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Readers Respond: Bathroom Accident Stories

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Updated October 01, 2012

A little advice for all of you

I thought i'd write on this. I am paranoid about having an accident, never have but i've peed myself once when i was 7. The key is if you are going on a trip, eat little before, don't sit and eat curries/fruit or veg, nuts, raisins, oats as they WILL make you go. Try drinking caffeine in the morning and go to the loo in the morning. If you feel the urge, go, don't wait around. If need be carry wipes and a pack of tissues just in case. I am paranoid about it, i hate going on trips, using buses etc but i just deal with it. I'm worse, i get nervous and this makes me need. For people with ibs, stop eating wheat, dairy and oats, cut down on fruit and veg too and you'll notice the difference. Eat a bland diet of chicken, eggs, rice etc. If people think they may have diarrhea, carry anti diarrhea tablets on long journeys as they work fast and if a teacher says you can't use the loo, get your parents to give them a letter excusing you or go up to them and ask them quietly if you can go, say its urgent.
—Guest Anon

after shopping

After I had finished going shoppong with my mommy I felt like I had to go to the toilet but to not annoy my mommy I tried to hold it in but when I found out I was going to my, 11 year old diaper wearing, cousins house I knew I was going to miss the toilet. When I almost got there my bladder released ruining my pants then as soon as we arrived I pooped my pants. I ran to my cousins bathroom grabbed one of his diapers and hid my pants. But later before bed I was wearing pants again I wet myself because I was lost in my cousins house and needed the toilet.
—Guest yrrdde

Lovely trip to Jamaica

Ok do one day when I was on vacation with my family (we went on a cruise) one of the stops was at Jamaica. We were on a tour and it was on a bus. I started having the feeling to pee , but I ignored it because I thought I could just hold it. It started getting worse, I have to pee & poo! It started going really bad an I was about to let it out! My dad asked the bus driver to stop the bus so I could use the bathroom! It was so embarrassing. So then I had to knock on someone's door and ask them to use the bathroom. I pretty much ran and I made it! But I didn't even know where the flush was so I just left the pee&poo sitting there!! I got back on the bus and my dad contiued on but I was mortified!!! I will never forget that day:)
—Guest Guest Babygirl

Special Ed

I was in Special Ed back in 1975 in the 4th grade. I was potty trained but one day I pooped me pants on accident. Mrs Jones took me to where the Special Ed kids who still needed diapering, diaper station took off my messy pants and put a youth diaper on me then called my house to have my mom send some new pants. My mom wasn't home so I spent the day in that diaper. I thank God I was in Special Ed and none of the other kids there made fun of me.
—Guest Jimmy K

The Lake

Okay so last summer me and my "friends" where going on this hike around this huge river. We got about an hour and half into the hike when i had to go SOO badly. It was ridiculous. So me and my friends found this waterfall and at the bottom there were rocks and a platform. The platform was slanted so there was water right there. I was really embarrassed about the fact that i might of had to poop in a river.. So it got to the point were i couldn't hold it anymore. I told them to turn around but as rude as they can be they kept turning around. i had to go so badly i didn't even care. so after i got done doing my stuff i realized i didn't have toilet paper. that day couldn't get any worse i thought but no! it did! i continued to stink and i was disgusted in myself! i could not wait to get home and take a shower. LOL but now im scared there gonna tell everyone because they kinda hate me now. :P oh well. you gotta go, you gotta go.

oh crap is on its way

ok so im 19 now and this happened when i was 11. i was in school.and i had 30 more min. before school was out. i had to poop really bad . but my teacher didn't let me. she didn't want me to miss geometry. so all of the sudden i crapped myself and worst of all it went down my leg and flopped out!
—Guest jessie

Best buy

I was shopping at Best Buy, wearing shorts and going commando. A stupid idea, I know. I felt the urge to have diarrhea, and let out a tiny bit of gas. I noticed that my exposed leg was soiled! I pretended to search the bottom shelf of a vacant aisle, and wiped my leg with my bare hand, then rubbing it on the store's carpet. Worst of all, I was shopping with a male who didn't know what happened. We drove home, then I ran inside, hoping my accident wasn't that noticeable.
—Guest Annie


I have had numerous "incidents" of not making it to the bathroom. Everywhere I go, I have to make sure I know where the bathroom is..EVERYWHERE. Once I was with my "fellow" looking at retirement homes and realized....Oh NO..I have GOT TO GO!! I practically took off running and hit the model that had working restrooms. Unfortunately, I didn't quite "make it" and had to discard my underwear. Once I was shopping with a friend and the same thing happened....she had to go buy me a new pair of jeans!! My doctor just shrugs !!
—Guest dutchee

period at school

One day at schol i was on my period and we had specials (Art,Music,GYM) so i put on a thin pad,and i was wearing white pants (uniform),so we were at music,and we had to sit criss~cross so i sat like that and i saw myself and i had blood all over me, my friend sitting next to me asked me because she knew, i told her it was spaghetti, she said ok,we where watching a movie!!!!!!!!! =*(
—Guest Peace

minnesota zoo

when i went on a field trip when i went to coon rapids middle school i went to dairy queen brazier i ate there and had a burger fries and diet cola i had a major stomach ache and diarrhea the nurse checked me over i went home
—Guest tasha

Simon Streaming

I had bought a chicken wrap at the big "C" wholesale club. 30 minutes later I was streaming poo like a sieve just 5 blocks from the store. Thank god for bathrooms at gas stations even if never cleaned!
—Guest Simon

The Big Lump

I was in my first year at scholl and we were playing in the classroom in our free time when it just came out into my pants whilst I was stood up. I was all pale and the girl opposite me asked if I needed the toilet and I said no. I suppose she'd realised what had happened. It was just hanging and dangling in my pants. I tried to find somewhere to sit down and squish it everywhere because I was worried it would fall out of my pants onto the floor but there wasn't anywhere to sit. I suppose people noticed the big lump on my butt. The teacher soon took me out to the toilets and I was given new pants and jeans and when I came back I suppose EVERYONE knew what happened.
—Guest annonymus

Long Time Ago..

Over 2 decades ago my then-boyfriend and I took a loong road trip one summer from Florida to Oregon.. we got there and one night while we were driving I had horrible cramps! I knew it was diarrhea but it was a real rural area and there were no places to stop! Finally I HAD to go and told him to STOP THE CAR! I jumped out (crying by then) and "went" behind a bush. I looked up and there was a ~ church ~ right there.. sheesh I felt badly .. and thank goodness no one was there.. but I had to go so bad.. so there I was squatting for like 20 minutes pooping out in the open.. cramps so strong I cried during the whole thing.. sure felt better afterwards.. I hope no one ever found it...
—Guest MOMMY


I was at school really badly had to do a crap. But the cubicles had been all filled i waited and waited. I got into one let it all out. Went to flush the toilet and it wouldn't flush. And you look down and all you can see is shit sitting in the toliet with the an odor. Yep great! Was so embarrassed.
—Guest mia

Stomach bug

I never had a bad accident. I remember I got a 24 hour stomach bug. I felt sick in the stomach all day and,even threw up in the middle of the night. I woke up the next day still not feeling good but I was gonna try and go to school anyway. I was sitting down when I got the urge to fart. I let it out and I knew that it was more than that. I rushed to the bathroom and sure enough my underwear had a small brown liquid stain. I stayed home from school and was in and out of the bathroom all day with diarrhea.
—Guest A

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