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Let Panic Go App

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Updated June 21, 2014

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Let Panic Go is a smartphone app that was designed to help panic sufferers get through an anxiety attack. Although the app is meant for individuals who suffer from panic disorder, it is my belief that the app should prove helpful to anyone who is in the midst of a painful IBS attack.

How It Works

The app encourages you to utilize deep breathing exercises and provides calming suggestions for mindful thinking to help ease your way through an unpleasant anxiety attack. There is no audio, so you can use this tool wherever you are, without concerns about being embarrassed. The app begins by providing visual cues for initiating and maintaining slow and steady breathing. As you breathe deeply, the app coaches you to focus your attention on various parts of your body and on and off of your unpleasant symptoms. You can continue to use the app to keep your breathing steady until the episode has passed.

Is This App for You?

Absolutely, if you own an iPhone or iPod touch and are struggling with panic attacks or anxiety-enhanced IBS episodes. This app is like having your own personal psychologist who gently guides you through a bad attack. Anything that encourages you to spend time mindfully breathing deeply and slowly is bound to be beneficial for your mental, and overall, health.

The app is available through the iTunes Store.


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