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Readers Respond: What is Your Most Gassy Food?

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Updated October 01, 2012

From the article: Top Six Gassy Foods
We all have them –- certain foods that we know will leave us gassy! We eat them because we love them or because we know they are good for us, but when we do we usually end up paying later. Tell us what your most gassy foods are and find out what triggers intestinal gas in others. Name the Culprit!

Nectarine Madness

Nectarines! Instantly those most awesome tasting fruits warrant a neighborhood wide evacuation. Its unbearable at the moment actually. Paint is starting to peel away from the walls.
—Guest Tooty Ain't Fruity


Pasé una noche de infierno cuando comí Lentejas, Ensalada de Repollo con cebolla blanca, Zanahoria y mayonessa :(.. Y a las malditas lentejas las habia sasonado con Pimentones, Apio, Cebolla, Ajo y sin saber que estaba preparando una bomba :S. FFS. y tambien antes me habia comido 2 bananos para acabar de completar la bomba lol. Ahora haré una lista de todos estos alimentos que me hacen daño y dejare de masticar chicle :(. Gracias por sus consejos!! I spent a night of hell when I ate lentils, cabbage salad with white onion, carrot and mayonessa: (.. And the had the damn lentils seasoned with bell peppers, celery, onion, garlic and without knowing that he was preparing a bomb: S. FFS., and also before I had eaten two bananas to finish to complete the bomb lol. now I will list all of these foods that hurt me and fail to chew gum: (. Thanks for your advice!
—Guest nlpz

Broccoli, beans, peaches, prunes, mango

If you are not already taking a probiotic, I strongly recommend it! It has helped so much with eliminating the bloating and abdominal pain. Haven't gotten rid of the gas but am working on the FODMAP diet now.
—Guest BJ

Ice cream

Ice cream, most dairy and beer make me very gassy for days after I consume them. ice milk from McDonalds seems to be the least offensive dairy if I have a craving for ice cream.
—Guest Wendy

Wheat and dairy

Wheat and dairy make me gassy and bloated to the point that my whole body, even my face gets swollen. Wheat is the worst. It gives me indigestion, bloating, and makes me so tired, I become really out of it and woozy.
—Guest Emi

Pass the.. Never mind

No matter what I eat since having gastric bypass causes pain and gas. So I'm stuck to broth, sips of water- no straws, no talking while eating, and no salt, sugar, fat, etc.. Basically nothing :(
—Guest Justnoluck


Why do eggs give me gas? No matter how i eat them, seems i get gas pains, i don't eat them very often, mabey once a month, should i avoid eating them? people don't believe me when i tell them, but its true. I only eat eggs soft boiled, even if i fry in olive oil i still suffer, i would like to at least have eggs once a week, would like some advice on this matter. I wonder if anyone else has this problem with eggs, if so would like to know. I avoid all the foods that cause gas, and there are lots of these foods i love, but can't eat. Its really hard to know what is going to cause gas and bloating. I do have spastic colon problems, also acid reflux, so i have to be real careful about what i can eat, sometimes i don't know something i eat can cause gas and suffer. I can not have dairy products especially milk, i drink soy it doesn't hurt me, and i like it. Would like more info on this matter, if you can help, i would very much appreciate any info on gassy foods, and possibly avoid them.
—Guest Tania Evans

I killed a bird once

Chicken makes me smell worse than a septic tank. No matter what type of chicken I eat, I always end up creating an excruciating fart. I swear just by farting in my room after eating chicken, I can kill a dozen birds with just one blow from my butt. Ice cream, pizza, pasta, anything dairy and you don't want to be near me.
—Guest Amber

Phytic acid

Watch out for nuts and grains especially because many contain phytic acid which is an enzyme inhibitor so they can reduce your body's ability to digest anything. For me the killer is sausage, lol. Had some killer Chorizo yesterday and its still letting me know about it.
—Guest Benny


Nuts, dairy, chick peas (Falafel), lettuce, garlic, nuts (again), ...how about eating freaking nothing! it's torture to eat anything, really. Gotta pay the piper later.
—Guest Gas Gaurantee

Growing list

The two biggest culprits, by far, are raw spinach and that horribly fake movie theatre popcorn 'butter'! Ohhhwee it gets painful. Cutting out processed foods and limiting high-fiber foods helps tremendously!!
—Guest Murry

Fried foods and raw veggies n fruits

I never thought of it until one night I made hush puppies and corn dogs...bad gas n pain...when I went on a raw fruit n veggie diet I had it bad, clear out a room bad...especially raw spinach for some reason.
—Guest Mamatwo

chick pea flour

I am not gluten intoerant, instead I'm intolerant to a common ingrediant in gluten-free flour ... chick pea flour. Beware gluten-free baked goods if you personally don't need to avoid gluten.
—Guest sarah c


I drink water and I bloat! I have noticed though that eating smaller portions and doing it really slowly helps a lot. Another tip, go for a walk after, the gass will pass ;)
—Guest prl


Wine and diet sodas kill kill kill me!! Thank goodness I love water. But my poor boyfriend....
—Guest phillygirl

Name the Culprit!

What is Your Most Gassy Food?

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