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Readers Respond: What is Your Most Gassy Food?

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Updated October 01, 2012

We all have them –- certain foods that we know will leave us gassy! We eat them because we love them or because we know they are good for us, but when we do we usually end up paying later. Tell us what your most gassy foods are and find out what triggers intestinal gas in others.

Baked Elephant Garlic

I started crying the gas was so bad. The boyfriend took me out to a nice valentine's dinner in Ouray at which we had steak and delicious baked elephant garlic. Neither of us could sleep the stink kept oozing unrelentless stinging our eyes and gagging our mouths. I felt like the fart train ran me over, backed up, and ran me over again. For two days I wreaked of garlic and recovered my sore stomach and bung. Stay away unless you want to seriously damage someone.
—Guest stinky butt


I had steamed rice for a test and a few minutes later i got blowed right away and bombs were let loose everywhere.
—Guest Mira-Michigan

What doesn't?

Salad, spinach, egg rolls, onions, wheat, dairy, chocolate, apples (with and w/o skin), Oregon Chai, pizza. I've had good luck with soy and almond milk, and oat products, but haven't found a fruit or vegetable that's nice to me yet : /

gassy foods

are molasses cookies "dangerous?" I ate several of them last evening and had gas all night and all day into this evening, its 10pm. I've taken antacids and am still putting...getting boring!
—Guest bob stone

Need to pass gas

I have IBS and can not go like I would to like to go and do not pass gas. And I hurt all day. I know when I have some foods I get gassy and that is what I need and I know I will feel better when I do that. I know it is yukky, but I feel better when I do that. I need help. It hurts to where I feel like I have to pee and can not go I know when I pass gas I am ok them. So HELP PLEASE Ginny
—Guest Ginny


Bread kills me flat! Especially white bread. Processed meats are a real no-no! Good luck to us all.
—Guest Katy

gas and more gas

Cheese, beans, cashews, tomato-based vegetable soup, anything greasy or fatty, red meat, high fiber food, there are probably more, but that's enough!
—Guest robin

Gassy foods.

It seems I get gas with about all my foods esp now since I've been diagnosed as being prediabetic ( more beans means more toots)! Am so glad @ times I live alone!!!!!
—Guest Dottie

Holy guacamole!

Fresh avocado, especially guacamole. I don't mind being a little tooty for some good food, but avocado gives me the most awful pain in the gut along with some impressive bloating. So sad!
—Guest Bean

The good stuff

Fiber One Bars, most beans, cabbage, brussel sprouts, any leafy greens, any type of dairy, and wheat (causes awful acid reflux too).
—Guest Huh

sodas, broccoli, chicken

I love broccoli, but it hates me : ( and you wouldn't like me very much either, after a meal including chicken, broccoli, and diet soda ...or anything anymore.
—Guest daisy

supper bad stink

garlic and black beans super tasty together, awful afterwards, if you know what i mean, and it last for weeks.
—Guest victoria


OMG painful or what! And any type of beans, eating is getting boring now!
—Guest Diesel66

gas everywhere

I'm 24 weeks pregnant and black beans make me FART a lot!! And it smells horribly. They're uncontrollable. My husband hates it when I fart around him. But, I tell him its the baby shooting them without a warning. LOL
—Guest yuri

no no's

Caffiene, whole grains, artificial sweetener, food cooked in grease (French fries), jalapenos, movie theatre popcorn, SOY- huge no no.
—Guest rayshel

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