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Readers Respond: Bathroom Accident Stories

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Updated October 01, 2012

embarrasing poop

i was about 9 years old and our whole school was having a football tournament about 1km from our school. i was a bit late so when i was walking there i felt i had to poo so i walked back to the school and had to fart and felt a big turd in my underwear. When i got to school i threw my underwear in a trashcan in the bathroom and decided to go back to the football tournament. BIG mistake, halfway there on this big yard were i live i felt the urge to poo again and it was diarrhea. there was loads of people there uncluding people from my school etc. I didnt have a key to my apartment so i ran up to 2 women and asked for help but i they didnt know what to do so i shat myself and they started to laugh. it was really embarrassing as poo went down my leg and shoe and there was so much of it to. After like 30 seconds a pizza owner who also was my friends dad came out and helped me and took me to his apartment and cleaned me up.
—Guest Jonathan


i was 10 (i'm 25 now) and im tall skinny. i was wearing a tight with two piece bikini. i had diarrhea all day and i was at the beach and i was playing volleyball and my stomach started hurting and i thought it was just a fart so i farted and i was wrong it wasn't just a fart.
—Guest Ryleigh Termini

Oops in the car

I am a 14 year old boy, i have a lot of bladder problems and it's really embarrassing. Me and my older brothers where on a car trip and i really had to go. I was to shy to say i had to go pee because i wanted them to think i was grown up now and not a little kid. I can only hold it for 30 minuets tops. so i ask my oldest brother who was driving if we where nearly there. he said no and asked me why i asked. i didn't answer. After about 20 minuets i was holding my crotch and crying, it hurt so bad. My other brother who is 16 asked if i had to pee and i said no, even though it was really obvious. My oldest brother stopped the car and carried me to the side of the road since it was hard to walk. I asked him to put me down but he wouldn't, he was more focused on getting me somewhere i could pee. I ended up having an accident and i started crying again. Both my brothers where really nice about it and let me get changed and we went back on the road.


Once when I was 13 I was in school and I really needed to pee coz I hadn't went in at least 5 hrs I asked my teacher and she said I could go after she explained our homework I said ok and went back to my seat then I began feeling really really sick suddenly a drop of pee came out I clutched my penis when finally she let me go in fortunately my fly was open and my boxers were too big so the front was falling down and I was walking with my legs crossed my penis popped out of my pants and it was blue from all the squeezing and to make things worse i peed on the girl I crush on called Jessica's table she screamed in disgust and my horrible teacher didn't send me home it was horrible.
—Guest Jimmy

It happens

One day I was in class and I needed to go for a pee. I asked the teacher if I could go to the toilet and she said no so I struggled to hold it in and then my friend sat next to me and laid on my you know what because we had sport day and it was the last half an hour and it tickled me so much I peed on her. P.S I am a girl and I was 10 that was the most embarrassing moment of my life.
—Guest Sorry friend

At kholes

I went shopping with my friends one day and are last store was Kohls. I suddenly had to go poop and the restrooms were on the other side of the store. I told my friends I had to go and I slowly tried getting there. After a minute of walking I knew I couldn't get there in time so I hid behind a rack of clothes and pooped all in my new skinny jeans. It was embarrassing but it surprisingly felt good going into my pants. I walked back to my friends and stayed further away from them so they wouldn't know I had poop in my pants. After ten minuets we left and we said good bye and I walked to my car. I started the car splat my poop mushed further down my legs it was disgusting and I had to sit in that for fifteen minutes till I got home.
—Guest Rachel

bathroom rush

One time I was at school. I was wearing a skirt I was next to my boyfriend. I needed to pee so I asked the teacher and he said no. My boyfriend tickled me I peed on him
—Guest Maria

It Happens.

My Husband and I were cleaning out his Aunts house (she had recently passed away) and the bathrooms were not working. After a large salad for lunch, I suddenly felt a strong urge to go the the bathroom. I bolted down the stairs and down the street to the gas station on the corner. Suddenly, I was sweating and shaking and I was going in my pants. My face was bright red, I have never been so embarrassed in my entire life. I ditched my undies in the trash and cleaned myself off as well as I could. I then had to walk back to the house and tell my Husband to drive to a store for clean undies and pants. Needless to say, I always keep a fresh clean clothes in my car.
—Guest FloridaSunshine

A little too late

I was in fourth grade. It was lunch recess. We had recess after lunch then and I had too many chocolate milks. Plus, I didn't go the bathroom since 3 am. I was desperate. I was playing with me friend doing the 'pee pee dance'. She didn't notice I had to go. We had a huge playground and the monitors were on the other side of the playground. I walked over there and asked if I could go the bathroom she said yes. I then had to walk all the way around the school. About halfway I was going to just pee then but I started running. I got to the office door. Locked. I rang the bell. Nobody was there. It took 7 minutes for somebody to notice. I then had to go to the nurse's bathroom because it was the closest one. I got to it. I couldn't find the light switch. When I found it I closed the door and locked it. I was running to the toilet when I peed my pants. I was a foot away when I did it. So close.

Laughed a little TOO hard...

Okay, I was 12 when this happened, I'm 13 now. Right after Hurricane Sandy when I got power, my 10-year-old brother's friend came over. The three of us started talking about a fat kid in my grade, and we started writing funny poems and songs about him. They were so funny that I pissed my pants a little. My brother then was wrestling with me and he touched the back of my sweatpants then goes "Hey, she peed!" I then denied it and said I was sitting on the bathroom counter. He believed me at the moment, but it was SUPER embarrassing! That was back in November, and it's almost March now. Today, I still wonder if he believed it or not,
—Guest Emily

When I was 4.....

I was four and i was going to my friends house. After I played with my friend at his house for about 5 hours his mum announced that we were going out shopping. She said we should go to the toilet but i didn't listen. Halfway through the shopping trip i started to need the toilet badly, but I was too shy to ask his mum if i could go. Finally we went into a supermarket and by then i was nearly bursting. I was praying with all my might that i wouldn't wet myself. For some reason I thought that crouching down would help...big mistake. As soon as i crouched i felt warm liquid seeping down my legs and making a puddle. My friend noticed and he called the supermarket lady to clean it up...worst day ever!
—Guest Rosy


One time , when I was 8, we were in class and we were waiting for the bell that signals the end of the day to ring. I really had to pee and I was stood with my legs crossed doing the potty dance on front of everyone I needed it so bad. People realized i had to go but they didn't tell my teacher and I had my hand up waiting for permission to speak and ask to go to the bathroom but either she was ignoring me or she didn't see me, as she was talking to the class. I was so desperate , I started crying and everyone started shouting saying that I was crying to the teacher and I couldn't hold it anymore so it all started gushing out down my legs ( I was wearing a skirt ) and all over the floor , my chair and all in my shoes. I hadn't peed all day so I peed for about 10 minutes and I tried to run to leave the class and I just squirted pee all over the carpet leaving a trail. I was so ashamed.
—Guest Beth


Once when i was 5 I was desperate for a shit and piss but i only felt the piss. I am a boy. I ran and once i got into the loo i let my penis out and began to pee but a stream of diarrhea flooded into my briefs and i finished my wee in my pants.
—Guest Poopy


it all started when i was 6 years old. i was in class i was taking a spelling test and I had the urge too poop really bad. and by that second i knew it was diarrhea. I didn't know what too do i did not want to tell my teacher. an then at that split second i pooped myself it was sooo embarrassing.
—Guest ono poop

Embarrassing mistake

When I was in the 4th grade, I REALLY had to pee. I am a girl. I was sitting at my desk-my hand holding myself nervously-and biting my lip. It was only the 2nd day of school, but I asked my teacher to go anyways. Of course, being the kind teacher she was, she said yes. I raced to the restroom and flung my skirt up, sat on the toilet, and let all the urine race out of me. Huh-? What is that odd sensation? OH NO. I look down, and, though I had pulled my skirt up, my underwear are still perfectly intact. I pulled them up after i finished, but they were soaked. I privately told my teacher-extremely embarrassed-and she let me go to the nurse. It was two hours before my dad (awkward ._.') brought me some clothes to change into.
—Guest asdf

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