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Reader Stories: What Did It Take to Get an IBS Diagnosis?


Updated June 15, 2012

People have a wide variety of experiences in terms of getting an IBS diagnosis. For some, the process was fairly simple, while for others it took some doing to finally find out what was wrong. Share your story of what it was like to get an IBS diagnosis and find out what kind of experiences other IBS patients have had.

It Took an Accident

Every time I had to go number two, it was an emergency. I mean every single time for 3 years, I was desperate every time I had to go. But what led me to finally do something about it, and go to the d…More

My Own Detective Work

Eating at restaurants would leave me feeling ill. Eating what everyone else ate or drank made me sick. I hated the bloated feel and look to my belly/torso. I read up on things and started eliminating…More

IBS After the Flu

I went to a doctor for an annual physical and asked to be tested for a UTI infection because I had more frequent urination at that time but after the tests there was no indication of kidney problems.…More

A Long Process

I was having severe abdominal pain and anywhere from 10 to 20 bowel movements per day. This routine was disrupting my work schedule as well as free time. I spent a lot of time praying that I would be…More

Got Sick at School

Urgent diarrhea, killer cramps. I didn't want to eat anything because I was afraid it would make things worse. I constantly had to run to a bathroom and I started missing classes. I couldn't go out w…More

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