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Reader Stories: What Is On Your Plan for IBS Relief?


Updated October 23, 2011

Sometimes it takes a wide variety of strategies to bring about IBS relief. Who knows best about what helps and what doesn't help but IBS sufferers themselves? Share what is on your IBS management plan and find out what others do to help ease their IBS symptoms.

Elimination Diet for IBS

Because heat packs make my pain and discomfort worse, and my temperature spikes during an attack, I use reusable clay packs that I keep in the freezer instead. (clay packs can either be frozen or mic…More

A Juicer Helps!

BRAT diet - toast, banana, rice with lots of water, peppermint or fennel seed tea, plain crackers - in among the other foods/drinks listed above.Avoid dairy, hydrogenated oil in products, spices, fib…More

Natural Remedies

My emergency strategies are really as above: I drink aloe vera, peppermint tea is also very helpful. I avoid the foods I have an intolerance to. Deep breathing right into the stomach, then the rib ar…More

Help from Hypnotherapy

If I do get the occasional attack, I can use the guided imagery provided in the sessions to help ease it - usually can get out of an attack very quickly, and they are of less intensity than before us…More

Constipation Relief

So far since I started my bowel retraining program on 3-2-11, I haven't had any bowel movement problems. I would only use glycerin suppository everyday until I got my bowel movements back on the set…More

My Management Plan

For excessive gas, I take over-the-counter simethicone pills, sometimes 2 or even 3 if I get a gas attack while in public. Skipping meals helps too. For abdominal pain, I'll take ibuprofen if it gets…More

Diarrhea Relief

The amazing thing is that I have been well since I started taking the ultimate probiotic formula with 60 billion organisms, so the IBS doesn't bother me at all anymore. I take it once a day at night …More

Tips for Dealing with Constipation

Enema. It´s not nice, but it´s very helpful. Yesterday I had an emergency. I´m on a relapse. Now, I´m planning to eat very healthy for the next months to "calm" my colon and hopef…More

Acupuncture for IBS Relief

For emergency, I would really recommend drinking water (room temperature only) with squeezed lemon (I do it every morning, in fact) as well as Yogi tea for regularity, as it's called (if you're deali…More


I will use a laxative suppository when things get really backed up. I also will call in sick for work, because sometimes when I am constipated I end up having diarrhea once things get moving again. T…More

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