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Readers Respond: What Foods Do You Avoid When You Have Constipation?

Responses: 25


Updated October 01, 2012

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  • Just as certain foods have a reputation for easing constipation, there may be some foods that you avoid when you are constipated. Share what you have learned and find out what foods others have identified as being problematic when you are constipated.

    Ground Beef

    Avoid ground beef, or put it to a minimum if you can. I get constipated for a series of weeks and the beef ferments and spoils in my stomach making it even harder to go.
    —Guest Tonya

    this is for mrs

    mrs asked if milk gets you constipated yes it does.
    —Guest mini me man


    Avoid bananas, beans, oats and some dairy foods will bloat or create a lot of gas.
    —Guest Kj


    I am dealing with the same issue twice in two months. Terrible, going to try eating more right goods. Although I do drink water and the passing of what you call a Stump is very painful and dangerous. Especially males when we cannot urinate until I get relief from the above mentioned. I am 77 almost so it is painful and scary.
    —Guest Hank

    Canned Foods

    When possible, always eat fresh foods not canned. Something I struggle with myself but makes huge difference. Preservatives will stop u up big time!
    —Guest ArmyLiz

    Cut back on Bagles, Nuts and Meat

    I found that bagels, breads, buns and other baked goods plug me up. Small amounts of nuts are OK, but larger amounts of nuts or peanut butter cause my digestion to slow to a crawl. So do meats, unless portions are very moderate (half the 'normal' amount, or even less).
    —Guest Previously Plugged

    Eat small frequent meals

    I know I have slow digestion because sometimes I still feel bloated after eating a normal balanced meal. So I just eat small proportions every 2 to 3 hours.
    —Guest Gil

    Processed foods eek!

    Cheese, chocolate and other milk products. Greasy fatty foods...processed foods such as chips etc... Best fruits to relieve constipation...remember the 6 P's: Papayas, peaches, Pears, pineapple, plums and prunes!!! Ale
    —Guest Ale


    best way for no pain for me is to eat nothing - just drink water.

    alcohol, red meat, carbonated drinks

    always alcohol, beef and coke, lemonade hurts like hell, it sucks having to eat carefully, esp when i never put on any weight! Going through different alcohols to see if there is one i can drink without chronic tummy pain the next day.
    —Guest visitor 2


    Avoid Soda, hot dogs, chocolate. Real food is the best, I start out everyday with 16 oz. hot water with half a lemon squeezed in it, oatmeal, fresh fruit.
    —Guest Blueyes

    constipation diet

    Soup. Plant tea. Orange or lemon mixed with honey and hot water, like a cocktail. Buttermilk after. Sometimes with croutons with no flavor. Vegetable soup is the best!!!
    —Guest mischa

    Bad foods

    Bad foods for me are popcorn, cheese, dairy, but I still eat yogurt. I am in horrible pain.
    —Guest Chris

    Grease and bookending

    Ok, so we know the typical offenders...grease, lots of carbs or dairy, and chocolate. But I have found eating pineapple with most meals allows me to cheat. Not only is it fibrous, but it has an enzyme that helps with digestion. Also, I try to bookend my "bad" foods. So let's say I want pizza...I start out eating apple or pineapple, eat some pizza, then apple, repeat. It works!
    —Guest Ibssal


    All of them, I throw up with mine, sometimes i have to be put in the hospital.
    —Guest jean

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