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Readers Respond: What Foods Do You Avoid When You Have Constipation?

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Updated October 01, 2012

What worked for me

I simply stopped eating bread, rice, pasta, and any white carbs. I originally stopped eating those things to lose weight, but happily it has cured my chronic constipation. I was having a bowel movement once every 4 days if I was lucky for the last 4 years. Now it's twice a day. Of course, don't forget to drink a lot of water too!
—Guest deb

Remedies for Constipation

I had been constipated for so long but relying on local remedies now I get bowel movement twice a day. First of all, you can eat everything as long as it is not beef or spicy, (for a few days, eat green vegetables a lot, then gradually start eating chicken and mutton). Try to cook food in Ghee... Start taking fruits on regular basis. Avoid overeating. Eat a lot at breakfast and lunch, however, make sure that you don't overeat. In dinner, take down your diet to 50 percent. Before sleeping, soak husk in a water for half an hour, then eat it with a glass full of warm milk. And don't forget to mix two table spoons of Olive Oil and Two Tablespoons of Honey. Take two glasses of water first thing in the morning, take the water intake to 4 glasses in the morning. Drink 14 to 16 glasses of water a day. Eat 3 to 6 figs daily. just go natural and say goodbye to Constipation.
—Guest SSS


I suffer from IBS and have since I was 2, I have (labour) contractions for hrs before I go to the toilet, which make me sweat and be sick! The only thing that relieves this is breakfast! Strong coffee, low fat milk! Brown bread with jam! I have to eat this everyday in order to go regularly! Boring but worth it! And do not eat anything white, bread, rice, pasta! Always it brown! X
—Guest kayleigh

the end of constipation !

hello people, i been suffering from constipation over years now. I hope it works with everyone, I simply followed a diet full of everything - diarrhea products - nuts - whole grains - vaggis - also fruits and water of cures and exercise (Abs Workout ) ..what im trying to tell you , DO NOT AVOID any kind of food , just increase the fiber and fluids intake in your body, when u actually avoid to some kind of food long term , your body start to be allergic to it and after time u will be constipatied if u ever eat that kind of food again , i really say that from personal experience , so simply increase the amount of veggies and fluids and exercise in your body and try to eat less fats and sweets , oh btw , olive oil is the best to soften your stool , just use it everytime u eat your veggies , try to take at least 5 big spoons per day of oilve oil its really helps :) also abs workout really really helps and its improving your bowel system , trust me :)
—Guest Eslam


I have read most of your comments, and have found no mention of nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant & all varieties of peppers, to include peppery spices) being a cause of constipation. My doctors characterized my constipation as “severe” since I was having very difficult bowel movements only every 7 to 10 days, on average. I was given a prescription laxative, was asked to take a double dose of Miralax along with Metamucil and report back in three months. I got some relief, but still far from normal. I knew of the effects nightshades on arthritis, so I decided to research the effects of nights on constipation. I found that constipation can be a side effect of eating nightshades (I found no mention of nightshades when I searched “constipation”.) I have totally eliminated nightshades from my diet for 1 1/2 months at this point … and I have had a bowel movement everyday except two days. So there you have it; you be the judge.

Going Natural

Constipation was a way of life for me and I didn't even realize it until I began studying health & nutrition for my family, friends and myself. Firstly, I learnt that wheat is toxic even without a gluten allergy. It's genetically engineered to slow metabolism (causing constipation), increase hunger & it destroys the liver. Avoid! Sugar, MSG (flavor enhancer E621 or other E numbered flavor enhancers), artificial sweeteners, preservatives, soy, dairy or meat products consumed in large quantities or too frequently, hydrolyzed (processed for cooking) oils which aren't Extra Virgin (unprocessed) and environmental allergies all cause our bodies' systems to become clogged and bottlenecked. Soaked Flax seeds, aloe vera leaf, 5 servings of fruit per day, plenty of veggies (especially green), exercise, adequate sleep, sufficient water, prunes and organic apple cider vinegar all cause regularity. My whole life I used the toilet once every 2 or 3 days. With the above diet, 3 times every day!!!
—Guest Lance

Ive been constipated for the longest :'(

i am also suffering from constipation i suggest you to use barley porridge. and don't eat with full stomach. eat less to retain some hunger.
—Guest maaz

Multiple reasons and solutions.

Constipation can be caused by reactions to food, like allergies. I know I am constipated by breads, biscuits and sweets combined. Sitting all day at a desk causes me constipation. For me the answer is no breads-(gluten intolerance) and get up and walk more often. By the way the reason I figured out that bread was the cause was through a dream- pay special attention to foods in your dreams, they are saying something, maybe yes, but if they are square and the dream has some negative aspect, it's probably a food you should avoid. On the other hand if your dream of feasting,you are probably deficient, not eating enough or enough of of the foods you see. So it takes some thought as dreams can show things in a switched way. If the overall dream is positive, it's good for you. If it is square shaped it is blocking something. In dreams squares show blocks. Your body knows. Probiotics -Acidophilous is very helpful in relieving constipation.
—Guest Sarah

Getting rid of constipation

I've been constantly constipated for the last two months, it's horrible. I've been taking a laxative pill every morning and I drink 2 full glasses of prune juice every day, as well as trying to eat more fruits and veggies and get more exercise. Slowly, but thankfully, it's starting to get a bit better, though I'm still struggling!
—Guest Zina

Constipated all my life

I have found the product Metamucil to be very helpful. Taken at night 30 mins before dinner and I can expect relief the next morning. Failing that I use Senna Pods and made up as a tea. Can be found in most Health Food Shops. Main cause for constipation for me seems to be cheese, white rice and bread, cakes and pastries. Eating plenty of fruits and vegies helps.

Don't eat this!

Do not consume meat products. Don't do it. Literally just plugs you all up. Not fun.
—Guest Liz

Constipation cleanse.

I love to eat and tend to go overboard on mixing and matching different things... Which, after a week or so bites me in the ass, literally. A girlfriend of mine also suffers from occasional severe constipation recommended something that I now refer to as the Diarrhea Tea, the antithesis to the present malady. It's promoted as a Chinese 'Dieters Tea' but really it's a super strong herbal laxitive: read and follow instructions and make sure you have noting else to do for 24 hours- it can be intense. Also, be patient. It may only take a couple hours to work or 12, just don't get impatient and drink another cup of tea because you'll regret it. It's a great way to relieve occasional discomfort and start over-reboot you digestion, but take it easy afterwards and consider looking into digestive diets and recipes, your ass will thank you for it!
—Guest Logan's mom...

This will help

Ground flaxseed over some probiotic yogurt. Lots of fresh cherries or organic cherry juice will also help. Avoid refined sugars and dairy - except good yogurt. Also avoid bananas they are binders. Drink lots of water. If you are desperate try black strap molasses in warm milk. I personally think it tastes nasty but it is a natural laxative.
—Guest Mommy

constipation from childhood

i have constipation from childhood and i have to take laxative every day but still i do not get relief. i have rectocele problem while defecation the rectocele shrinks to 20 mm less.
—Guest suman sareed

my ass is on fire!!!!!!!!!

my constipation is so bad,everytime I go to the bathroom it's like i am giving birth through my anus. constipation does not affect an individual but a whole community, i had to wake up my roommate to insert anusol up my anus. milk is also very bad.
—Guest kuskus

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What Foods Do You Avoid When You Have Constipation?

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