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Readers Respond: Bathroom Accident Stories

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Updated October 01, 2012

Learning for life.

it was just before dinner and me and some of my class mates was messing around and i told them i could chat up the fittest lass in are class. so i walked over and on the way over to this lass which was in fact my teacher:/ my friends thought it would be funny to trip me up and when i fell over i let go of this fart that had been brewing all day. everyone heard and started to giggle but i knew it wasn't just a fart. i could feel the warmth of the shit on my pants, i thought if i play it cool no one will know and there was only 10 minutes left so i got up and carried out my bet but after a few minutes the stench of sprouts filled the air. everyone knew what it was and i just thought i needed to go so i made an excuse and went to walk out. i turned my back to everyone and they all burst out with laughter. i turned round and asked what's up. they told me to look at my bum. i had a big brown patch from were the poo had seeped through. i was so upset and embarrassed i ran home and cried myself to sleep..
—Guest Joshua Liam mason:)


my friend maddie and i were at a haunted house we were on a double date, my boy friend and her crush. she is really scared of clowns and hates to be scared but did not turn down the offer. we went in, i could tell she needed to pee then there was a clown room at the very end, she was so scared and shy anyway and she peed herself. she ran out crying. poor her, we all ran after her. good news me and maddie got our first kiss.
—Guest katie

Ice cream youth lesson

I was 15 and on my first job selling ice cream on a pedal cart. I ate too many and by the time I got to the bathroom, I couldn't hold it until I got seated, and ended up with poo all over the floor of the bathroom, I was crying and had to clean it up. Lesson learned.
—Guest Ice_Cream_man3412

Shop Horror

I was too embarrassed to confess at first, but now I decided why not? When I was seven, me, my mum and my sister went shopping and I had needed to pee but didn't think much of it and then I peed myself in one of the stores. The shopkeepers had to clear up and everyone was staring at me! I was little though so I guess it wasn't too bad.
—Guest starry eyed

Bathroom Accident Stories

Well - this also happens in South Africa! I have been suffering with IBS for more than 8 yrs now. I pooped in my bed and on the way to the loo I had it streaming down my legs as well! My brother laughed at me and not so long after, the same happened to him! Serves him right! He even "painted" the tiles in the bathroom. Didn't clean it up properly and was called to do the cleaning again. DONT' LAUGH AT OTHERS! It may just happen to you too.
—Guest Katy

On the way from school

I was on the way to school and it's a long walk I was drinking cola and my friend says "I went to a really long FLOWING river it was so cool!" then I had the urge to pee really bad I told my friend but she just said "go at school! Or in that bush!!" I was no way going In a bush I told her I wasn't going in a bush! I would have to hold it but then there was a man with a hose pipe and that made things A LOT worse! We got to school I went to the toilet but all the cubicles were taken I had to wait but then.... My pants filled with pee! It was so embarrassing!
—Guest Holly

girlfriend accident

one day my girlfriend and i wear at the shopping center when i start needing the toilet to do a #2. so i tell my girlfriend she says ok, but she thought it was "a game" because the toilets were bisexual (both gender in same bathroom). so my girlfriend keeps grabbing my arm in the big toilet, whilst no one was there, and one time she pulled to hard and i went in my pants and it felt disgusting. my girlfriend just laughed. now i wear diapers so the next time she wants to have "some fun" i don't have to go to the toilet.
—Guest russel

Camp gone wrong

Ok so i was about 8 when this happened.I was at this summer creative camp and it was arts and crafts time I felt like I needed to fart so I just let it out not knowing I would would crap all over my underwear. Anyway so my teacher says to come sit down with them. of course I couldn't say no so I had to sit down with it all squishing everywhere. I was so embarrassed, everyone could smell something and plus I had to wait like 2 hours with crap in my pants for our bus ride home. It was absolutely terrible:(
—Guest Lyla

Worst experience ever.

Im 17 and while in my 6th period class, I felt the feeling of pooping. I asked to go to the bathroom but the bathroom was locked! So i decided to avoid walking across campus and getting in trouble and I went back to class. It was awful, I needed to go now! Although I did hold it in, I accidentally let some go. Finally the bell rang and I was in a hurry to get to the bathroom. My friend wanted to walk with me but I managed to get away. I then ran to the bathroom and let it out.
—Guest Guest

The Whopper

Once, I was going to a Chinese restaurant with my girlfriend. On the way there, I felt like I needed to shit very badly. I prayed to the lord to try to hold it. Luckily, I held it until I got to the restaurant. When we were half way to our table, suddenly a huge fart exploded from my butt. It silenced the very noisy restarant to the point everyone looked at me with wide eyes with their mouths gaped wide open. My pants popped and shit went everywhere. It also smelled like a dead skunk. I dashed out the restaurant and hopped in my car and drove off, leaving my girlfriend and my soiled pants behind. And to believe it happened yesterday...
—Guest Johnny

in my pull-ups

Hi, I'm 16 years years old. I wet my bed every other night, so therefore I wear pull-ups to prevent me from waking up wet. I have learned to like the feeling of wearing pull-ups every night. Sometimes I wet on it on purpose so my mother will think I still need them. One night, while I was laying in bed watching a movie, I felt the urge to go number 2, at first I ignored it. After a half hour trying to ignore my huge cramps, I decided to lett go in my pull-ups. After all that's what they are meant for :). So I stood up a lil, and started to push. All of the sudden I felt this strange feeling, a warm large log released itself in to my pull-up. I even placed my hands under my pJ's, I could feel the lump. I felt better after wards. I figured I will change right after the movie finished. The next morning I woke up by my mother tugging on my blanket. She asked me what's that smell? That's when I realized I must have fallen asleep while watching. I told her I just pass some gas. Never again.
—Guest Julia

doodooing everywere

their was this girl i was crushing on for a long period of time and i finally got the nerve up to ask her on a date. and she said yes so we went out to eat at a steak house, then we got seated and we just got our food and i had to crap very badly but i was too embarrassed to go, so i tried to wait then i had to fart so i tried to slip it out but when i did crap came out and would not stop and i had shorts on so she started smelling something then started gagging and i stood up to go to the restroom and i looked down and diarrhea was all in the seat and some fell out on the floor and i about slipped and fell in it. so i was tracking crap wherever i walked and everybody was staring and whispering, then i turned red. it was so embarrassing, but anyway i got in the bathroom and i looked and i had crap on the back lower part of my shirt and i just took off my overshirt and left the bathroom wearing a white undershirt and nasty shorts. so i got back to the table and she was nowhere to be found.
—Guest scott young

Soap Incident

I was in bathroom, went to wash my hands, the soap is in a bottle, i pressed it and it suddenly landed on the front of pant, it was very embarrassing for me as i am a very disciplines person. I start think'g and about the bigger pictures, I found no smart solution for it. I stayed in lunch room below the fan but it's a hard solution, it will not get dried easily. So i removed my shirt to hide it. I think if this happens then 1) try to hide it. 2) If not possible and critical take leave, 3) Face up to it. it. Give a big smile.
—Guest Rushikesh

Horrible bathroom incident

So I was at home, in the living room, my dad in the kitchen washing plates, Mum upstairs ironing, so i was in the living room, and it felt like i farted, it kept happening, then i needed the bathroom badly! I tried to hold it because my mum was in the kitchen now, so i ran upstairs, and pooped gosh it stinked. This happened 15 minutes ago, so there.
—Guest Aisha.B

just great

So 1 day I was @ school and I have to go to the bathroom really, really bad, but we were in a test and my teacher said no so 15 min later I go #1 & 2 in my pants, now I wear diapers and my teachers change me in the hallway because I'm a boy and they're women. people c me naked all the time and I'm teased bc I haven't hit puberty yet:(
—Guest zach

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Bathroom Accident Stories

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