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Readers Respond: What Foods Do You Avoid When You Have Constipation?

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Updated October 01, 2012


I was told to eat pumpkin from a can & mix w/ sweetener? What do you think of this?
—Guest laurie

Foods to Avoid for Constipation

NEVER eat anything fried....only meat I can eat is chicken, turkey [white meat ONLY] & fish [boiled] & no dairy, so NO ice cream...I get sorbet....no sodas....I eat a lot of homemade soup, so I know what is in it, so not to get sick....I can eat a few hush puppies...but NO BBQ......it sucks, but staying away from pain is way better.
—Guest ReDina

Prune Juice

I drink a lot of prune juice and I eat a lot of fruits, canned or otherwise.
—Guest Ed Gonzalez

fast foods a killer

i had Wendy's new cheeseburger tonight and a small fry and small sprite . (this is after me playing in a hockey game) I had a asian pear too but i have been feeling really crappy and have been having constipation and gas pain. avoid these foods. i'm still in pain now ... hope this helped.
—Guest andrew c

Constipating Foods

I avoid eating a lot of cheese, bananas, chocolate, a lot of junk foods that are high in carbohydrates. I eat instead foods that are high in fiber like: apricots, prunes, strawberries, almonds, oatmeal, flax seed, spinach, carrots, lots of green leafy vegetables, watermelon, blackberries, raspberries, honeydew, sweet peppers, celery, cucumbers.

Mr. Ed gonzalez

I find prunes and prune juice very helpful And I don't eat very heavy. I eat a lot of soup too.
—Guest edreal4444@yahoo.com

Fast foods, greasy foods.

I try to avoid these type of foods because I feel bloated and constipated to the point where I have to doze. I usually eat a lot of fruits and eat yogurt. Sometimes I eat cereal in the mornings or oatmeal. I give it to my son too!
—Guest Felicia white


Well I am always constipated but for some reason popcorn makes it worse. It is high fiber and I drink alot of crystal light water so I don't know why.
—Guest Cher


sugar and white flour. I'm begining to think yeast in the tummy is a problem and the sugar makes it worse! ouch so painful.
—Guest susan

Bagels and Pizza

Something about that white flour that makes my whole body feel awful when I am constipated. Doesn't help that my office loves to throw bagel parties in the AM and pizza parties for lunch.

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