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Readers Respond: Where Is the Most Embarrassing Place You Have Passed Gas?

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Updated October 11, 2012

Passing gas is a common human experience. Although some groups of people, male teenagers come to mind, are comfortable and even proud of the experience, for most of us the experience of passing gas in public can be quite embarrassing. Speaking openly about these uncomfortable experiences and reading that it happens to others may serve to reduce unnecessary feelings of shame. Here is a place where you can safely tell your story regarding the worst place that you ever passed gas.

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Pure Relief

I was sitting in Math class, taking notes when all of sudden my stomach gave off a low pitched whistle. My butt cheeks began to quiver and I was forced to run out of the room and to the ladies room without given permission. I swear, as soon my butt cheeks dropped onto the toilet bowl, they released explosive dirreaha and numerous, uncontrollable burps. Pure Relief I swear once that was over. Ah. Thinking back how embarrassing but yet extremely relieving/satisfying.
—Guest anonymous

Presentation fart

I was giving a heart felt speech to people who have had loved ones die at a hospital in Africa and I had eatin awful grubery at the lunch slowly building up the whole days till I sharted in front of 40 people and they all laughed and I was so embarrassed I literally had to change my pants
—Guest Steven

Science class

I was in 5th grade and we were taking a test so the class was quiet. I squated down to get my pencil and I had to fart. I let it out as slowly as possible so it wouldn't make a sound. Unfortunately, it was SO LOUD!!! I looked around to see it anyone heard or saw it and no one was looking at me and, luckily, it didn't smell. But it makes me laugh today! :)
—Guest Savannah

sleepover fart

One day I was at a girls sleepover party and we were flipping people over on a mattress and then I felt it a big stanky one so I tried to do it at the right time so when everyone was laughing I ripped one it was silent but deadly and everybody was looking at me and I was so embarressed
—Guest lp

SS fart

I was in 4th grade and we were all taking notes for history and my crush was in the room and it was like April so it was pretty late in the year and all year I was the king of silent farting an we were sitting there and I had to fart so I tried making it silent but instead if was super loud and everyone just stared at me so awkward.
—Guest Sara

confused fart

When i was in elementary school i was a good kid so i was always sent to do extra crap that was supposedly an advantage but i only did it to get out of class and so i was walking to wherever the heck i was to go and i had to fart but there was a long line of 1st graders so i let it out and it was quiet so i kept walking and after about 10 seconds i glanced back and there was some kids looking around like " who just farted?" And so i just keep walking. Mission completed ( like a boss)
—Guest lolfartz

she did it

we just got back from lunch and the teacher told us to move seats so I was next to my crush. when I sat we had to be partners for math. after that he asked me out. I was so excited I jumped up and farted so loud my new bf said so jelly bean did you figure out the problem
—Guest annomynus

Car fart

I was with my bezzie in the car and I was laughing loads then I farted dead loudly and according to her it stunk. She yelled at everyone in the street that I had farted and I felt like dying of shame!
—Guest Ava


We were silent reading in core, and my stomach had been filled with gas all day. I could feel it broiling inside of me, and I was shifting in my seat a lot. I tried to hold it in and succeed. Suddenly, a whistle sound escaped my stomach. It went on for about five seconds, then stopped. Then it started up again, ranging in pitch. Everybody started giggling, and I kept my head down. My seat partner shifted away a few inches. I was SO embarrassed... And I had to have a pass to go to the loo, which I have used in other gassy emergencies. It went on for about ten minutes, and everybody was looking in my direction. Luckily, this one dude who sits behind me is known for these kinds of things, and is the gross type of boy as is to fart loudly just because. Some people looked at him, but they were mainly looking at my very general direction. I kept on thinking...four more minutes...And then the bell rang. I was so gratified I rushed straight to the bathroom... Now evey day I count the periods left
—Guest Mortified

thanks for not shopping here anymore!

I was with my daughter at this lovely boutique I have gone to for years. We looked around found several things we wanted and were in line to pay, that's when it happened!! I sneezed..my daughter looked at me with horrific fear, she knew what came with a sneeze!! Oh Yes, the loudest fart and to make matters more embarrassing i started to laugh then they rolled out like bombs!!! She just walked away and the store clerk just pretended very politely she didn't hear a thing. I will never go in there again, probably the happiest day of my husbands life!! My clothing expense will drop drastically.
—Guest jennifer

Playing soccer and doing jumping jacks

It was early in the morning and i had to play gym first period. I already felt the gas coming and i tried running really slow and not do the jumping jacks really fast, but i farted quite alot during the jumping jacks and while i was running to get the ball from the other team. I think my classmates heard it but i think they just ignored it. But i was so embarrassed that i quickly walked to the locker room to get changed. I ignored everyone and tried to make as little eye contact as possible. I hate doing jumping jacks and running because that's usually when it happens and its very embarrassing.
—Guest Jane

Sit ups and laughing

I actually have two. One day, during P.E, we were doing exercises like running, which was okay, but I was already feeling the gas when we were told to do sit-ups, and when I got to like 3, PFFFFFFFFT. I couldn't help but laugh it off and say hysterically "Oh my God!" I was so f---ing embarrassed. Then a week later, I was on the floor next to the desk of my classmate/friend, and I was messing with her while she was sleeping and then I started laughing and the cracking monster roared out of me. Everyone looked at me and even she woke up and stared at me in disgusted horror.
—Guest Jordan

the attack of the hummous

I was with a few friends and my wife. We went out for dinner and I ate hummous an arabic chickpeas dip. We were all standing around waiting for the lift, but I decided to stand a bit away from everyone and let out the a few good farts which had been bothering me for a good hour. Well, when the lift arrived I had to join the others. The fart and stink followed me into the lift. No one said anything but my wife had a hard time trying not to laugh her head off. Since then, I only let one slip in public if Im outside and then quietly......... ---Harald
—Guest harald

The First Time

I planned to spend the weekend with my boyfriend at his home and it was to be our "first time." we had a lovely evening, fell asleep and surprise!! I woke us both up after ripping thee loudest fart EVER. I knew he knew what I did, so I told him I had a dream that I farted and woke up the entire neighborhood- he pretended to stay asleep, I think to not embarrass me. I wanted to die. The following weekend I brought gas medication and popped them like candy. Same thing happened. I did a lot of research and believe the culprit is artificial sweetener. Bye bye diet beverages!!!!!
—Guest Sherry

at work

My bowels are so active that I had to tell my husband on our first date that I pass gas all the time and if you can't accept that we can't be together. We been together for over 6 years now. Anyway I was at work and was about to blow but was really embarrassed I went to the restroom n somebody was in another stall and I really needed to let it out - so every time I farted I flushed the toilet. Which was about 5 times.
—Guest cass

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Where Is the Most Embarrassing Place You Have Passed Gas?

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