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Readers Respond: Bathroom Accident Stories

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Updated October 01, 2012

lifetime of IBS-D

I am relieved to find that there are other humans out there with this problem. I have lived with this medical condition for over 25 years. When I first presented to the gastro he pretty much told me I was crazy and it was in my head. That was a long time ago and I am glad the medical community is finally taking notice of IBS-D. I have accepted that IBS is just part of my life style and learn to live with it. I have had so many embarrassing moments I could write a memoir. From accidents in meetings, kids' ball games, traveling, there have even been times it happens in the bathroom before I can even get my clothes off, you name it’s happened. I got a laugh when I read the story from “25 years” the part about her husband knowing the look, my husband knows my look also, we can relate totally. But I usually drive because of the IBS so I can control if I need to stop and stop, and stop. I have learned to be prepared, I always have a change of clothes in my car, and a pair of underwear.
—Guest bychance

poopie shoesie

ok so there i was on halloween... with my bff and then i had to crap sooo bad! i asked 2 use the bathroom in a strangers house - he said the toilet was broke sorry.... so guess what i got to do... tell my bff - wait for her to stop laughing and try to take me to a bathroom ... none... i started to poooooo and pooo and pooo it was sooo mushy it spread down my legs and in to my shoes! my sister wouldn't be wearing that costume next year!
—Guest alaina

the diaper

one day i was at work and i all of a sudden i had to go #1 and #2, but was taking care of kids so i decided to hold it. my assistant was out sick so i couldn't go to the bathroom because the bathroom was in the hall and i couldn't leave the kids by themselves. the urge was so bad that i ended up going on myself. then my clothes were messed up but i had another set of clothes but not underwear so i ended up wearing one of the baby's diapers. i learned that i should always wear diapers to work. so now i wear depends to work and i'm glad i do.
—Guest tia

I can't believe it.

Today at school I had bad diarrhea, but my teacher wouldn't let me go. In fifth period I lost control and ruined my new clothes.
—Guest Alissa

Worst Story Ever

Back when I was a junior, I was shy. Even though I was, I was very popular. One day, I'm wearing pink short shorts and an off-shoulder shirt with black and white stripes on it. It's first period, and I've been feeling an urge to go number two since my walk to school at 7:00 am and it's now 8:30. The toilets at my school are dirty, so I don't want to go in them. Two hours later at ten thirty period four is about to begin when a cute guy comes up to me and starts to ask me out. The urge to push has been going on for 4 hours now, strong from the beginning. I tried not to give in, but the next thing I know, I'm pooping, huge chunks coming out one after the other. Unbelievably, my underwear just sags really far down. The guy says, "Did you just take a sh*t?" and I start crying, with this big lump in my pink short shorts. It felt so awkward sitting down in a chair with exactly 4.3 pounds of poo. By the end of the day, there is a huge brown stain in the back of my shorts.
—Guest Christine


Just tonight I ate something my girlfriend's roommate had made, my girlfriend hated it, so I ended up finishing it to not seem rude. On the walk home, I realized a rush and an urge. I held it, but walking was IMPOSSIBLE! So I stood for a bit, got some control and walked again, this time I was sure I was going to crap myself. I ran to the most concealed place. In this case it was in the shadows of a hedge and a tall building. Luckily it was night time. I was soon done, and well there goes my favorite pair of boxers. I now refuse to eat anything made by my girlfriend's roommates. It gave me food poisoning. BUT! it was an experience haha!
—Guest Zepher

dr. office

I'm a 14 year old girl and me and my 4 year old brother were at the doctors office talking to my friend(that is a nurse) and getting rubber gloves for a joke and for when i have to change my brother then my brother says to me that he has to go poop very badly. So i finshed talking and then asked where the restroom was. On the way there i heard a fart and smelled poop i thought to my self oh no i have to change him. Then we got to the restroom and i acted like nothing happened but when i locked the door and turned around he was trying to get up on the changing table, so i asked him what he was doing and he said he pooped his pants (i acted like i didn't know because it so funny when he says he pooped his pants) then i helped him up on to the table grabbed the gloves and started changing him. While i was changing him i pooped my pants not even feelling the poo until it was to late. so i finished changing him, then he "changed" me. i had to do the rest so we both ended up with poop clothes.
—Guest tan

In the urinal

One time i had to go number 2 pretty bad i decided i could hold it till i got to a fast food restaurant. i came in (Taco Bell) and asked if i could use the rest room but they said both of them were down so i just got my hard taco and mountain dew and after i was done i left. soon i had to go bad there was a mc'donalds right by so i went in and the line was super long and i noticed there was not a line at the boys bathroom and no boys, so i ran into there but there was a whole bunch of things wrong. in there was a toilet that wouldn't stop flushing, the other one had blood in it, they other one was clogged. but i had to go, so i went in the urinal. then all of a sudden, a guy came in and threatened to tell them if i did not do something for him which was let him stay at my place for 2 days. i did and he is in Russia now.
—Guest Keke

I'm Finished

My name is Tonya and I'm 10 yrs old and I pooped my pants in front of my whole class today. I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom but she said no. I tried to hold it but I couldn't. My class mates could smell it. One of them put their hand up and said to the teacher in front of the whole class, "I think Tonya shit her pants." And then everyone laughed. The teacher asked me if it was true and I said no. At recess, when everyone left the class I stayed in my seat. My friend asked me if I was ok and I told her to leave me alone. When everyone left, the teacher said she was sorry for not letting me go. She said wait here. And then she left. When recess was over none of my class mates came back. I just sat at my desk and cried. After about 20 minutes my mom came and took me home. She said its ok and she wants me to go back to school tomorrow. I don't want to go back. Please don't anyone tell me everythin is going to be ok. It will never be ok. Nobody will ever respect me anymore
—Guest Tonya

Snowsuit Accident

Last winter my boyfriend convinced me to go snowmobiling with a bunch of his friends. We each had our own snowmobile and we were way out in the country going through a trail though a forest and I started to feel the urge to poop. I kept fighting the urge, but it got to the point where I couldn't fight it anymore. So when nobody noticed, I pulled my snowmobile off the trail and dashed into the bushes to take a dump. But I couldn't get my snowsuit off because the zipper was stuck. Words can't describe how bad I had to poop. I threw my gloves in the snow, and I desperately tried to get the zipper undone. But I couldn't. I was so angry I started swearing, and if you know me, I'm not a person who swears. I'm telling you, there was absolutely nothing I could do. I stood there and did my load in my pants. I was so scared I was trembling. The worst feeling was getting back on my snowmobile, sitting in my poop. I caught up to my boyfriend and told him what I did. He was ok, but I was mortified.
—Guest Nancy

25 years

I can so relate to all of these stories. And I feel sympathy and empathy for each of you. My story could actually be turned into a story that I could tell at least twice a month. I have pooped my pants more times than I can remember. I have had IBS-D for 25 years. I have been on every medication known to man. Nothing helps really......so I have just learned to deal with it. My husband has been so supportive and that is key. He knows when I get that look on my face that I need to go NOW ! And he drives like a mad man to the nearest bathroom. He has actually stopped on the side of the highway for me so I could go. We had our first date seven years ago.......hiking by the lake. I had been doing really well and had not had an episode in weeks ! All that changed mid-way through the hike. I was so embarrassed and mortified as I had to find a place to go FAST. What a way to spend our first date.......explaining my bathroom issues. I hope each of you has an understanding partner as I do.
—Guest Kitty


I was in vegas a couple years ago, staying at the Bellagio. I went over to the Mirage for dinner and met some friends of mine over there. We went to Cocomo's, a great little steak house. The guy brings out some fresh crab legs and says, “These just came in I gotta give ‘em to you guys.” He brings a set and I’m eatin' ‘em. then we go play and gamble a little bit. I had a tee time early in the morning, so I’m walkin' back to the hotel and I get three quarters of the way out of the lobby, and all the sudden I go, ‘aww ####!’ I’m standing there with my butt pinched like this so I can’t move. All the sudden, you know, it felt alright. I took a step and ‘boom'. . .water. . .I had food poisoning from the crabs. I take off my leather jacket and tied it around my waist. I’m just standing there and it’s just running down my leg. I got jeans on, black bucks, no socks, and I just start walking and every time I walk, somethings coming out. It’s water. Just straight water.
—Guest George

Never Again

Last winter my boyfriend and I went to Cuba for a vacation and one day we went on a boat that had no bathrooms. We went a long way from shore, and I had to poop real bad. All I had on was a bikini bathing suit. I got to the point where I couldn't hang on anymore and I just went in my bathing suit. I so much didn't want it to be true that I just sat on a wooden bench hoping that Ken wouldn't notice but it my bottom was full, and so it just oozed out on to the bench and all over my legs and on the floor of the boat. When he saw what happened, he asked me if I was sick. I told him to take me back to shore and to stop talking to me and to stop looking at me. Words can't express how humiliated I felt. I don't ever want to experience anything as mortifying as this ever again.
—Guest Anne

Broke My Toe

One time when I had to go something awful, and my sister was using the bathroom. I thought I was going to go in my pants. In fact just before she came out of the bathroom I walked into my dad's office and I was going to do it in my pants because I couldn't hold it anymore. But then I heard the bathroom door open and I ran to the bathroom. On the way in the bathroom I accidentally walked into the radiator and hit my foot real hard. Needless to say I went in, closed the door behind me, pulled my pants down and filled the toilet, instead of my pants. I never had such a close call in my whole life. When I came out of the bathroom, my toe was hurting from when I hit it against the radiator. The next day my mom took me to get it checked, and it turns out it was broken. But at least I made it to the bathroom without pooping my pants.
—Guest Eileen

One bathroom

I had left my apartment one day for an appointment. About two minutes into the drive I realized I had to go to the bathroom. I knew I couldn't hold it so I turned around and quickly drove home. As soon as I got into my place, relief swept over me. That is, until I realized my sister was in the shower. I know my sister usually keeps the door unlocked for emergencies like this, but there was no way I was going to barge in there while she was showering. I tried to call to her but she didn't hear me. She thought I had left so I didn't want to scare her by banging on the door. I waited a minute or too but the urge was so great I couldn't hold it. I would have went in my pants but instead grabbed a few plastic bags and napkins and did it in there. I then brought the bag to the dumpster and went to my appointment. My sister never even knew I came home.
—Guest SP

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Bathroom Accident Stories

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