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Take back your life! A guide to self care in dealing with daily life with IBS.
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  2. Friends & Family (3)
  3. Holidays With Irritable Bowel Syndrome (9)
  4. IBS and School (4)
  5. IBS and Work (14)
  6. Living with IBS FAQs (10)
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Having a Life with IBS
It can be hard to have a normal life when you suffer from IBS. Here is your step by step guide for living your life in spite of your IBS.

Free E-Course: Living a Life with IBS
This free E-Course will teach you what you can do to manage your IBS so that you can feel free to live your life. You will receive a different lesson each day for five days, providing you with tips for balancing your life and your IBS.

How to Deal With an IBS Attack
Learn what you can do to weather the storm of your next IBS attack.

How To Tell Others About IBS
Due to the nature of IBS symptoms, it can be intimidating to tell others about your digestive problems. Here you will learn how to be more comfortable openly discussing your IBS.

Ten Things to Stop Doing When You Have IBS
Learn about some common mistakes that IBS patients make as they try to deal with the disruption that the disorder has brought into their life.

Worst Things People Have Said To You About IBS
Have you found that others can be quite insensitive when it comes to your IBS? Share your experience here and find out what things other IBS patients have had to deal with.

Dating with IBS
Dating with IBS can be challenging. Here are some things you can do to feel more comfortable with the whole process.

How to Find a Public Rest Room
When you gotta go, it's good to know where to go. Modern technology has resulted in some easy tools for finding public restrooms and toilets, whether on your computer or your mobile phone.

Going to Parties with IBS
Learn how to manage your IBS and your anxiety so that you can have a good time at parties.

Dining Out with IBS
Here you will find tips for dining out comfortably without fear of setting off IBS symptoms.

Traveling with IBS
If you have IBS, traveling can be difficult. Here are tips for maximizing comfort when traveling with IBS.

What to Do if You Have Bathroom Accidents
Learn what you can do to deal with and prevent these embarrassing incidents.

Cleaning Cell Phones on the Go
If you have IBS, you most likely spend a lot of time in public restrooms. This may make you concerned about whether or not your cell phone is germ-free. Learn how to safely sanitize your cell phone while you are on the go.

Must Have Items for Leaving the House
Here is a place to share your ideas about what things you must have with you at all times.

The IBS-Friendly Bathroom
You are going to be spending a lot of time in there, so try these tips for creating an attractive, comfortable bathroom environment.

Show Off Your IBS-Friendly Bathroom
What have you done to make your bathroom an IBS-friendly place to be? Share your decorating tips and find out what other IBS sufferers have done to make their bathrooms a pleasant place to spend time in. See submissions

IBS-Friendly Bathroom Ideas
Get some reader-tested tips for having a bathroom that is super IBS-friendly!

IBS and Family Relationships
IBS often impacts the quality of your relationships. Your relationships may also have on effect on IBS symptoms. This interview with a husband and wife team of IBS experts, the esteemed Drs. Gerson, casts some light on the subject, with helpful tips for managing relationships and IBS.

IBS and Your Sex Life
Sometimes IBS is a bathroom problem that turns into a bedroom problem. Find out what you can do when IBS impacts negatively on your sex life.

IBS and Self-Esteem
Learn how to feel good about yourself in spite of the fact that your body feels bad.

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