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Readers Respond: What Foods Do You Avoid When You Have Constipation?

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Updated October 01, 2012

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  • Just as certain foods have a reputation for easing constipation, there may be some foods that you avoid when you are constipated. Share what you have learned and find out what foods others have identified as being problematic when you are constipated. Share Your Tips!


    Avoid bananas, beans, oats and some dairy foods will bloat or create a lot of gas.
    —Guest Kj


    I am dealing with the same issue twice in two months. Terrible, going to try eating more right goods. Although I do drink water and the passing of what you call a Stump is very painful and dangerous. Especially males when we cannot urinate until I get relief from the above mentioned. I am 77 almost so it is painful and scary.
    —Guest Hank


    I used to be constipated big time. I tried 'calm' which is magnesium and not only did it help my constipation but my insomnia is cured!
    —Guest bumble

    Here's my tip!

    I do not eat perfectly. I do eat pizza, breads, crackers, etc!! That being said, I ALSO eat the good stuff!! Prunes, salads, and I take probiotics......Here's what I've found...Drinking lots of water does help, but to me, a good salad helps more than ANYTHING!! I take some romane lettuce , brocccoli cole slaw, cucumber, tomato, red pepper, and I cut up two pieces of chicken strip to put in it, a wee bit of dressing, put the lid on, shake and it's so good! I hate washing and cleaning veggies, so I do the trip to the store, do all the really good washing/ spinning, drying putting in the fridge, then the rest of the week, putting a salad together takes NO time! It's the aforementioned that's a pain! As long as I have veggies in my diet, I seem to be able to almost eat anything. In addition, in the morning, I fix oats in the microwave (plain oats) with a little fat free milk, and when it comes out of the microwave HOT, I pour in some frozen blueberries.....No sugar at all and it's so good!
    —Guest Samantha

    go poo

    I had to take my 12 year old brother to foot hill hospital cause he did not poo for 3 days that was scary.
    —Guest fabiana


    Water, lots of water all day long, and exercise...everything else just eat in moderation, over eating was a huge issue for me.
    —Guest Roony

    it helps

    Boil and eat 2 bananas in the morning, afternoon and evening, it helps.
    —Guest ummi

    Do the reverse of what I do

    I have the reverse problem. I go about six times a day, mostly diarrhea. What helps bulk my stools is what you need to avoid: bananas, rice, potatoes, nuts, seeds. What causes me diarrhea is what you can have more of: juice, caffeinated drinks, melons, stone fruits. In other words, consume foods high in water. Avoid foods that bulk the stools. Meat also helps to bulk stools, but I'm a vegetarian; so I don't eat meat.
    —Guest subduedjoy


    Does milk causes constipation? I drink milk every day and I would like to know if that's my problem.
    —Guest tina

    it helps a lot

    hello guys...i also suffered constipation until such time i discovered ginger is also good for constipation...it regulates bowel movement..in my case i didnt poop regularly it takes me 3 to 5 days before going to toilet the reason why i am constipated....i use laxatives as a remedy but i know it has a side effect in the future..so i try to boil a natural ginger and drink 1 glass before sleeping and 1 glass in the morning..it really helps a lot..in the morning i use the toilet to poop...its effective and no side effects because it is natural and not only that it has other nutrients needed by the body...i wish it will work for you too...I share this because i believe its God Blessing for me to know this to end my sufferings in constipation..God bless you..wishing you all a healthy body...
    —Guest robelyn

    Fiber, water, and more water

    I used to suffer from chronic constipation until I learned a thing or two, mostly by accident. I learned to eat very little of the things that my body has trouble eliminating, such as turkey, (especially the white meat), crackers, pretzels, white bread, bagels, cheese, white rice, pizza, and pasta, to name a few. Rather, I seek out foods that are higher in fiber, such as fruits, salads, vegetables, and roasted, unsalted peanuts in the shell. occasionally I eat too much of a good thing, (that's bad), so I have to resort to remedies that work for me, such as 100% grape, apple, or pineapple juice. Although, the actual fruit is preferable because it contains more fiber and nutrients. Other foods that help me: Hot or medium salsa, peperoncini, whole dill pickles, whole-grain and multi-grain breads, quinoa, raw celery, carrots, kale or the like. One of the best cures for me is an apple or two. But whatever you use to alleviate the backup, be sure to drink plenty of water with it.
    —Guest Former Sufferer

    Prevent or cure constipation:

    Too much protein will cause constipation. Bananas, rice, apples, and toast/bread will stop diarrhea so can constipate you even though they have fiber. Best to avoid those things. Drink plenty of water and eat natural foods (fruits, veg, meats) with minimal preparation/ processing - grapes are better for you than grape juice. Best prevention tip: remember this: FRUITS THAT START WITH "P" WILL MAKE YOU POOP! REGULARLY! Peaches, pineapple, pears, plums, prunes, papaya! Also: FRUITS EATEN WITH THE PEEL ON WILL MAKE YOU POOP! Peaches, pears, plums, grapes, blueberries, raisins, berries, cherries, cranberry, dates, prunes, figs, etc. Drink water instead of any other beverage most of the time. Take 3,000mg of fish oil capsules twice daily if the fruit and water isn't enough. Fish oil is also great for your heart. Guaranteed to work. Good health to you!


    do not eat meat, cheese, peanut butter or bananas! drink water and cranberry juice and eat yogurt that has fiber, a lot of oranges and apples, veggies too hop.ps im a CNA
    —Guest Guero


    I've been suffering from constipation for years now, but yesterday was the worst, I felt faint, was sweating so badly, it felt like I was giving birth was in the toilet for almost an hour, standing up and down pacing with this massive poo up my bum, I really felt like I was about to die with this tree trunk up my bum, after pushing so hard, I was tired, weak. it finally came ou , bloody and massive, could not believe that I had that in me, help me, any one, I've tried almost everything .
    —Guest Tania

    to avoid constupation

    Try to avoid non-vegetable food, it will increase the tighten the stool, daily take raw vegetables as a salad, wheat porridge night time, daily exercise, drinking more water, one teaspoon odour free castor oil with banana - take in before going to bed. I am following the above method it gives good results. bakery item should be avoided, better take naturapathy treatment for a month, if you follow it will give good results. Thanking you.
    —Guest hariprabhuk

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    What Foods Do You Avoid When You Have Constipation?

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