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Diet and Daily Life with IBS


What to eat? How to manage? This is the place for finding the answers that you need to deal with daily life and IBS. These articles will help you to figure out what foods are helpful - and what foods you should avoid, as well as teach you strategies for having a life in spite of the disruptive nature of IBS.
  1. Food and IBS
  2. Eating and IBS
  3. Low FODMAPs Diet
  4. Daily Self Care
  5. Living with IBS
  1. Working with IBS
  2. Going to School with IBS
  3. Relaxation Lessons
  4. Exercise and IBS
  5. Advice for Family and Friends

Food and IBS

Because IBS symptoms occur in close proximity to the act of eating, it is common to worry about what foods you can and cannot eat safely. Here you will find tips to help you to figure out what foods you can enjoy in spite of your IBS, and which foods are best to stay away from when you are symptomatic.

Eating and IBS

The relationship between IBS and eating is a complicated one. Here you will find the latest research on IBS and food to ensure that you are eating in a way that helps your digestive system to stay on track.

Low FODMAPs Diet

A new theory has emerged regarding the use of a low FODMAPs diet for IBS. These articles will educate you as to the reasons behind the use of a low FODMAPs diet, what research has to say about it, and what kind of foods are recommended.

Daily Self Care

With IBS, you no longer have the option of taking your body for granted. These articles will help you to make sure you take good care of yourself, and your IBS.

Living with IBS

Here is your guide to having a life with IBS. Read on for tips for finding balance between self-care and enjoying the experiences that make up your life.

Working with IBS

It can be challenging to manage your IBS symptoms and meet the demands of your job. The following articles cover all aspects of working with IBS, including information for when your symptoms are so severe that they are preventing you from working.

Going to School with IBS

Being a student with IBS poses some unique challenges. Getting to school on time, being able to sit through a class without needing a bathroom, and feeling well enough to complete assignments can all be quite difficult when you have IBS. The following articles offer you some tips for managing your IBS at school.

Relaxation Lessons

Learn how to keep your body relaxed as you deal with the stress of life and the stress of IBS.

Exercise and IBS

Exercise can be a challenge if you suffer from IBS. Here are articles that will help you to fit in exercise and manage your IBS.

Advice for Family and Friends

IBS is not only challenging for the person who is dealing with the disorder, but can have a significant impact on those around them. These articles offer advice for concerned friends and family members.

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