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IBS Medicine in Development

Potential New IBS Medications


Updated September 30, 2013

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Prescription medicine options for IBS are extremely limited. Luckily, researchers and pharmaceutical companies are working hard to fill this gap. The following medications are all in various stages of testing in terms of their safety and effectiveness in treating symptoms. Read the individual articles to find out more about these drugs, and where they stand in the clinical research and FDA approval process.

Medicine for IBS

Medications for Chronic Constipation

  • Prucalopride
    Prucalopride is a 5-HT-4 agonist and thus is in the same class of medications as Zelnorm. However, prucalopride was designed differently so as to reduce the possibility of the serious side effects that resulted in Zelnorm being taken off the market. Read more…
  • Plecanatide
    Plecanatide is a guanylate cyclase-C (GC-C) agonist that is currently in the very preliminary stages of testing as a treatment for chronic constipation. Read more…

Medicine for Non-Constipation IBS

Newly Approved Medicine

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