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Readers Respond: Bathroom Accident Stories

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Updated October 01, 2012


So I was making some pancake mix and I shat myself,mbut it stayed in my pants; I stopped mixing and went to go and change but my mom walked in and shouted at me for accidentally pooping and said I had to change and take my pants out to the bin down the road, at 22:00 (10 o clock) and I refused because I'm scared of the dark so she told me I'm grounded for a month.
—Guest Super pooper

In the sea... :s

well, on vacation i was swimming in the sea in Hawaii and i could feel something warm being squished out my ass (bearing in mind my teeny thong like bikini was white) i tried to keep calm cos i knew all too well what was happening. Suddenly my boyfriend picked me up from behind by my waist, causing me to fart. this was no ordinary fart though, as the gas passed through my anal my bikini snapped and fell to the sea bed, leaving my naked poo covered butt out in the open. it started to form in a pool around me and people started looking, my boyfriend started gagging from the smell and i realized. i had just shit myself so hard my bikini broke. i wanted to keep some dignity so as i walked towards the restrooms i kept my head held high and tried to ignore the fact that my shit covered bottom half was still naked. i didn't make eye contact with anyone and i have never returned to that beach since- just in case they caught it on cctv. i am also single after my 'shit in the sea' incident. :(
—Guest Fanny

Explosive diarrhea

Im 12 and yesterday 4th lesson i had diarrhea. Ive never pooped at school and hate asking for the loo. I sit next to my boyfriend, which was soooo embarrassing. I got pains again, so i eventually put up my hand to go poo. The teacher said no so i decided to go up to her after and try again saying it was urgent. I said this quietly but she shouted out to the whole class about why i should have a toilet pass if it is urgent. When i sat back in my seat i knew i couldn't hold it in and i now felt like i was gonna puke. I was bout to run out of the room, when runny diarrhea exploded out of my pants and filled the room (and my boyfriend). My teacher took me outside by just pooped some more all over her! She sent me to the nurse but by now poop was flowing right through me non stop. I ended up puking at the sight of it.
—Guest ME...

Liquid poo

Soo one day I was at work and had to go really bad and I had like 30 minutes left of work until I could go home and so I just tried to hold it but I couldn't so I and their was no bathroom were I work so I just ran out the door but before I got to the door liquid runny poo just exploded out in to my white pants. I never seen so much poo come out of my butt before and it was like water but brown, it was horrible and I just got into my car and drove home as the crap still comes. out my butt gallons and gallons of runny pooo
—Guest Girl

Israeli Taxi Cab

omg so my brother and i were in israel on a family vacation and we got a cab to get to the airport and it was going pretty well until like there was this huge traffic jam. the driver of the taxi started like moving around a lot and he was opening his window and talking to other cab drivers around him in hebrew (we dont speak hebrew) and my brother and i thought he was trying to get rid of us, so my brother asked him what was wrong and he goes "bathroom" so my brother says that he can stop and use the bathroom once traffic gets going. so like maybe 20 or 30 minutes passes and he keeps squirming and then finally he just like stops and trafffic starts again. we pass a bathroom and my brothers like "we can stop here" and the guy turns around and goes "problem solved" and then a few minutes passed and the car started to smell like poop and i mean SMELLY POOP. it was horrible and we had to spend like another 45 minutes in the cab to the airport so yeah thats my story
—Guest Kylie Kool Kat

Exposing too much

I am 12 years old and I think the worst thing happened to me today. I was about to go in the shower but realized I didn't have a towel. So I ran down stairs thinking nobody was home with just my towel on. Unfortunately my brother and dad were down stairs. I also had to pee badly. Since I have a dog I have to go over a gate to get to the towels. As I was climbing over my whole va-j-j was exposed. Once I realized everyone was downstairs I freaked and peed myself. IN FRONT OF MALES!!! They screamed at me and I ran upstairs crying.worst day of my life
—Guest Kate

What's that on my dress

So on our second week of year seven we were in humanities and I was sitting next to this girl and she really looked like she needed to go. So I asked her and she said no. I asked if I could go to the toilet and I asked her to come with me and as we stood up I noticed that her chair was wet and had a massive brown lump in the middle. When she started to walk the back of her school dress started to turn red and brown. She was having her period and doing a poo at the same time. Her dress got ruined and she had to buy a new one only 2 weeks into year seven she also had to clean up the entire mess.
—Guest Guest bunny


I was in the library after lunch, and I felt my poop comming! I told a little white lie and said I wasen't feeling good, So I walked home and it really wanted to come out! I walked alittle faster then, SPLAT! It came out. I was so embarrissed. I still had 4 blocks to go. :'(
—Guest Ashley

Peeing on the way home

ok so one time i was walking home from the bus stop i had to pee so fricken bad but when i unlocked the door i realized my boots were all muddy from outside and i had to pee so bad that if i bent down to take off my boots i would for sure pee my pants and i couldn't track mud all over the house no one was home either so i ended up peeing all over myself in the foyer
—Guest Pimp

Pooping in my pants

one time i was in class and i decided i had to let one rip so i did. when i did i finished and felt a glop or crap in my pants and decided to ignore it so at lunch there was shit running down my leg. OMG!
—Guest Kiania

A little advice for all of you

I thought i'd write on this. I am paranoid about having an accident, never have but i've peed myself once when i was 7. The key is if you are going on a trip, eat little before, don't sit and eat curries/fruit or veg, nuts, raisins, oats as they WILL make you go. Try drinking caffeine in the morning and go to the loo in the morning. If you feel the urge, go, don't wait around. If need be carry wipes and a pack of tissues just in case. I am paranoid about it, i hate going on trips, using buses etc but i just deal with it. I'm worse, i get nervous and this makes me need. For people with ibs, stop eating wheat, dairy and oats, cut down on fruit and veg too and you'll notice the difference. Eat a bland diet of chicken, eggs, rice etc. If people think they may have diarrhea, carry anti diarrhea tablets on long journeys as they work fast and if a teacher says you can't use the loo, get your parents to give them a letter excusing you or go up to them and ask them quietly if you can go, say its urgent.
—Guest Anon

after shopping

After I had finished going shoppong with my mommy I felt like I had to go to the toilet but to not annoy my mommy I tried to hold it in but when I found out I was going to my, 11 year old diaper wearing, cousins house I knew I was going to miss the toilet. When I almost got there my bladder released ruining my pants then as soon as we arrived I pooped my pants. I ran to my cousins bathroom grabbed one of his diapers and hid my pants. But later before bed I was wearing pants again I wet myself because I was lost in my cousins house and needed the toilet.
—Guest yrrdde

Lovely trip to Jamaica

Ok do one day when I was on vacation with my family (we went on a cruise) one of the stops was at Jamaica. We were on a tour and it was on a bus. I started having the feeling to pee , but I ignored it because I thought I could just hold it. It started getting worse, I have to pee & poo! It started going really bad an I was about to let it out! My dad asked the bus driver to stop the bus so I could use the bathroom! It was so embarrassing. So then I had to knock on someone's door and ask them to use the bathroom. I pretty much ran and I made it! But I didn't even know where the flush was so I just left the pee&poo sitting there!! I got back on the bus and my dad contiued on but I was mortified!!! I will never forget that day:)
—Guest Guest Babygirl

Special Ed

I was in Special Ed back in 1975 in the 4th grade. I was potty trained but one day I pooped me pants on accident. Mrs Jones took me to where the Special Ed kids who still needed diapering, diaper station took off my messy pants and put a youth diaper on me then called my house to have my mom send some new pants. My mom wasn't home so I spent the day in that diaper. I thank God I was in Special Ed and none of the other kids there made fun of me.
—Guest Jimmy K

The Lake

Okay so last summer me and my "friends" where going on this hike around this huge river. We got about an hour and half into the hike when i had to go SOO badly. It was ridiculous. So me and my friends found this waterfall and at the bottom there were rocks and a platform. The platform was slanted so there was water right there. I was really embarrassed about the fact that i might of had to poop in a river.. So it got to the point were i couldn't hold it anymore. I told them to turn around but as rude as they can be they kept turning around. i had to go so badly i didn't even care. so after i got done doing my stuff i realized i didn't have toilet paper. that day couldn't get any worse i thought but no! it did! i continued to stink and i was disgusted in myself! i could not wait to get home and take a shower. LOL but now im scared there gonna tell everyone because they kinda hate me now. :P oh well. you gotta go, you gotta go.

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Bathroom Accident Stories

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