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Updated October 01, 2012

School toilets embarraseing

I had diarrhea one time but my parents still made me go to school. During 3rd period I really needed to poop but my teacher wouldnt let me but i really needed to so I went anyway. I ran to the toilets and locked myself in a stall but before I could even pull my pants down I had already started pooping. It went everywhere - all down my legs, on my hands and all over the floor and wall. But then a girl from my class walked in (the teacher sent her to check on me) and she started laughing and by lunch the whole school knew and its been a year and people still tease me about it );
—Guest Sandra

Peed myself in 3th grade

I've peed my pants in 3th grade in from of all the classmates because I couldn't hold it anymore. And the fact I had (and still have) a social phobia, made this whole situation so traumatic to me... that I can't forget it till' today. and I'm 21. That is also the reason why I couldn't even ask the teacher to use the bathroom... and ended up humiliating myself this way. I know you may judge me, but that's only because you don't go through this kind of phobia. This is kinda ironic though, being the joke of the class while you have social anxiety... I will never forget their laughs and my shock while I saw the puddle under my desk and realized I just peed myself. It just came out uncontrollably. I didn't even know it's possible because I never peed myself before this time, I've always had self-control even as a child...I just really couldn't hold it anymore....it was so shocking when it came out next thing I remember is I only cried my eyes out and wanted to disappear.
—Guest Linda

Bladder control

This happened when I was in kindergarten. I was really shy back then and never asked to go to the bathroom even tho the bathroom was in my classroom. Every time it was nap time I would pee myself cause I couldn't hold it in. My teachers would always know to send me home after nap time even tho I never really napped but just pretended too, cause they know I would pee at nap times. When I think about it now I wonder what my teachers thought.
—Guest Aria

in school dance hall

I was 16 and doing rehearsals I asked the teacher could I go the toilet she said no, so we're dancing away I needed to wee and poo rather bad and I was wearing shiny blue leotard and white ballet tights. long story short I weed myself and on way to the toilet to clean up the headmaster frightened me and the shock made me poo my poor tights and pink knickers were ruined.
—Guest abby


I remember that I was dreaming that I was peeing then I peed...I woke up right away and changed but my mom found out and I was sooooo embarrassed!!! I was like....10 or 9.
—Guest Kat

A bad meal >.

So I was coming from my cousin's birthday and I had eaten a lot and also drank a lot. Suddenly, while I was watching TV, I felt pain in my stomach. I ignored it. Soon I felt a big urge to throw up so I ran to the bathroom. While I was running downstairs I threw up only a little on the stairs. Thank God i made it to the bathroom. I only threw up 2 times then I started eating again, nothing hurt me after. At least I didnt get embarrassed coz i didnt pee or poo my pants, only maybe when i was a newborn in diapers. Plus I live right now in an orphanage and i didnt have a family or someone to see me, coz it was 11:00PM and at that time we all had to go sleep.
—Guest Georgia

Scared of Automatic Toilets

I'm a girl. When I was in kindergarten we were on a field trip and my teacher's assistant asked if anyone needed to go potty. I really needed to go! As I locked the stall I turned around and noticed that the toilet flushed automatically. Idk what it was, but something about those toilets scared the crap outta me. So anyways, I refused to use the bathroom after that, and just pretended that I went. About an hour and a half later I REALLY needed to go so I asked and she said no you already went. So I just stood there watching people play with water and I noticed that the ground was all wet and stuff, so I figured, hey why not and i pissed myself in the puddle and about half an hour later the teacher asked if I still needed to go. I was scared to tell her I peed myself so I said no Ms. Watt took me. Then just before we left we were sitting against a wall and some girl said " you smell weird!" And when I got home I told my mom what had happened and she made me wear diapers for 2 years!
—Guest Thug

Kindergarten piss

I was about 5 years old when did this, so in kindergarten I really needed to pee, but I was too shy to raise my hand .most of the days I could hold it , but that day I couldn't . it was art time and there was 10 minutes left of class so I thought I would just wait till the end of class, but I underestimated how much I had to pee. 5 mins till class was over , the warm yellow pee just came gushing out. I felt relief, but then shock. most embarrassing part was when my teacher told my dad. luckily nobody noticed somehow. I am now 8 years old, and I am a girl.
—Guest Couldn't hold it

It happens when i was little..

this happens when i was four, i went to a house condom in a beach club , with him , his mother and his nanny, it was far from my house, we used to play a lot in the beach so his nanny change our clothes ,His mother asks if we wanted to go but i dont say anything ,only my friend goes i was already toilet trained, but the problem was because i used to be shy to ask to go potty , and i remember that all the day i have eaten snacks, cookies and sweets like chocolate and caramels and then waiting for her mother to picked us with his car , we were in the playground, and then my stomach begin hurting i began feeling so nervous then i thing it was a fart and then i tried to fart fart but it was liquid and also pee , none of them noticed me but i was still nervous and embarrassed during the highway in the car , when i arrive home my father noticed my "accident" and then he cleaned me , it was the first accident with a friend.
—Guest Matt

Pregnancy Diarrhea

So I'm pregnant and I live with my boyfriend and his family.I had eaten a lot of spicy food with fruit earlier in the morning and I did feel I had to poop but I could always hold it till the morning.And i could have if I would have eaten more spicy food later that night. Again I had a plate of fruit so I ate it and all if sudden my stomach started to hurt and feel queasy I felt the intense urge to poop so I decided to eat some ceramic maybe that would slow it down and then I could wait until everyone was as sleep.But that made it worse and I ft an even stronger urge so I stood up and felt the intense urge to fart I walked out the room and sadly my sister in law was still up but her door was halfway closed so I darted to the restroom when my I began to fart very loud in the Hallway I was so embarrassed. i barely made it to the toilet I had explosive diarrhea it was everywhere and it was gross.I have never been so embarrassed in my life!!!
—Guest Kat

My Nights In Pull-ups

I'm a bed wetter so I have to wear pull-ups. I like the feeling of them and that I don't have to get up to pee. I have never pooped in my pull-ups before though. One night I stayed up late to watch a movie. During the movie I really had to poop. I dicided to go in my pull-ups so I did. I felt a warm liquid as I pooped and thought I peed so after I just fell asleep. When I woke up it smelt horrible in the room and I wondered what it was. There was a huge brown spot on my bed and it turns out I had diarreah.
—Guest Anna

Jogging went bad

I was jogging then I had an urge to pee and poop so I quickly jogged home. Luckily I lived alone because the urge got stronger so I decided to mess my pants because I knew I wouldn't make it to the bathroom anyways
—Guest its a secret

IBS is ruining my life

I've had stomach broblems for 4 years now and nothing we have done has helped. The doctor finally diagnosed me with Ibs, but that didn't seem to HELP me. Anyways, this morning I was in the bathroom for 2 hours with really bad bowel movements that were messy and annoying ( this happens almost every morning). I ended up having a sandwhich for lunch at 1:30. I felt ok after, only pooping pellets an hour later. My stomach started feeling nauseous and gargling. When I tried to go, only mucus came out. I decided to ignore it and later that night, I decided to go on a few errands. As soon as I got to the parking lot I felt a hot sensation in my stomach and I knew I was in trouble. There was no way for me to stop it, I soiled my pants and was forced to drive home right away in my own feces. Worst experience of my life.
—Guest Amelia

could not hold it!!

it was at school when I had to go pee and I shot my hand to ask, she said no. soon pee was dribbling down my leg. it was sooo embarrassing!!!!
—Guest longa

incontinent in public

Well as the user name says I have Aspergers Syndrome and Learning Difficulties I also have Epilepsy. I have always been in diapers as I never really understood the potty. So one time after making a rather big poo poo in my already wet diaper I had a seizure at the special needs daycare that I used to go to back when I was 14 I stopped going there when I was 16 and mummy sent me to a different daycare after school which I still go to anyway during the seizure my trousers had come of and I had some how managed to rip my poopy diaper so that everyone could see my messy bum there were about 20 people in each room so it was a lot of people that saw the nurse cleaned me up after the seizure and put a clean diaper on me
—Guest aspergers

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Bathroom Accident Stories

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