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Readers Respond: What Do You Do for Constipation?

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Updated August 22, 2012

From the article: Self-Care for Constipation
Although certain ads would like to convince you otherwise, it is often not so easy to know what to do about constipation. Finding remedies is further complicated by the fact that the topic is not something that most people feel comfortable discussing freely. Things are different here! Share your best tips, favorite remedies, and go-to foods, and find out what works for others. Share Your Tips

Types of laxative

If you've got stools which are too hard and dry to pass do NOT use a laxative like senna which just makes your muscles contract.. use an osmotic laxative. These laxatives are salt solutions which help put water into your stools making them significantly easier to pass.
—Guest Roxy


I get relief from suppositories. Slide one in and within 15 minutes I get relief.
—Guest sal


I've been constipated all my life, from babyhood. I'm now 62 and recently discovered an allergy to wheat gluten. I believe this is part of my constipation problem. If I eat any wheat, rye or barley I will become very constipated. It takes 5 or more a days for the effect of the gluten to "pass".


Why fool around with uncertain methods. Get out the old red rubber enema bag and get it over with.
—Guest Diane


I was VERY constipated. The worst bit lasted about a day. (No, I don't have any conditions. It's just that I almost never eat anything but pasta or chocolate.) It really hurt, I felt like I had to poo all the time, and I HAD TO DO HOMEWORK!!! It was the worst day of my life (so far). I took a lot of laxatives, which I know isn't a good idea, but it HURT. My remedy is to take a laxative (like the the flax thing suggested earlier) and I have found (READ THIS PART IF YOU DON'T READ ANYTHING ELSE) screaming really helps. Or at least open your mouth. (I like to think of as many synonyms for "scream" as I can. My favorite is "ululate")
—Guest The Imminent


I have been able to get anything out in about three days. It's sucking all the energy out of me and I feel like i have to throw up. I really dont know what to do.
—Guest torry


take enough fresh grapes, be sure to wash thoroughly. eat it. good laxative. yam is good. karela is good. try to finish your meals latest by 5 PM. don't eat anything AFTER THAT.
—Guest kirathan

Fruits + Milk

Eat lots of juicy food like watermelon and peaches. Plus drink lots and lots of milk. That's my tip!
—Guest Any

M M Enema

I worked for a group of doctors who swore by a enema if one was having constipation that wouldn't be helped with anything else. 4 oz milk & 4 oz molasses syrup. Stir together til blended well. Microwave (til it's the temp you would give in a baby's bottle) then pour that in an enema bottle and use it as an enema. All my patients, including my own son, have had success. And it's all natural.
—Guest NurseRee

in pain

My anus is in pain, and I can't squeeze it or nothing without it hurting, and when I try to use the bathroom theres a really sharp pain, help, what's wrong?
—Guest montel

like a charm

3 cups black coffee or coffee and cream - after that you'll be running a smooth digestive system!!!
—Guest Hollya smutt

backed up like 95 & a turned over truck

i get backed up like a rolled-over tractor trialor on 95 on morning rush hour. sucks bad. tryin' to drink water, exercise doesn't help either. feel like there's a bus up my ass. need more fiber. i was in a bad crash and lost my arm and leg and take pain meds. backed up like a derailed train.
—Guest chris

Flax, ginger

Ground flaxseed is my go-to for constipation. A couple tablespoons in the morning, and things start moving within a day or two. Also, unlike other seeds and grains, it doesn't give me heartburn, which can be a problem for me in the morning... Which leads me to GINGER. Ginger tea is a life saver for my IBS-related heartburn. I never had heartburn until a few summers ago. I did get medicine that worked eventually, but I didn't want to take pills forever, and I found a site suggesting ginger tea for heartburn. It takes some practice to get the right amount, but slice a few pieces of ginger off of a fresh root. Boil it in water for 15-20 minutes, and then drink it. Once you get the amount of ginger right, it tastes wonderful (too much, and it packs quite a punch), and it helps with heartburn almost right away.
—Guest Lalalala

Nature's Broom

This will work and naturally. Soak (overnight) 2 TBS or more of Chia Seed (yes, I know about the pet but before you scoff, look them up!). The next morning you will see that they have jelled. Place them in a blender with 2 TBS of flax seed (meal if that's all you have). Add water and blend. If you're a sissy, you can add 1/2 apple and 1 carrot. Blend with enough water to be able to drink. This will work like a broom in your colon. It's amazing and it really works! This is a natural way to control constipation.

Constipation relief that never fails

Since I was a little girl, now 62, an enema of warm water never failed me. I don't take fleets because they can damage the kidneys. Get out the old enema bag and it's over in minutes.
—Guest Diane

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What Do You Do for Constipation?

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