cookbook -– no need for deprivation in Van Vorous’ plan!

About the Author

Heather Van Vorous is a writer who focuses on the relationship between food and digestive health. In addition to Eating for IBS, she has written The First Year: IBS which is a comprehensive guide to dealing with an IBS diagnosis. She runs the website HelpForIBS.com, is the founder of Heather’s Tummy Care, and serves as the host of a television show Heather Cooks!

Strong Points

  • The writing style is friendly and supportive.
  • Van Vorous clearly did her homework in terms of reviewing and incorporating scientific findings regarding the effect of food on the digestive system.
  • The book provides a nice balance between “easy to grab” food suggestions, as well as more complicated gourmet recipes.
  • The book offers simple-to-follow guidelines for incorporating fiber into diet in a safe way.
  • Recipes and ingredients appear to be quite nutritious and thus offer benefits for overall health.


  • Van Vorous offers a theory regarding the timing of soluble/insoluble fiber that is practical to follow and appeals to common sense. It would be nice to see if her theory is supported by research. According to her website, a Canadian study is ongoing. I look forward to hearing of the results.

Is This Book for You?

Absolutely! This cookbook should be on the kitchen shelf of every IBS sufferer, (as well as anyone who is looking for ideas for healthy eating). Van Vorous’ writing style will make you feel not only that you have your own personal nutritional counselor, but also that you have a new friend –- someone who knows exactly what it is like to deal with IBS on a day to day basis. She has offered a wonderful gift to IBS patients, that of learning to how to once again enjoy food in a way that will not exacerbate unpleasant digestive symptoms.

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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Eating for IBS, Member tonilee52

My IBS cycles between massive diarrhea and gassy constipation with spasms and pain. ""After keeping a food diary, that SEEMED to yield little help except that red meat was a trigger, I found this book at Borders. As I read it, it rang true. I bought and and brought it home and compared it to my food diary. Patterns I had not seen before (the type of bread rather than all breads, for example) became apparent. I have been following the guidelines for two weeks. There have been a few off moments, usually when I didn't quite follow the diet, but the improvement is dramatic. The recipes are tasty and reasonable. I feel as if I can eat again!

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