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Readers Respond: Bathroom Accident Stories

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Updated October 01, 2012

Vomit story

I'm 24 and this happened one year ago. I was sitting on the couch in my apartment, watching tv, when I began to get that feeling that I might have eaten something that didn't quite agree with me. I ignored it, not wanting to get up from my spot on the couch. It began to get worse. Half an hour later, I began to feel nausea. I knew I should do something about it, but, being lazy me, I continued to stay on the couch. Bad idea. I walked into the kitchen, thinking food might make me feel better. I ate a tuna sandwich, a pear, a can of pea soup, two doughnuts, and two cups of coffee. BAD idea. Then, thinking I might be tired, I went into my room and lay down on the bed. I couldn't sleep at all. I grabbed two more cans of pea soup, thinking that I might get hungry later on, and went into the living room. I dozed off for about an hour, than woke up and ran to the bathroom. I vomited up 4 cans of pea soup and everything else I ate and was stuck with the flu for the next 3 weeks.


Okay. I 20 years old and my friend is a cop. One day me and her got a little drunk. She tazed me and I had really bad diarrhea.
—Guest Rabbit

Shart on a date.

so i was on a date with the hottest guy in the class when i realized i had to poo. so i held it in when i realised i had to fart and pee. so i couldn't hold it and i thought a small fart would relieve me. i farted and poo came SQUIRTING out. It was horrible!!! he took me into the toilet and took off my pants and he saw my downstairs! how embarrassing!
—Guest Sharty!


I am 14.... one time when I was 8.. It was about 5 am and I REALLY REALLY had to pee but I did not want to wake anyone up with my footsteps .. I went into my sister's room... and I peed on her floor.. so my mom took me to the bathroom to clean me up.
—Guest Ms Mar

sick at school

Once in third grade a mom brought in lunch to class with pizza & a frosty orange drink. I didn't realize the drink had milk til I got a BIG tummyache cuz Im lactose intolerant. I looked at the girl next to me in a panic and ask her did the drink have milk. Yea why. Milk hurts my belly I told her. Do you have a bellyache now she ask. I nodded, grabbing my belly and leaning forward. Your stomach looks all swollen, she said. Oooh it hurts bad, I moaned. Do you want me to get the teacher. I nodded again, afraid if I opened my mouth I would start crying. I felt soooo sick. While the girl went up to get the teacher, I sat rocking back and forth. My classmates were beginning to stare. Before the teacher could get to me, I projectile puked. She got a classmate to help me to the nurse. On the way I was seized with a bad cramp & felt something warm run down my leg. The smell carried & the person helping me was grossed out. It was the most embarrassing day in my life :(
—Guest robert

So much poop

My family was going on a trip to Texas and we were sitting in the gate at the airport and I had been suffering from 3 weeks constipation (which no one knew about) and I had to go to the bathroom and my stomach hurt really bad so I ran into the bathroom and right as I stepped into the stall I suddenly felt total relief and then I suddenly realized what was happening so I started yanking off my jeans but the buckle was stuck and suddenly 3 weeks worth of diarrhea came pouring out and started filling my pants and right as I got them unbuckled my mom started banging on the door shouting "hurry up we are about to board the plane!!!" and I shoved my pants back on with all of the poop spilling out and the diarrhea kept coming and i was stuck with it for the rest of the 2 week long trip and long after we got back home and 1 week after we got back I got stomach flu and threw up constantly. (worst month ever)
—Guest Me!!!!!

age 5

i was 5 years old and in a different class for a lesson. i needed to go to the loo badly but i wasnt allowed, after that i just couldn't hold it and i pooped my self :(
—Guest kittycatpeel

So much poop

Ok do I just started dating this really cute guy and so we were going on a trip to France together and we were walking around in the mall and I had to go #2 really bad but I can't speak French so I couldn't figure out which bathroom was girls so I just ran into one of them and as I walked in I realized I t was the boys room and I was so embarrassed that I pooped my pants and diarrhea started running down my legs and I was covered in it and it wouldn't stop coming out and I was so terrified I puked.
—Guest Me


I was on an airplane by myself flying to Minnesota and I was sitting next to two really cute guys and then my stomach started hurting and I could feel the diarrhea coming and then I threw up twice on one of the guys legs and then I got diarrhea and the bathroom was occupied and I had to stand in line for 30 min. while pooping all over myself and then I finally got in the bathroom and they were out of toilet paper and I had diarrhea for the rest of the trip.
—Guest Me

Couldn't Stand Up!!

So I was in class, and my teacher told everyone to stand up. Not a problem right? I was trying to hold in my pee and I had to go so bad that I couldn't walk to the bathroom. So like an idiot, I sat there, pretending to tie my shoe, thinking it would work. Suddenly the teacher stops talking. I don't pay much attention and keep fiddling with my shoe. Then she calls my name and I freeze. Everyone's eyes are on my, and I slowly stand up. I'm trying my best to not pee in my pants, so my butt is sticking out. To make it even worse, my crush is staring at me like I'm an idiot...well guess I won't be talking to him again :(
—Guest Julie

Drunken antics

I don't usually get drunk but last weekend I decided to get drunk. I had way too much vodka at my boyfriends best friends house, I was the only girl. I needed to go to the toilet and when I stood up all the drink hit me and I couldn't walk. So my BOYFRIEND took me to the toilet where I ended up being sick for 4 hours. I couldn't physically control my body, I ended up having a number 2 on the toilet and it do happened I had diarrhea. I ended up getting it on the toilet roll but not realizing. When I woke up everyone was gone and I continued to be sick. I got a taxi home to find out my boyfriend was annoyed at me. I told him to tell me what happened and he did. Apparently his best friend's little sister who is my age (15) had to clean up the bathroom in the morning, I feel so embarrassed. Idk what to do.
—Guest Shy

What a mistake to make

A little while ago I had a most embarrassing problem: I had suffered two weeks' constipation. I had pain and discomfort and hardly knew what I might do. So I decided to take some laxative medicine and got my brother to go to a local chemist. Unfortunately he had a rather unpleasant sense of humour and decided (with the help of a computer) to change the directions on the box. He changed the directions from 'take one a day' to 'take ten a day'. I duly took ten of these tablets and the next morning did the same again. Less than an hour later (when running for a bus) there was an horrendous explosion from below and I found two weeks' diarrhoea running down the gutter. Everyone in the street was looking. I almost imploded.
—Guest Nemo


I am on a school camping trip, we ate lunch, dinner and went to bed.I woke up in the middle of the night and went down the hill, i really really had to pee! the bathroom was very far away! i couldn't run. And then bam! i peed!i was so sad i walked back to the tent and changed my clothes and went to bed. !
—Guest kelly

pee at horse show

i was preparing fos an important horse show and then i got the urge to pee. i put on a few pounds during the holidays and had to lie down to put my skintight jeans on (they are really tight) but i made it to the bathroom, thought phew, but i couldnt get my jeans off and wet my self and still had to present a horse show in front of 1000 people.
—Guest me

I thought i was there

Im a 16 yr old As i sat in class i was starting to feel a little weird. I thought to myself well maybe it isnt diarrhea. Well in response to that it was. I tryed to hold it in until class ended But i just couldnt so i walked out and called my father who then took about 5 min to get there. While all this was happening i had the urge to use the bathroom So bad. I got home in 10 min still holding it. I say to my dad i forgot my keys but my mom should be in there. I go and knock and call her many times and im here waiting until BLAM. It just happens. I thought i was gonna make it but my mother was not there and no toilets were nearby. :(
—Guest Shy

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