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Acupuncture for IBS Relief

Share Your Story: What Is On Your Plan for IBS Relief?

By marina

Updated January 13, 2011

What I Do Daily

Last year I decided to try acupuncture. IBS is manifestation of your mind state as well as other organs, believe it or not. For example, spleen, liver or kidney: all three can have a profound effect that you wouldn't even guess at first. My issue is spleen deficiency, and at the very beginning my acupuncturist was also treating for liver chi stagnation. I really recommend googling "chi deficiency and IBS" or "tongue diagnosis in chinese med" It will bring many different categories. The symptoms and diet listed are so helpful and make such a big difference. I really recommend it. Try to avoid eating cold foods.

Emergency Strategies

For emergency, I would really recommend drinking water (room temperature only) with squeezed lemon (I do it every morning, in fact) as well as Yogi tea for regularity, as it's called (if you're dealing with constipation predominant IBS). Also try milk of Magnesia. You could also try taking magnesium supplements daily. When doing herbal tea, drink a cup in the evening almost right before bed time (you should be slightly hungry before that, though). In the morning, drink water with squeezed lemon and tsp of olive oil followed by another cup of Yogi herbal tea for regularity. Drink that tea again later in the afternoon and it should set you back to normal.

Lessons Learned

  • stress management
  • read more tips in alternative medicine. It's so helpful and so not harmful
  • acupuncturists are one of the best remedies

Favorite Food Tips

* food portion control

* substituting foods (soy, goat or almond instead of milk)

* soy ice cream (if really want it + soy doesn't taste much different)

* goat cheese for cheese + reduce consumption as well

* drink more hot fluids and water only at room temperature

* no coffee (once/wk)

Favorite Pain Tips

Lie on your back and do slow circular motions with the sole of the palm. Chamomile tea!!! If you can't stand the taste (as I can't), you can mix any other fruity tea with it.

Favorite Diarrhea or Constipation Tips


Yogi tea for regularity.

Lemon water with tsp olive oil every morning.

Dr. Barbara Bolen, About.com Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), says:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge about acupuncture, and Chinese medicine as well!

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