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Readers Respond: Bathroom Accident Stories

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Updated October 01, 2012

Bathroom accidents can be quite embarrassing, and certainly not something you would talk about to many people. Here is a place to safely share your story and find solace in reading about the experience of others who have had bathroom accidents. Tell Your Story

Cast Diarrhea

I broke both my legs in a horrible car accident 3 years ago (when I was 16). I had to wear a cast for my waist to my toes and A diaper as I could not use the bathroom. Anyway I have never told this story before so This is so embarrassing. O.K, On the 3rd week after the accident I was in Great Ormonds street hospital . Both of my casted legs were slung up in slings. I suddenly had the urge to fart and I thought I would be tiny but I had explosive diarrhea for like 20 minute. I tries to grapple my butt but It didn't work I feel sorry for the nurse that had to change my diaper
—Guest Milly

Teacher trouble

I was a teacher for kindergarteners and one day this little girl Sally had to go poop but she wouldn't go little did I know her butt cheeks were clenched with diarrhea so I lifted her up and diarrhea came squirting out ALL ALL ALL OVER ME! I went home because my clothes, body and hair were covered in DIARRHEA LIQUID DIARRHEA EMBARRASSING
—Guest Sara

Diarrhea lava

I was in math and I really needed to poop. I ran to the bathroom with my cheeks squished together. I got to the bathroom and I was gripping the edges of my pants ready to pull them down when suddenly diarrhea exploded in my pants I sat on the toilet and It was like hot lava coming out of me It was all over my pants IT JUST KEPT COMING!!! After 30 mins I felt better and pulled up my pants only to have a another explosive bout! After an hour my friend found me and gave me her skirt Thanks Abby!
—Guest Harriet

Diarrhea in elevator

I was one of my teacher's favorite student in kindergarten. One day, I had the urge to go to the bathroom real bad, but I didn't asked my teacher if I could go because it was silent reading class. The urge was getting stronger and stronger, and it was only first period. 20 minutes untill bell rings. 2 minutes passed. Finally, the bell rang, and the teacher called me to go to our next class to give a stack of worksheets. I just had to go to the bathroom, and when I came back, the bathroom was so crowded that I would never get my turn. So that's how come I waited until the end of the day. Every break time, and recess, and lunch time, I failed to get my turn because some class ends earlier than ours. So, when class ended, I ran to the elevator, but my house was in the 18th floor. Also, my freind lived in the 11th floor. Unfortunately, I met my friend. When it was in the 6th floor, I couldn't hold it any longer, so I had diarrhea all over my white skirt. My friend saw it. So embarrassing!ㅠ
—Guest Guest Kelly

Shit Happens

I'm 19 years old, and I work overnight shifts, so I leave for work around 8 PM. One night I left 10 minutes late, so I was already in a hurry when I felt 'it'. The undeniable urge to poop. My boyfriend happened to be babysitting my 2 year old for the first time at my house that particular night. I had also forgotten my phone charger, so I just turned around being only about 3 minutes from home. I felt so weird, like I couldn't hold it. I just couldn't. I tried different positions-nothing. So, I sped home. I put my car in park and sat there for about 3 seconds trying to collect myself to make it to the door. Unfortunately, as soon as I stood up, I released a huge amound of feces in my pants. I mean, full on filled my pants, and I couldn't move. I ran inside and asked my boyfriend to bring me some pants and underwear. I knew that he knew what happened, and I was humiliated. I had to get the poop soup off of me, throw away my underwear, and rush to work late.
—Guest Veronica

Had to pee

Ok i was 21 and i was driving and I had to pee really bad and I couldn't hold it any longer so I parked and got and I felt it coming out and I peed my pants

Movie diarrhea

My friends and I were at the theaters watching Star Wars 1 when I had to poo. It was at the epic scene but I had to go. I thought that I can hold it until the movie ends but I was wrong. The poo shot out of me and dripped on the ground. The whole audience saw the mess ant I left to my home. I found out why I had the diarrhea due to my dinner at KFC.
—Guest Karen

5 years old

When i was five i was about to go to school when i had to take a crap real bad, so i waddled over to the bathroom and spent like 30min sitting there pooping. I knew i still had a few more turds to go but i told myself to hold it until i reached home after school so i just left the house. At school, we had to leave our bags on this really low shelf. I felt the urge to go crap again but i was scared of pooping in school so i just squatted down and BLAM. it just all came out, soft and squishy. It flowed all over in my panties. Luckily i had spare clothes that i brought every day so i went to the toilets and changed and no one knew
—Guest A

Birthday emergency

I was about nine, and I was at my friend's Bday party. I went to the bathroom before I went, since the drive to the pool we were going to was an hour. As soon as my mom started driving me to her house, I got the urge. I thought it would go away, but it didn't. I started feeling upset, and everyone there probably knew something was up. We were luckily going to a gas station first, so I said I wasn't feeling good (when I had diarrhea). So my friend walked me in and I walked straight to the bathroom and relieved myself. It was long though, and when I came out, I ruined the whole thing because I held everyone up. I was so embarrassed (my crush was there too). I still cringe thinking about it today, and my friend forgives me.
—Guest IceKat

Backed up and was rearing to go

Hi, my name is Mudpants and I am 37. I was in the San Diego heat that I'm not used to. Also I had stayed up all night and instead of taking a nap I decided to go sightseeing. Long story short, on the way home I missed the exit for my hotel so got right off on the next one. Then I saw a donut shop so figured why not get an eclair for my wife and I for later. This is when I should have used a restroom. As I walked back to my car I figured I could wait until I got back to the room. BIG mistake. I should know better too, because I suffer from IBS at times. Less, now that I no longer drink. I got into my car, backed up and entered the turning lane. All of a sudden I felt a stinging pain of a wet squirt flow out. I wish I would have jumped out of the car and let loose on the ground then sped away. Sadly, my boxers became a rushing tidal wave. Thankfully I reached towards the backseat and threw a blanket underneath me. A little watery mess still made it to the seat. Horrible.
—Guest Mudpants

Hide and leak

One day I was walking to my friend's house. When I got there we played hide and seek. I had to find my friend. She was a REALLY good hider. I looked for about 15 minutes, but then I felt the urge to pee. I ignored it and kept looking. 10 minutes later, I new I had to go to the bathroom. I ran as fast as I could, and made it to the bathroom door. It turners out that my friend was hiding in the shower. Right as I reached the door pee exploded out of me!! My friend just stood there and laughed. It was so embarrassing! I was 6 when it happened, but I'm 12 now.
—Guest Wolf girl


I was at a tuition centre after a long day at school and i as holding my pee for like since that morning. I wne to class like normal but i did not want to interrupt the teacher as i was already late, so i kept holding it. Finally, he said we could start doing our work and i told him i REALLY had to go. I ran out of the class and pee was flowing out of my butt all over my pants but thankfully no one noticed...
—Guest A


I was weraring a tiny blue and yellow bikini and I really had to poop so I thought I had a little fart but I accidentally had pooped but u could hardly tell the all the sudden my bikini starts filling up and it staps like it breaks then my boyfriend comes up behind me and picks me up (we r in the water by the way) and he squeezed me and I pooped on him I am single now and don't wear bikinis
—Guest mrspoopypants#1

not stop

Well I was in my fav. Bikini and I was on the beach... I had just some sea food and the as I was walking the beach... mega explosive diahreah just hit me.... I tried to find a bathroom but as I was lookin this stuff just shoots out my ass as im runing... so I just sat down crying and finishing my buisness in my bikini omg I was like 15 when that happend
—Guest Naomi

Sick on my Bike

One time in 10th grade I rode my bike 3 blocks to my friends house. We were hanging and watching a movie and eating buttery popcorn and taffy candy. All of a sudden my stomach started cramping up and I knew I had to hurry home. I jumped on my bike and rode hunched over. Before I could make it, my stomach basically exploded in my pants. I went in through the back laundry room and my mom smelled the stench and made me take off my pants & underwear right there and put them in the sink. So I had to walk through my house to the bathroom in a towel. I found out later butter popcorn is one of the worst things for my ibs.
—Guest Chris

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Bathroom Accident Stories

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