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Readers Respond: Bathroom Accident Stories

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Updated October 01, 2012


I was at a tuition centre after a long day at school and i as holding my pee for like since that morning. I wne to class like normal but i did not want to interrupt the teacher as i was already late, so i kept holding it. Finally, he said we could start doing our work and i told him i REALLY had to go. I ran out of the class and pee was flowing out of my butt all over my pants but thankfully no one noticed...
—Guest A


I was weraring a tiny blue and yellow bikini and I really had to poop so I thought I had a little fart but I accidentally had pooped but u could hardly tell the all the sudden my bikini starts filling up and it staps like it breaks then my boyfriend comes up behind me and picks me up (we r in the water by the way) and he squeezed me and I pooped on him I am single now and don't wear bikinis
—Guest mrspoopypants#1

not stop

Well I was in my fav. Bikini and I was on the beach... I had just some sea food and the as I was walking the beach... mega explosive diahreah just hit me.... I tried to find a bathroom but as I was lookin this stuff just shoots out my ass as im runing... so I just sat down crying and finishing my buisness in my bikini omg I was like 15 when that happend
—Guest Naomi

Sick on my Bike

One time in 10th grade I rode my bike 3 blocks to my friends house. We were hanging and watching a movie and eating buttery popcorn and taffy candy. All of a sudden my stomach started cramping up and I knew I had to hurry home. I jumped on my bike and rode hunched over. Before I could make it, my stomach basically exploded in my pants. I went in through the back laundry room and my mom smelled the stench and made me take off my pants & underwear right there and put them in the sink. So I had to walk through my house to the bathroom in a towel. I found out later butter popcorn is one of the worst things for my ibs.
—Guest Chris

just let me pee

I was at school and in math I suddenly felt a strong urge to pee I asked the teacher if I could go and he said I could hold it when I finally got the chance to go the bathrooms were disgusting and there was huge line. But math was the only class that day because we were taking a field trip on the school bus there I was literally shaking and holding myself and suddenly spurt...spurt...spurt and I couldn't hold it in anymore and peed all over myself that was the worst field trip ever lol
—Guest ~uh-oh

Peed at my frinds house

I was at my friends house sleeping over when I was 13. I didn't go to the bathroom before I went to bed... the next morning I woke up in a huge puddle of pee IN HER BED! she tried getting me out of bed, but I wouldn't go out. She didn't notice I peed. Finally I told her and she took a picture of me and my wet pants without me knowing AND POSTED A PIC ON FACEBOOK.
—Guest hospaaoakajs

highway emergency

My uncle was driving me when i felt the urge, i said pull over now. He exited the highway and at a stoplight i ran out of the truck and pulled my pants down and shit in front of all these cars at the stop light. I ran around the corner and finished pooping while these dogs were barking at me and i wiped with my boxers and socks. I called my uncle and he picked me up dying laughing and said " well i appreciate you not shitting in my truck"
—Guest james

Fish Stick Sick

In second grade one time, we had fish sticks for lunch and I got a bad belly ache from it. We got back in class and sitting there at my desk, I felt so bad I started to cry. The teacher called me up to her desk to see what was wrong and when I got there I was trying to tell her that I didn't feel good but when I opened my mouth to say it, I accidentally barfed all over her. It was such a traumatic experience t I never ate fish again :(
—Guest Tammy

6 Years Old

One time when I was 6, my friend's mom babysat me. I didn't want to go at someone else's house, so I held it. When I got to my house, my grandma that lived 10 hours away called. I talked to her for about 15 minutes. Then I started to pee my pants while I was talking. I just said I had to go and I hung up. I tried to walk to the bathroom, but I just got pee everywhere.
—Guest Angelina

10 years old

When i was 10 (I'm now 12) i was in class and really needed to go. We were watching a film and i didn't want to disrupt. I became to desperate so i got up and waddled to the teacher. They said i could go so i ran. When i got there i went to the loo. While peeing i realised that i still had my pants on and had only pulled my trousers down. My pants were now soaked. I waited a bit until the teacher came and then told them what had happened. It was so embarrassing. Has anyone else done that?
—Guest Embarrassing


Once when I had to go pee and I was in the bathroom stall and my pants and underwear where down and I was about to sit down the pee just shot out of me .
—Guest Pee

ding dong shit

I'm 13 now when I was about 9 years old me and my friend where playing ding dong ditch and I really had to poo but I held it in I was good at holding in poo back then so we knocked a door and he ran all the way down a alley and I was still by the bottom of the path leading to the house I felt a pain and then I couldn't hold it no more I just stood there with shit just blowing out my ass and then the house owner came out I just stood there and said the boy who did it ran off so I then waddled after him with shit filled pants
—Guest jacob

peed my pants in class

I was in kindergarden and I had to pee but I was sitting down and peed in my skirt during play time. Luckily nobody noticed. When I got home I changed my clothes then my grandma walked in then she figured it out and told my mom.
—Guest pee gurl

walmart disaster

This actually happened to my mom one day we were shopping at walmart and as we checked out and got in the car she informed me she really had to poop I didn't say anything and as we drove off she said she couldn't hold it and she lost control I saw her poop go up her back :/ it was really traumatic to see her experience something so horrible
—Guest melinda


Earlier today I had my last day of 11th grade. I was having so much much fun with my friends and bf and I suddenly need to poop. I decided to ignore it. It was 6th period and we were listening to music dancing around. I was just dancing around when it happened. I had explosive diarrhea in the middle of class. It was so embarrassing.
—Guest miranda

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Bathroom Accident Stories

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