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Readers Respond: What Do You Eat for Constipation?

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Updated October 11, 2012

It’s not just about prunes -- there are a variety of foods that a person can eat that will help to ease constipation. The best experts on what to eat for constipation are those that have had to deal with this uncomfortable state of affairs. But, unfortunately the nature of constipation is such that there are few opportunities for open discussion of the subject. Not so here! What are your sure-fire foods for easing constipation? Share them here and find out what others choose to eat when they need to get their system moving.

Fiber One

Fiber One has made it so easy for me to include lots and lots of fiber in my diet. The first time I ate it (the original cereal) I was seriously afraid. It doesn't look appetizing and alone it's really not. However, I quickly found that it tastes great in yogurt and on a salad in lieu of croutons. In the last couple of years they come out with all kinds of fiber one products which are actually quite tasty. I highly recommend the muffin mix and Fiber One Peanut Butter Bars.

seeds and hemi-cellulose fruits

Black sesame seeds soaked overnight and ground are a big help. Also fruits like apples, pears and tomatoes carry water to the intestinal tract. Be careful what fruits and you eat because some will dry out the stool even more. Your best bet is to stick to Spinach, Cauliflower, steamed carrots, sesame seeds, chia seeds (acient remedy in latin america for constipation), avocado, tomato, apples, stewed prunes, and stewed bananas. You can research more foods online. Pepermint oil supplements, aloe vera leaf extract supplements, and apple pectin fiber powder supplements are helpful as well. It is best to remedy constipation with natural foods that dont have side effects. Over the counter products can cause more harm than good. They can actually worsen the prob. over time. In an emergency use an herbal laxative tea at night and it will come out in the morning. (be careful with fiberone products they contain High fructose corn syrup which is dangerous to the spleen-pancreas).
—Guest Kristine

age old remedy

Prune juice works for me every time. Also a Japanese tea called genmai-cha which is simply toasted brown rice. Green tea is also helpful. In response to the guest Kristine cooked carrots are binding and will make constipation worse. Bananas also have the same effect.
—Guest Lindsey Feinberg

Prune Juice and Fiber One bars

I had some problems with constipation due to some medicine and overall change of diet. I found that a little bit of prune juice and fiber one bars help a ton. IF you need to go cause the stool is already hard, what I did was drink two full glasses of prune juice and ate two fiber one bars. Let me tell you, that solved the problem in about two hours. Just be near a toilet when you need it and have water nearby just in case you get dehydrated. Otherwise, works like a charm! Pears and bananas have also helped so there is that too.
—Guest Guest Bob

to the poop!

i love you Guest Cb! your idea made me smile. right now this danged constipation feels like a rock in my abdomen
—Guest sas

Sesame seeds?

After having slow digestion and dry stools for several weeks, I ate a salad into which I had thrown a ridiculous quantity of sesame seeds. Now, a day or so later, everything is flowing nicely again. Could it be the sesame seeds? None of my usual go-to's (apples, celery, bell peppers, and radishes) worked this time. The salad was mostly napa cabbage and sesame seeds.
—Guest Lee

Book: The First Year IBS

An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed (Paperback) This book actually has a section called What to eat when you can't eat anything for someone without IBS that sounds stupid for someone with IBS it can bring tears to your eyes because you can be there everyday. You are hungry, you don't feel good, all you want to do is eat something anything and not get diarrhea and stomach cramps. The list provided in this book is only the start of a fantastic new journey toward being able to eat. It's so fantastic. Almost like being able to walk again!! And, that is just the beginning. The book is very easy to understand, very sensitive to your situation (unlike any doctor you've seen, humm!) and it gives you knowledge that WILL make your days more normal identifies the triggers (foods) that activate the ibs and helps you work around them. Forget the doctors and the tests and the medicines this book is all you need (well, along with EATING FOR IBS). I've had it for four weeks and for four weeks I've been able to figure out what to eat at a restaurant and be able to get on the back of a motorcycle and go on a long trip without fear! Try that with ibs! Thank God for Heather and the fact she has found an answer and shared it with so many of us. If the book cost a thousand dollars, it would be worth it! Get it, read it, your life WILL change. You CANNOT eat like everyone else, this books shows you how to eat for you.
—Guest nhhkFcAmzaXV

Besides lacitives

Usually I drink grape juice becase it's not as disgusting as prune juice and it works just the same.
—Guest KittyKat

shredded wheat is the best

Shredded wheat bite sized squares has made me so regular. Thank God! I had so many issues, then I started eating shredded wheat squares and OMG its amazing. i have it every morning and its really made a difference in my ibs. 1 cup each morning.
—Guest Debbie M

Oatmeal and Rice

Vitamin C (1000+ mg daily) and coffee (decaf or regular) can help you go, but are not a solution. After months of experimenting with everything from prunes, fibre supplements, bran muffins, a colon flush, additional water, exercise and probiotics -- after all that, I found the following changes very effective: (1) Eat oatmeal for breakfast every other day or so. Ideally steel-cut oatmeal, but rolled oats are OK, too. (2) Eat a rice-based dish at lunch or dinner every other day or so. White rice is OK, but best to have brown rice at least some of the time. Burritos containing rice count, but burrito bowls (without tortilla) or a Chinese-style rice dish are better. (3) Cut dairy, meat and wheat intake in half.
—Guest Previously Plugged

Raisin Bran Cereal

Raisin Bran cereal always helps me. I try to eat it every day. If I go several days without it, I get stopped up again. I have also mixed it with Activia yogurt instead of milk. That helps too.
—Guest Ellen


I've had chronic IBS-C for most of my life. Drinking more water, eating bran muffins, etc. does nothing for me. However, I discovered a few years ago that eating fresh blueberries does. I do have to eat a lot of them, but they really can help to get things moving. Ground flax seed mixed in with oatmeal (and other dishes) also sometimes makes a difference; just have to be consistent and have some every day.
—Guest guest D


Stool softener, konsyl, and water along with grapes, prunes, oranges, and veggies, green beans, peas, broccoli. Awesome tips y'all.
—Guest huelita


I take a cup of warm milk! Not too hot but it's warm! And it works it's way through me, I love milk!
—Guest Marina

High fiber diet for constipation

I found the foods that really help with constipation are: prunes six stewed every day, oatmeal with flax seed that has been ground, butternut and acorn squash, carrots, spinach, all kinds of berries,and watermelon and lots of water 64 oz. a day.

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