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Readers Respond: Bathroom Accident Stories

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Updated October 01, 2012

oh crap is on its way

ok so im 19 now and this happened when i was 11. i was in school.and i had 30 more min. before school was out. i had to poop really bad . but my teacher didn't let me. she didn't want me to miss geometry. so all of the sudden i crapped myself and worst of all it went down my leg and flopped out!
—Guest jessie

Best buy

I was shopping at Best Buy, wearing shorts and going commando. A stupid idea, I know. I felt the urge to have diarrhea, and let out a tiny bit of gas. I noticed that my exposed leg was soiled! I pretended to search the bottom shelf of a vacant aisle, and wiped my leg with my bare hand, then rubbing it on the store's carpet. Worst of all, I was shopping with a male who didn't know what happened. We drove home, then I ran inside, hoping my accident wasn't that noticeable.
—Guest Annie


I have had numerous "incidents" of not making it to the bathroom. Everywhere I go, I have to make sure I know where the bathroom is..EVERYWHERE. Once I was with my "fellow" looking at retirement homes and realized....Oh NO..I have GOT TO GO!! I practically took off running and hit the model that had working restrooms. Unfortunately, I didn't quite "make it" and had to discard my underwear. Once I was shopping with a friend and the same thing happened....she had to go buy me a new pair of jeans!! My doctor just shrugs !!
—Guest dutchee

period at school

One day at schol i was on my period and we had specials (Art,Music,GYM) so i put on a thin pad,and i was wearing white pants (uniform),so we were at music,and we had to sit criss~cross so i sat like that and i saw myself and i had blood all over me, my friend sitting next to me asked me because she knew, i told her it was spaghetti, she said ok,we where watching a movie!!!!!!!!! =*(
—Guest Peace

minnesota zoo

when i went on a field trip when i went to coon rapids middle school i went to dairy queen brazier i ate there and had a burger fries and diet cola i had a major stomach ache and diarrhea the nurse checked me over i went home
—Guest tasha

Simon Streaming

I had bought a chicken wrap at the big "C" wholesale club. 30 minutes later I was streaming poo like a sieve just 5 blocks from the store. Thank god for bathrooms at gas stations even if never cleaned!
—Guest Simon

The Big Lump

I was in my first year at scholl and we were playing in the classroom in our free time when it just came out into my pants whilst I was stood up. I was all pale and the girl opposite me asked if I needed the toilet and I said no. I suppose she'd realised what had happened. It was just hanging and dangling in my pants. I tried to find somewhere to sit down and squish it everywhere because I was worried it would fall out of my pants onto the floor but there wasn't anywhere to sit. I suppose people noticed the big lump on my butt. The teacher soon took me out to the toilets and I was given new pants and jeans and when I came back I suppose EVERYONE knew what happened.
—Guest annonymus

Long Time Ago..

Over 2 decades ago my then-boyfriend and I took a loong road trip one summer from Florida to Oregon.. we got there and one night while we were driving I had horrible cramps! I knew it was diarrhea but it was a real rural area and there were no places to stop! Finally I HAD to go and told him to STOP THE CAR! I jumped out (crying by then) and "went" behind a bush. I looked up and there was a ~ church ~ right there.. sheesh I felt badly .. and thank goodness no one was there.. but I had to go so bad.. so there I was squatting for like 20 minutes pooping out in the open.. cramps so strong I cried during the whole thing.. sure felt better afterwards.. I hope no one ever found it...
—Guest MOMMY


I was at school really badly had to do a crap. But the cubicles had been all filled i waited and waited. I got into one let it all out. Went to flush the toilet and it wouldn't flush. And you look down and all you can see is shit sitting in the toliet with the an odor. Yep great! Was so embarrassed.
—Guest mia

Stomach bug

I never had a bad accident. I remember I got a 24 hour stomach bug. I felt sick in the stomach all day and,even threw up in the middle of the night. I woke up the next day still not feeling good but I was gonna try and go to school anyway. I was sitting down when I got the urge to fart. I let it out and I knew that it was more than that. I rushed to the bathroom and sure enough my underwear had a small brown liquid stain. I stayed home from school and was in and out of the bathroom all day with diarrhea.
—Guest A

Accidents IBS

I have always woken up wet:( I am in my mid-20s. My mom forced me into diapers when I was in my teen years but I'd only had 4 pooping accidents when she did!!! I am kinda still furious. Being a cheerleader in diapers doesn't really work. ANYHOW... as an 'adult' (dont feel like it but i am) I think I've been messing my pants/goodnights (I only wear at night) - because I'm in law school and am insecure. I wet my pants IN GRAD(LAW) SCHOOL like 10 days ago. At least It wasn't a poop accident... still. I HATE myself for doing this. I DONT WANT TO WEAR DIAPERS ALL DAY. I do have IBS and have messed my pants/diaper but not for the last 3 weeks. SOOOOO EMBARASSED
—Guest LaceyAM

Airplane Problems

So, at an airport a year or so back, I had gotten past security and had sat down in the seats of the terminal. After fifteen or so minutes I could feel my stomach cramping and I fled to the bathroom, practically waddling. The second I got in there, I let out a little bit of a Number Two into my panties. I went into a stall (and lucky for me no other women needed the restroom at that time) I pulled my pants down and went. But as I was getting ready to pull them back up I noticed they were. . .a bit ruined. They were nice white cotton with a rather large stain, I knew I couldn't wear them anymore, so I took them off and kept just my jeans on. I went and got paper towels and wrapped them up and disposed of them in the trash and grabbed one of those Seventy Five Cent Airport diapers that you can buy in the restroom. Luckily I'm small and I just fit in it. Unluckily they poofed out quite a bit. But I'm glad I got them, later on my six hour flight the bathroom was occupied and I wet myself!
—Guest Shelby


I think this happened when i was 7, but anyway, we were at walmart my mom told me to get some charmin (toilet paper) and my big sis to get some miss butterworth's (syrup). As i was walking down the aisle, i dropped a pack of charmin, and i squatted to get it and a rush of diarrhea came out. SHIT!
—Guest jb htr

White to brown

I wear tighty whities and one day I had to go to the bathroom at a very fancy restaurant and I was so scared because the toilet seats were so small so I decided to wait and go to the McDonald's across the street and I ended up having diarrhea all in my tighty whities and It felt so good to let it out but not in my pants and then I got home without anybody knowing you would have thought I was wearing tighty brownies if you saw my underwear you would know how bad it was and it stunk so bad!
—Guest Gaga fan #1

Couldn't hold it

I was 14 at the time. My family went on a summer vacation to some cottage upstate. While siting in the back seat with my older sister, I felt the need to poop. I asked my mom when we are going to get there. She immediately ask me why do you have to go to the bathroom. I quietly answered, yes! She got angry cuz she asked me and my sis before we left to use the bathroom, and I of course said that I don't need to go. I told my mom that I couldn't hold any more. After 20 minutes we came to a stop at a local gas station. I ran out of the car as soon as my father stopped. Ran into the station, and rushed to the bathroom barely holding my bowels together. Just my luck the door was closed. At that time I just couldn't hold it anymore, so I had no choice and let go in my pants as I was standing there. After a few minutes my mother came in she saw me standing near the bathroom with tears in my eyes. She right away knew that I pooped myself. After the bathrrom door opened my mother came in with me.
—Guest Deberah Lynn

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Bathroom Accident Stories

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