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How to Prevent Hemorrhoids


Updated October 15, 2013

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If you have ever experienced the pain and itching of a hemorrhoid, you will certainly be interested in finding out how to prevent future episodes. Using information regarding the causes of hemorrhoids, the steps for preventing hemorrhoids are fairly basic:


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Here's How:

  1. Work to keep stools soft. Soft stools pass more easily and thus reduce pressure and straining on the rectum and anus. The following can help:
  2. Work to pass stools on a regular basis. Passing stools on a regular basis also reduces pressure and straining in the rectal area:
  3. Do not strain when sitting on the toilet. Try to stay relaxed and work with your body's rhythm when having a bowel movement. Avoiding straining will help reduce the risk that internal hemorrhoids will protrude.
  4. Wash your anus gently. Whenever possible use moistened toilet tissue and avoid rubbing the area. Thoroughly and gently clean the area whenever bathing.


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