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Readers Respond: What Foods Do You Avoid When You Have Diarrhea?

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Updated October 11, 2012

When you have diarrhea, it is hard to know what to eat. It is also important to know what not to eat. It may seem like common sense to avoid eating a bowl of spicy chili, but maybe you didn't know that diet soda might aggravate your symptoms. Find out what foods other people avoid when they have diarrhea and share your experience regarding foods that have the potential for making you feel worse.


I find dairy really does a number on my stomach so I avoid it.
—Guest Robin


I dearly love eggs, but whenever I eat them I take a chance that diarrhea will occur, so I most definitely would not eat eggs or most dairy products if I already was suffering with diarrhea. That would be cruel to a body that needs to recuperate.
—Guest lila


I normally have flaxseed on my cereal each morning. But when diarrhea starts, the flaxseed is the first thing I cut out. I hate that I can't always benefit from the health benefits of flaxseed, but I can't take the risk that it is going to make my IBS-D worse.
—Guest powergirl

Pancakes and Ice Cream

Every single time I eat the smallest amount of pancakes or ice cream, I can plan on a fun filled night seated on the "Throne."
—Guest Matt


Definitely do not do not drink milk.. I have been used to drinking cold milk every morning. So when I got food poisoning my mom thought it'll be better to drink warm milk. So I did. It. Was. Horrible. I was actually getting slightly better already. But 10 minutes after taking the glass of milk, my stomach started grumbling. And you can guess what happened next... Please don't take milk or eggs either!
—Guest Ash

oh sheesh

Pizza rolls get me, destroy me all day, not to mention seafood as well.
—Guest regret

I am completely lost

Hi everyone. I just started felling sick recently and the people around me mean well . But I need real advice what can I eat I go. And try to eat something great I get sick. Allot my favorites I cannot have so. Now I exist on soup tea and small plates Of food I am cool with this but I miss being. Able to let go and just eat enjoy but I can't so i was sad and it's effecting the people I love and etc so thank god for this ite I am now not alone just lost cause. This is so new .
—Guest Tina

Same here

My problem came out of the blue Always a healthy gal i know have it I am trying to stay away from bad food But I miss coffee and other items . Fried chicken and all other things.
—Guest Tina


I was recently diagnosed by a blood test that I am allergic to gluten, dairy, peanut and eggs. Acidy foods and msg are a severe problem also. Anyone with problems should just get a simple blood test to find out their issues.
—Guest sherri

Something else to eat...

The first item I usually eat at the beginning of the IBS diarrhea "cycle" is jello. Any kind of jello - except diet - should help. I learned the hard way not to use any whipped topping!
—Guest Sharonking

Wheat, Fruit, Fiber

I have suffered from IBS for 20 years (of course I wasn't diagnosed until about 8 years ago). I have found this to be such an individualized issue that it's almost impossible to advise a person. Some of my trigger foods sound completely absurd, while I am able to easily digest foods that would tear other people apart. Basically, if I avoid bread, fruit and anything with mayo I can usually get through the day. I also take Dicyclomine when needed. I truly empathize with all of you, and I hope there will be an end to our ridiculous suffering!
—Guest Laura

every food it seems

it flares when i eat soup, salad, eggs, dairy, meat, any clue what wouldn't??? seems like even a glass of water would do it!
—Guest robin

What about wheat? Gluten?

I googled this page because I HAVEN'T had problems with my IBS since I went gluten free 2 years ago. I think I have a bug and just needed to know what would be good to eat. All of you that are still suffering should at least try a gluten, wheat free diet. This is the first time in 2 years that I have had diarrheal. I was tested for both wheat and gluten intolerance and both tests came back negative, BUT I follow the diet and have had such a major improvement that I know it makes a difference for me. Give it a try.
—Guest Kel

soy everywhere

Soy hits me quickly. It's even in many chewing gums.
—Guest no soy


I have to avoid fatty foods, caffeine, artificial sweetners, mushrroms, onions, peppers, red meat, green veg, tomatoes, and something is still bugging it!! I have had IBSD for 14 years but in the last 2-3 it has become reactive to stress and hormones as well as diet!! I buy alot of weight watchers food for work pack lunches as its low fat. Also I live on imodium which my doctor isnt happy about, she has just prescribed merbeverine so will see how that goes!!
—Guest Dawn

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