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Readers Respond: Bathroom Accident Stories

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Updated October 01, 2012


So im having bad diarrhea... it is really bad. My friend asking to a pool party but i was so embarrassed to tell her so i went with her. I found a toilet at my friends house. I really have to go. And i poop like so long, making a line for the toilet. I ve been in there for like 3 hours. That when im done , im so embarrassed to come out. But i ended up. Leaving the toilet. But my stomach start to rumble again. I have to go. But the line was so long. Then i pooped my bikini.
—Guest Shna

School Pooper

This happened to me when I was about 9 or 10 years old. I was at school at the time and really needed to use the toilet. For the reference, I really dislike using public toilets, ever since I was a little kid. And normally I can hold it in till I get home, but that particular day I couldn't. Anywho, I asked the teacher if I could use the toilet and she said yes. So I went to the bathroom and because I find all public toilets disgusting, I didn't sit on it or put paper on the toilet seat but I hovered above it. That was a wrong thing to do cause everything splattered out of me and [unfortunately] all around the toilet seat and on the floor. I had diarrhea and was so embarrassed about it. I tried to clean it up but I was disgusted by it. I even thought of just running home but was scared that someone might see it and then everyone would know it was me. But lucky for me the janitor was an understanding lady and never told anyone about it.
—Guest School Pooper


Me and my sister were planing barbies (5 years ago) and I really had to poop but i didn't want to leave, so I stayed and after a while it was gone. Then I stood up and a turd came out of my pants.
—Guest Jane

school poop :(

So first day of school 9th grade I was fine till I got to school after like 30 mins there my stomach starts hurting soo bad I'm like just stay cool you can hold it like you always do.. but I was wrong it started coming out some in my panties so I ran to the bathroom not even asking if I could go to the bathroom I just ran out! And soon as I got to the bathroom into a stall I pooped the biggest poo ever it was bigger then my arm! Like ew! And of course it wouldn't flush and my friend comes in right about then and sees.. I was soo embarrassed I still am and that was last year..
—Guest katie

Bed wetting

I'm 11 years old, I'm a natural bed wetter, I have a weak bladder, sometimes I wet the bed that's why I have to wear the dumb goodnities pull-ups, so embarrassing I hate them to death. well one of my best friends was having a sleep over. I was invited to the sleepover at my best friends house. of course we tell each other everything i told her I was a bed wetter and she said your secrets safe with me I promise. we had a little party and some of our other friends came over so when it was time to go to bed I was the first one to sleep and most of the girls stayed up all night, pulled a all nighter and I was sleeping. I had a goodnitie on. I leaked through it well coming this morning I was soaked in pee it was embarrassing so I told the other girls what happened they asked why do you wear pull-ups so I told them.
—Guest Kessa

What friends are for.

I was on the road with a good friend and had packed sandwiches and coffee for the journey. After my first sandwich and some coffee I got cramps. Ofcourse I kept quiet about it at first, but I soon enough realized that I would pass a bowel movement long before we'd pass a gas station. Desperately I told my friend that I needed to go to the bathroom. She laughed at first, joking that I should have peed during the last stop, until I told her I had to do 'the other one'. She turned off the highway and found us a smallish private road. Even before she could properly park I bolted out of the car, lifted my dress, removed my underwear and went. I didn't care anymore if she or anyone saw me go at that moment! I think she never laughed that much in her entire life! Fortunately, she was kind enough to help me clean myself, bringing me some window-wipes that she kept in the car. We left quickly before the landowner would show up. Only true friends help you out during such 'desperate' times!
—Guest Sara, 26 female.

I just couldn't hold it in!!!!!

Im a 30yr old woman and I had just finished eating a burger. Not even 10min later did I have to go poo, my stomach was hurting I think I have ibs was never really diagnosed with it. My husband and just gotten into the bathroom and I had to go so bad so I knocked and told him I had to go real bad, I think he was going himself as well. I was pacing and pacing maybe it would stop it didn't! I didn't want to poop myself thought that would be a hell of a clean up so I took the small garbage pail we have at home and I pulled my pants down and pooped in it! What a relief but its still sort of embarrassing! I'm kinda glad I was at home and not outside!
—Guest Anonymous

poopy dayz

i was in 3rd grade and i had to poop i asked at math i heard a no after i asked again i had to do a test after she let me go and when i got there my pants had a tiny bit of poo but i pooped the rest in the toilet.
—Guest alexia

Ruined expensive white running pants

I have IBS-D + FI. I am also 23yo mixed white and Japanese man. I recently bought expensive white running pants. BAD mistake! This just before realising I also have little bit of FI (Faecal incontinence) as well! I had MASSIVE enbarrassing embarrassment at friend house who is pro-photographer. (Too bad no means to share this photo here). But running pants were ruined! HUGE brown chocolate looking stain all over bum area and spilled down legs. My friend got professional picture of me with this accident with him going out of his way for proper lighting, backdrop, etc. I was concerned he was to make this public. I pleaded with him not to, and he agreed to only give me one private print instead. I just bought these pants now just to toss them out! (They were just too stained and not salvegable). My advice here, if you have IBS (or other bowel compromising situations) -- PLEASE don't buy white clothing -- no matter how much appealing such may be!

Too late!

I was in the third grade and really had to pee but my teacher only let us go to the bathroom if we had a ticket. I was searching for a ticket when suddenly it was an emergency. I got up and was about to run to the bathroom when suddenly I felt something wet trickle down my leg. So embarrassing!!!!!!!!
—Guest Ha gay

Awwww man

One day I was walking home from the bus stop and about half way to my house all of a sudden I had a super duper urge to pee so I kinda started to jog then run, when I got up to my I couldn't find my keys then when I did I could feel something wet start to drop down my leg a little bit so when I got inside I ran to the bathroom but I forgot to pull down my pants down so afterwords I felt so sad that that happened.
—Guest ME

pooped my pants

One day my stomach really hurt so I toke pepto. But when I went to sleep I farted and pooped myself. I changed and cleaned up and now I have to tell my grandma in the morning. I'm 12 and I'm a girl.
—Guest nottelling you

Hot tennis chicks dont date pooers

A girl called louise used to play team tennis practice with us guys on Mondays and I asked her one day if she'd like a singles game. She said yes! On the day I could feel diarrhea developing which was a very bad day to get it. In the middle of the third game the pain was so bad, I couldn't hold it in any more and had to make a pretty bad excuse to go to the bathroom. I was in there for way too long, she was outside waiting with the whole club wondering why she's sitting on the court on her own. I eventually got back out with a bright red face and didn't get much in the court. Haven't seen her since.
—Guest Andrew

In front of the servants

I grew up in Rhodesia. I was 15 and had to cycle 5 miles to get home from school. I could feel I needed to go at the start of the ride, I made it all the way to our driveway entrance, and that was it, I could hold it no more and unleashed my load into my school shorts..all down the legs the lot, the liquid type. No-one was around so I thought I'd got away with it. A couple of months later when I was teasing the gardener's wife and daughter they mentioned what they had seen that day. Totally busted! How embarrassing!!
—Guest Andrew

I laughed too much

So me and my bbf were trying to make up a new cup song and we kept messing it up so we were laughing about it. After about the 19th try I laughed so hard I peed all over my panties and my jeans.
—Guest Too embarrassing

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Bathroom Accident Stories

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