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Readers Respond: Bathroom Accident Stories

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Updated October 01, 2012

in my pull-ups

Hi, I'm 16 years years old. I wet my bed every other night, so therefore I wear pull-ups to prevent me from waking up wet. I have learned to like the feeling of wearing pull-ups every night. Sometimes I wet on it on purpose so my mother will think I still need them. One night, while I was laying in bed watching a movie, I felt the urge to go number 2, at first I ignored it. After a half hour trying to ignore my huge cramps, I decided to lett go in my pull-ups. After all that's what they are meant for :). So I stood up a lil, and started to push. All of the sudden I felt this strange feeling, a warm large log released itself in to my pull-up. I even placed my hands under my pJ's, I could feel the lump. I felt better after wards. I figured I will change right after the movie finished. The next morning I woke up by my mother tugging on my blanket. She asked me what's that smell? That's when I realized I must have fallen asleep while watching. I told her I just pass some gas. Never again.
—Guest Julia

doodooing everywere

their was this girl i was crushing on for a long period of time and i finally got the nerve up to ask her on a date. and she said yes so we went out to eat at a steak house, then we got seated and we just got our food and i had to crap very badly but i was too embarrassed to go, so i tried to wait then i had to fart so i tried to slip it out but when i did crap came out and would not stop and i had shorts on so she started smelling something then started gagging and i stood up to go to the restroom and i looked down and diarrhea was all in the seat and some fell out on the floor and i about slipped and fell in it. so i was tracking crap wherever i walked and everybody was staring and whispering, then i turned red. it was so embarrassing, but anyway i got in the bathroom and i looked and i had crap on the back lower part of my shirt and i just took off my overshirt and left the bathroom wearing a white undershirt and nasty shorts. so i got back to the table and she was nowhere to be found.
—Guest scott young

Soap Incident

I was in bathroom, went to wash my hands, the soap is in a bottle, i pressed it and it suddenly landed on the front of pant, it was very embarrassing for me as i am a very disciplines person. I start think'g and about the bigger pictures, I found no smart solution for it. I stayed in lunch room below the fan but it's a hard solution, it will not get dried easily. So i removed my shirt to hide it. I think if this happens then 1) try to hide it. 2) If not possible and critical take leave, 3) Face up to it. it. Give a big smile.
—Guest Rushikesh

Horrible bathroom incident

So I was at home, in the living room, my dad in the kitchen washing plates, Mum upstairs ironing, so i was in the living room, and it felt like i farted, it kept happening, then i needed the bathroom badly! I tried to hold it because my mum was in the kitchen now, so i ran upstairs, and pooped gosh it stinked. This happened 15 minutes ago, so there.
—Guest Aisha.B

just great

So 1 day I was @ school and I have to go to the bathroom really, really bad, but we were in a test and my teacher said no so 15 min later I go #1 & 2 in my pants, now I wear diapers and my teachers change me in the hallway because I'm a boy and they're women. people c me naked all the time and I'm teased bc I haven't hit puberty yet:(
—Guest zach


I can still remember that horrible day. For a moment I thought that it was actually going to be a good day. That test that we where going to have, GONE! The teacher had been really nice and she said that we were going to have it tomorrow. Good, because I had not studied the night before. But anyways, we needed to go to gym and I really had to do #1. I told our coach, but she was suspicious since some kids had put some sort of type of graffiti on the bathrooms. So then I had to actually cry to go. At the end she let me go, but on the way there it was sudden Niagara Falls and instead I had to rush to the nurse instead. I got into a lot of trouble and at the end I was so embarrassed.My poor friend had to stick by me when people laughed at me in the hallways. Good friend she was. Now that we look back at that day, it was kind off funny. Trust me,it can be embarrassing, but at the end you will also be laughing at yourself a few years later when you are at college with your dormmates. So people, just let time pass.

Accident in the car

Well I remember when I was 16 I had to go to the bathroom super bad. We were driving out in Alaska and me, my mom and my dad were in the middle of nowhere. I told my parents "I have to use the bathroom really bad it's not even funny." they told me "were not stopping Brittany until we need gasoline" My parents are really strict. They would wanna keep on driving so we could get to Alaska fast. An hour later I feel as if it's an emergency. I tell them "I need to go right now. I'm about to go" I even cried. They still said for me to hold it. But they probably knew it was an emergency for me. 15 minutes later my mom suddenly said " hey Brittany there's a gas station just 5 miles away. You can go to the bathroom then. Think you can hold it?" "I'll try" I said. I tried everything I could. I was starting to get sweaty. 2 miles left and it got a lot worse. I started crying. Tears were falling cuz I was about go. Half a mile away and I don't make it. I pooped my pants. :(
—Guest Brittany

One Big Load

Ok, so all day I had held my poop in, but the thing was I had been holding it in for about 5-6 days before. So then the feeling went away and I had decided to go to the grocery store to grab some chips and pop with my friends for a little slumber party were having. Then 10 minutes of being in the store, my stomach started growling and hurting, I then realized that I had to poop really really but before I had a chance to go to the washroom my body decided it wanted to go then and now so I was just standing there completely filling my pants with poop, I swear it was one after another and I could not control it at all. I tried and tried but there was nothing I could do. After 2 minutes of standing there pooping my pants it really started to smell bad (can you imagine a weeks worth of poop?) Then I told my friends I was hot so I had took my sweater off to wrap it around my waist. It was so embarrassing :( I knew it was up my back, stomach, and thighs but I had to wait till I got home to clean up.
—Guest Maggie

Poop and Pee

I was in the 6th grade, and I had to go poo really badly. The bathroom only had one stall working and there was a long line, and the poo and pee just came running out. It was gross. I told my teacher privately, and she sent me to the nurse. She told me to wear a diaper everyday, and just go in my pants. Then, she would change me. When I got my first period, she was the one to change me it was soooo embarrassing!
—Guest Rachel

School trip accident!

So one day when I was 12 my whole class went on a school trip to this really nice beach that was like 4 hours away. Like 40 mins into the bus ride I really had pee, it was soo bad and I told my friend and she said just hold it until we get there. So I did only to find that there weren't any toilets!! We were there for almost 2 hours and I had to sit still with my legs crossed for like the whole time! Then when it was finally time to go we all had to walk the long way back through the woods to get to the bus!! I was completely bursting and then my friend tickled me and I completely peed my self and it was running down my legs!!! It was soooo embarrassing and I had to sit in pee covered pants for the 4 hour ride home, the whole bus stank and my friend couldn't stop laughing!!! I laugh about it now but at the time I actually died :D
—Guest Laura

Recess Accident

One time at recess I was wearing skin-tight sweatpants and talking to my friends. We were talking about some guy I liked when I had to go number two real bad. I crossed my legs and then something happened. They started thinking he liked me. I couldn't leave so I had to do something desperate. I tried not to make it obvious, so I opened my legs a little and crouched and pooped. The problem was it kept on coming out. After 45 seconds I stopped and everyone could smell it but didn't say anything. So we are all walking around and it feels so awkward and my pants are sagging down. Then the bell rings and we go inside. I sit down and then have a horrible feeling as I know now my pants were COMPLETELY filled with poop. The room smelled and I was called up to the principals office. Now I have to wear diapers (really thick ones) Molicare Super Plus. Now my pants and sweatpants bulge out and it is obvious I am wearing one. I used to be popular and now I'm wearing diapers 24/7.
—Guest Britney

Summer Far From Home

I was in the 7th grade, and I took a trip back to my hometown. Miles from my home in the US, I was living with family that I only spent 4 of my childhood years with, so of course I was afraid of going #2 in their bathrooms as my mother always taunted me about how bad it smelled. I seriously thought that I could hold it in for a month, as i usually don't poop everyday. Sadly, one morning as I was sending an e-mail, I really needed to go poop. I ignored it and held it in as best as I could until later in the day when I discovered I had pooped my pants when I was going #1 at a restaurant. My grandmother, mother, dad, and all my other relatives were waiting for me outside. Luckily, I had a pad on which had caught most of it, but some of it was still there and my pants smelled for the rest of day because I couldn't go home yet because my cousins were going to take me to an arcade. I didn't have the guts to tell my mother because of how embarrassing it was to poop my pants. Worse day ever.
—Guest Tamira

Trip to Jamica

One time I was going to Jamica with my boyfriend. I was wearing a yellow bikini and enjoying my time thre. They then took us to a private island where there were no bathrooms. We were to stay there for four hours plus and hours boat ride back and forth. So 30 minutes into the ride, with 50 people on a double decker boat I get an urge to poop. I kept holding it but it was hard to do so. After two hours, I was cringing. Then, I couldn't hold it anymore. I started pooping, and I could feel my bikini expanding. I must have done two pounds in there. I didn't know what to do, so I ran to the bathroom and put on some random person's sweatpants. My boyfriend asked why I put them on, but I wouldn't tell him. It felt weird (as you can imagine) walking with a bathing suit load of poop. Then, as we went back, I sat down and there was a huge squish! My boyfriend asked what happened and I said nothing. The feeling was uncomfortable. I felt like I sat in a pie. It passed after 5 minutes.
—Guest Tina

chronic diarrhea accidents

When I was 35 years old I was having brunch with my male friend at a restaurant. I had a slight feeling that I had to go so I stood up to walk to the restroom. As I walked I began to go. By the time I reached the restroom I had explosive diarrhea all over the bathroom and my clothes. Since that day I have had frequent accidents in many stores and restaurants. I often soil my self and my bathroom at home. I ruin several pairs of underwear a day. It is getting worse all the time. I never have a well formed stool.
—Guest katrina

School toilets

I was so terrified of using the toilets at school I used to poo in my underwear very regularly. Rather than deal with my phobia I found way of doing it without anyone knowing so by the time I got to high school I was doing it virtually every day. A few years after leaving school I discovered it was common knowledge around school but no one bothers saying anything.
—Guest Mark

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