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IBS Resources

Here is your guide to helpful IBS resources. Learn about the top treatment centers, self help support options and advocacy efforts.
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Best IBS Resources
Here you will find my top picks for the best IBS resources on the web and around the world.

How to Find an IBS Doctor
Here are some helpful resources for finding a qualified physician.

How To Find a Dietitian for IBS
This article will provide you with links for finding a registered dietitian in your area.

How to Find Information on Medicine for IBS
This article contains resources for obtaining up-to-date information on medicine options for IBS.

How to Find a Public Rest Room
When you gotta go, it's good to know where to go. Modern technology has resulted in some easy tools for finding public restrooms and toilets, whether on your computer or your mobile phone.

Online IBS Support Groups
Here you will find a list of some of the best online IBS discussion forums and message boards.

IBS Advocacy
April is IBS Awareness Month, but improved awareness of the IBS problem is needed throughout the year. Learn about ways to increase IBS awareness for yourself and others.

Two Books Your Therapist Should Read
Here you will find a list of books that offer treatment guides for therapists who are working with IBS patients.

Donating Opportunities for IBS
Here you will find some easy ways to donate for IBS advocacy causes. You will see that it is not so hard to play your part!

IBS Book Reviews
An educated patient is more likely to have a better treatment outcome. The more reading you do, the more informed you will be. Here you will find reviews on books that are helpful for dealing with IBS.

Digestive Health Tips
Find tips for digestive health published by the American College of Gastroenterology.

Film Review: Microwarriors: The Power of Probiotics
Read my review of this excellent documentary about the role of gut bacteria and probiotics on our health.

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