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Your Digestive System in Pictures


Updated July 23, 2016

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Learn About Your Insides
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It can be scary to experience unusual stomach and digestive system problems. While you are waiting to see your doctor, or as you work with your doctor on a treatment plan, it can be helpful to educate yourself about how your digestive system actually works.

You will find that you may be able to ease some of the anxiety that goes along with not feeling well by having a good understanding of what your digestive system looks like inside of you. Looking at pictures of your GI tract can help you to pinpoint where symptoms such as abdominal pain may be coming from. This understanding can also help you to better describe your symptoms to your doctor. Here you will find pictures of the primary organs of your digestive system. They may bring back memories of high school biology class and they will certainly help to make you a more educated patient.

Note: If you are experiencing any kind of unusual and ongoing symptoms related to your digestive system, it is essential that you make an appointment with your doctor so you can get an accurate diagnosis and develop an optimal treatment plan.

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