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New Year’s Eve with IBS

Your Stay or Play Guide to an Enjoyable New Year’s Eve


Updated December 28, 2013

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Like many holidays, New Year’s Eve may present a challenge to a person who has IBS. The unpredictability of IBS symptoms can make it hard to make plans and cause you to question your ability to enjoy a late night celebration. Worry no more! Here are some suggestions for having a great “First Night”, whether you choose to curl up on your couch or dance the night away.



Forget the media hype. An evening at home may be just what the doctor ordered. After a busy season of holiday parties and family get-togethers, treat yourself to a comfortable night at home. (Bonus: close proximity to your favorite bathroom.) The following articles can help you to plan a festive, but tranquil, evening.


  • Top 10 New Year's Eve Movies
    Snuggle up with your favorite blanket, pet or loved one and pop in a DVD. All of these movies have a New Year’s Eve connection.
  • Top 5 Party Games
    Up for a little more action? These games are guaranteed to provide a few, good for the belly, laughs.
  • Top 10 Winter Recipes
    If you enjoy cooking, these classic winter warmers are all low-fat and so should be relatively IBS-friendly.

…Or Play

Your IBS doesn’t have to keep you close to home. If you would prefer the glamour, dazzle, and noisemakers of a traditional New Year’s Eve celebration, go for it! With a little self-care and planning, you can help to maximize your chances of a quiet system and a fun night out. The following articles will help guide you through.

  • IBS Party Planner
    Learn how to counteract those pre-party jitters that can set off your system.
  • Dining Out with IBS
    This list of Dos and Don’t’s will help you to enjoy a restaurant celebration of the year's end.
  • Traveling with IBS
    Need to travel to get to your New Year’s destination? Here you will find tips for getting to your destination comfortably.
  • Think Calm, Not Empty
    Regardless of your plans, your GI system will be more likely to behave if you take active steps to keep it calm.
  • Top Ten GI Irritants
    Certain foods have a reputation for being harder on your intestinal system. Keep this list in mind as you fill your holiday plate.

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