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Readers Respond: What Do You Eat for Constipation?

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Updated October 11, 2012

It’s not just about prunes -- there are a variety of foods that a person can eat that will help to ease constipation. The best experts on what to eat for constipation are those that have had to deal with this uncomfortable state of affairs. But, unfortunately the nature of constipation is such that there are few opportunities for open discussion of the subject. Not so here! What are your sure-fire foods for easing constipation? Share them here and find out what others choose to eat when they need to get their system moving. Share Your Tips

Fiber One

Fiber One has made it so easy for me to include lots and lots of fiber in my diet. The first time I ate it (the original cereal) I was seriously afraid. It doesn't look appetizing and alone it's really not. However, I quickly found that it tastes great in yogurt and on a salad in lieu of croutons. In the last couple of years they come out with all kinds of fiber one products which are actually quite tasty. I highly recommend the muffin mix and Fiber One Peanut Butter Bars.

seeds and hemi-cellulose fruits

Black sesame seeds soaked overnight and ground are a big help. Also fruits like apples, pears and tomatoes carry water to the intestinal tract. Be careful what fruits and you eat because some will dry out the stool even more. Your best bet is to stick to Spinach, Cauliflower, steamed carrots, sesame seeds, chia seeds (acient remedy in latin america for constipation), avocado, tomato, apples, stewed prunes, and stewed bananas. You can research more foods online. Pepermint oil supplements, aloe vera leaf extract supplements, and apple pectin fiber powder supplements are helpful as well. It is best to remedy constipation with natural foods that dont have side effects. Over the counter products can cause more harm than good. They can actually worsen the prob. over time. In an emergency use an herbal laxative tea at night and it will come out in the morning. (be careful with fiberone products they contain High fructose corn syrup which is dangerous to the spleen-pancreas).
—Guest Kristine

age old remedy

Prune juice works for me every time. Also a Japanese tea called genmai-cha which is simply toasted brown rice. Green tea is also helpful. In response to the guest Kristine cooked carrots are binding and will make constipation worse. Bananas also have the same effect.
—Guest Lindsey Feinberg

Constipation relief

Oatmeal, dried toast, prune juice (breakfast, and at bedtime), steamed cabbage, broccoli, and baby carrots are working for me.
—Guest Cathy

my people

I have been suffering for months just wondering if anyone else fought wars with their stomach. I have lost 50 lbs. I am very particular about what I swallow. sometimes I just chew it up and spit it out.
—Guest graymalkin


Prune juice and apples. Also use a heating pad to help relax the stomach muscles.
—Guest Angie

nature syrup

this list of what to eat to treat constipation is great but one thing which helped me most was flax seeds and herbal extracts.
—Guest naturesyrup

stopped up

For years I drink kefir at least twice a day. You buy it in the dairy isle and it is better than yogurt.
—Guest julie


This is an ayurvedic formula touted by Dr. Weil and helps with digestion as well as a colon cleanse. You can take up to 4 a day but I find that one is sufficient to make me go. It's gentle and safe.


After breakfast just 2 squares of 100 percent Dark chocolate, and you will be on your way, But everybody is different.
—Guest Martin Tobin

Consider this

I have always had problems with IBS and constipation. Within the last year someone told me that I probably needed to be gluten free and dairy free. I went that way and it was amazing how much better I felt. After several months I started struggling again and found I needed to take out empty carbs, also needing to take the fillings out of my teeth. I would of never considered these things because who wants to eat like that, but I feel much more healthy. Heavy metals will paralyze your intestines. Consider this.
—Guest Christine

I use Aloe Vera pills 2-3 times a day

I can't seem to find a food that gets things moving. I use Aloe Vera pills I found at Vitamin World. I take it before a meal. I've tried the juice but it does not have the best taste. I've tried taking the pill after a meal and found it made me burp alot. This condition is no fun, so I'm sorry we all have to suffer thru it, but happy we are all here to share what works and what doesn't. Good luck to everyone!
—Guest Crystal

Prunes and Psyllium

Hello, I found 2 servings of raw spinach everyday is all i need. I stay regular for the first time in my life 53 Years. Prune Juice is good, but I find if you cant answer the call on the first time it has the opposite effect. Psyllium Husks has never worked for me. In fact has the same effect as Raisins, another NO NO Avoid them. Avoid Cheese. Avoid Rice all kinds at all expense.. You should feel better just with these simple tips..
—Guest How


Thank you for all the suggestions. I too have IBS and recently had back surgery, still on pain meds!! Ouch!! I will be trying your suggestions some I have tried and had no results. I'm tired of feeling like I'm delivering a baby out my butt!!
—Guest Starlight


i eat prunes but i been taking docusate stool softener like ducolax and it made me go but my liver area hurts i have ibs diverviticulosis and im throwing up a little what should i do?
—Guest angela

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What Do You Eat for Constipation?

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