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Readers Respond: Where Is the Most Embarrassing Place You Have Passed Gas?

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Updated October 11, 2012

Passing gas is a common human experience. Although some groups of people, male teenagers come to mind, are comfortable and even proud of the experience, for most of us the experience of passing gas in public can be quite embarrassing. Speaking openly about these uncomfortable experiences and reading that it happens to others may serve to reduce unnecessary feelings of shame. Here is a place where you can safely tell your story regarding the worst place that you ever passed gas.

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Wedding Bliss

My Ex used to sleep completely under the covers, head included...unfortunately after a great evening meal and in the middle of a cold night, an explosion that sounded like the whole building was falling apart... The poor soul was stuck under the covers and unable to get out, Gasping for for breathable air, unsuccessfully attempting to get out the covers and the darkness. Disoriented, screaming and begging GOD not to die in this horrible matter....With all the commotion and screaming in the bedroom, I finally woke up and I was finally able to help the poor soul remove the covers and be able to get some breathable air...no more sleeping with the head under the covers after that incident...LOL
—Guest wedding Bliss

gym class

okay so we were in gym class doing situps when i let it go. everyone laughed i cried.
—Guest bryce

Musical fart

I was in music n my buds n I were playing a piece yeah and I farted and it was along to the beat of the song yeah so they now aren't my friends yeah cuz I beat em up well good yeah and I moved school.
—Guest Amy C.


I was on class when it happened I was kissing my girlfriend and it felt so good I was relaxed and I just explosively farted and everybody was like ewwww! And ran out of the class room and I was like it wasn't me.
—Guest West

5th grade fart

I was in the principle's office with my friends when it happened. We were called in the office because we did something bad. Then she was talking to us and I felt it coming so I was squishing my ass together so it won't come out. Then it happened, the fart had slipped out. I was so red and my friends were looking at me. this was what the principle said "who ever did that would like to apologize", but after that my friends forgot about it. (NERVOUS FARTS)
—Guest Arizbeth

farter in math

I'll never forget this because i was a junior in highschool and i farted in my math class and people started laughing. But, then the next day they brought up beans and tacos and i knew they were talking about me but right now I don't really care and next time they mention it im going to be like "Whatever, hahah that was hilarious."
—Guest fartattack


I was in my bedroom, waiting for my husband to come home. I felt gas building inside me and I farted so loud, the bed shook and my husband stood in the doorway.
—Guest Fiona

Painfully funny

I was sitting in a wooden chair at the computer and my parents were watching tv, I felt it come on and was going to pass it like any other fart....it erupted out of me and popped against my leg (it actually hurt) and my mom yells from the living room "did you drop the cans of sodas on the counter ?" I died laughing.
—Guest Sissa

gases que horror

essa foi a minha primeira crise de gás aconteceu no colégio, muito embaraçoso o menino atrás me mandou simplesmente ir cagar rsrs eu estava super flatulenta e foi assim até chegar em casa de ônibus imagine o mico OMG a SII não é muito legal comigo
—Guest enny

"Who, me?"

My husband-to-be and best friend were in line with me for presentation at a friends wedding, and in front of us was an elderly couple. While waiting in line I could feel the pressure building, and building, and, well, you get the idea ... the line was really long, but we were getting close to the end, and I didn't want to get out of line and have to wait all over again, so having dealt with IBS since my late teens I have gotten quite good at letting out silent farts .. and figured if I let some pressure out I could make it to the end .... and while it was silent I couldn't stop! And the SMELL! Oh my god, it smelt like something died! You could see people looking around for the source of the smell .... somehow I managed to play it cool ..... until we got back to our table and my hubby asked if I thought the old woman in front of shit her diaper, 'cause he couldn't think of anything else that would cause a stench that bad .... I turned beet red and almost died as he laughed his ass off at me!
—Guest Blame the old lady in line ....

The Drive: Oh, Why Me!

My friend's Dad offered to drive me and her home; and everything was perfectly fine until my stomach started gurgling. The next few minutes of my life was a constant struggle between a bloating abdomen, and not farting in my friends car. From there things got worse;my friends's Dad needed to pick up his wife, so now the whole family was jammed into the car. My battle was a losing one, because as we got closer to my house "it" happened; and let's say I'm glad I don't know Spanish... Did I mention that when "it' happened her Dad looked over his chair in my direction? The horror!
—Guest Awkward Guest

Ripped a big one

My dad and I were waiting for my brother to meet us somewhere. My brother had just got us the new iPhone 5cs and our iPhone 4Ss service were shut off. Dad and I had just eaten Carl's Jr. and I was feeling it in my stomach right after. I felt it gurgling in my stomach and then I got to the point where I finally had to let it out. I rolled down the window and ripped a long, wet, stanky fart! My dad was like "did that really just come out of my daughter?"
—Guest IronBatMaiden

They heard it

I recently moved into a new place living on my own for the first time. I am renting a room and only guys live in this house. I had to go to the restroom soooo bad but i am embarrassed to drop one. So i go into the restroom and try to get in and get out, while on the toilet a HUGE fart comes out and the echoing of the toilet bowl just made it worse!! A couple seconds later all I hear from outside is a loud DAMNNN GINA!!!!! Yup they heard it...
—Guest Gina

I swear there's somethin wrong with us

Me and my best friend meet up quite often, but we just had a sleepover like a week ago, we both know we fart but we never did it in front of eachother, I had a bad case of the poppers. So I said to myself "if you go down might as well go down with a bang" so I asked her if she wanted to hear a joke she said yes and it went like this "knock knock" "who's there?" I let 'er rip and she looked at my butt....for awhile then she got the smell and gave me a knuckle bump. That's not all though, "I wasn't finished with the joke" "oh, ok, who's there" *i farted* "Britney spears is here" "Britney spears who?" I farted again and then said with pride "OOPS! I DID IT AGAIN".
—Guest Natalia

First day of school gas

Okay so this is actually quite funny. It was our first day of school today and our English teacher is some crazy old guy. Almost everything was hilarious. I had been holding a nasty giant fart in all day. Finally, the teacher said something so funny I was cracking up and laughed so hard I farted! That made my friend Tyler laugh even harder! that was so embarrassing but I just gotta embrace that, man!
—Guest Ovostyle

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Where Is the Most Embarrassing Place You Have Passed Gas?

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