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Readers Respond: Bathroom Accident Stories

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Updated October 01, 2012

Bathroom accidents can be quite embarrassing, and certainly not something you would talk about to many people. Here is a place to safely share your story and find solace in reading about the experience of others who have had bathroom accidents. Tell Your Story

I peed my pants

When I was eight I lived with my dad and he once got home later and I had to go to the bathroom and I had walked home from school which was only a block away and I really had to go so I banged and knocked on the door and he just got home when I started peeing myself and he yelled at me. He told the school and they always kept telling me to go to the bathroom before I go home because I only lived a block and a half from the school. I am 13 now. It wasn't fair.
—Guest Alyce

Poop School

I was at school and really had to go to the bathroom. I was in third grade at the time and was only about 9. I asked the assistant teacher if I could go but she said no. We were presenting later on our projects. I went in my pants. It smelled bad and felt horrible. I had parents and other people walking around me and asking me about my project. When I got home I told my mom and we had to go to my brother's Therapy. She made me go to the bathroom quickly to get somewhat cleaned up. I had to take a shower later when I got home. It was horrible.
—Guest annoymouse

In school

I was at a talent show it was my turn and I had to have diarrhea but it was my turn and they wouldn't let me. I was doing gymnastics in a white leotard I was doing a cartwheel and my but was facing the crowd I completely exploded it was so much diarrhea in my leotard that the shoulders were ripping of at the end being forced to finish slipped of stage cause of my poop and hit the ground hard so that I diarrhead so much more that the stains want up to my bra and being forced to walk 4 miles home so I don't stain my parents car.
—Guest Poo poo pants

Squating gone wrong

So I was hanging out with my friends drinking and I had to pee but there were no toilets where I was at so me and my friend go out to the back to pee so I squatted wrong and peed inside my pants and in my leg (but just a little) I didn't tell anyone like 20min later it dried so the. An hour later I had to per again but was so scared this time! Me and my bf went to the back and I kept telling him to turn around Kus I think I'll pee on myself (but I didn't tell him I did already) and then of course he didn't turn around I started to pee and all my pee went directly in to my pants all my leg and socks and shoes were soaked and we were laughing so hard and I peed more I was so embarrassed I told him not to tell anyone! It was night time and my jeans were black so you couldn't tell and my pants never dried and I had to sit in the car with his brothers gf and thank god she didn't notice but it was so embarrassing :( lol I'm still with my bf till this day and he always laughs at me about it!
—Guest Peepee

cubby pee

i was in kindergarten my bladder was full. it was 10:00 i did not want to use the bathroom because the toilet was very loud . i peed on myself.
—Guest madison

Explosion and embarrassment

One day, when I ate the school lunch, all of a sudden, my stomach started to cramp, and I could feel a turtleheads sticking through my bum. I needed to poop! So I ran away from my friends and hugging my butt, ran to the nearest bathroom, which is the dirtiest in the school. When I went in there, all the urinals were full and all but one stall was left. Some guy was walking to that stall, but I pushed him away, and slammed the stall door. Immediately, even though I didn't sit down yet, I pooped in my pants! The poop smelled horrible, and some people started coughing. Then, just when I sat down, I felt it. Diarrhea! I just let it loose. But it was explosive, and my diarrhea was so loud and I farted so much people in the bathroom! even in the stalls! ran out. That left me to my privacy and. I awkwardly finished my explosive poop. When I stepped outside, I found a crowd if people laughing at me, including my friends and crush! I was so embarrassed.
—Guest Anonymous

Had to go

One day, when it was a school day it was three and I had to go dump badly but then I remembered I had an after school program. So I held it in. When my dad arrived, he reminded me I had to swim practice today. In the pool, I swam really slow because I really had to go and I had cramps in my stomach. When practice was over (2 hours later), I couldn't take it anymore and went to a single room bathroom. I tried to lock the door, and it was really difficult. The lock wouldn't work right, and it took me 2 minutes. I almost dumped in my pants, but finally, I locked the bathroom. Whew! Then I went in the stall (there was a urinal and a stall in there, but I like my privacy), locked the stall just in case the door lock wouldn't work, and sat on the toilet. I didn't put TP on the seat because I had to go so bad!!!! When my butt touched that black seat, i dropped my turtleheads into the loo, and got my shat out in less than a minute. I had to be quick, because my dad was out there.
—Guest Anomous

poop day

I was sitting at the dinner table and my tummy was hurting and I had to go to the bathroom and I could not make it and I felt something squishy. now I'm 9 years old and I was 5.
—Guest mia

She pooped the bed

My wife had stomach problems one night, she sleeps the sleep of the just. Somehow during the night she shat the bed. When she got up in the morning her panties were soaked through, the quilt she sleeps on, the sheet, the mattress pad, all the way to the mattress was stained with her poop. Must have been a good one but how did she sleep through that?! I'm amazed she has any brain cells left after that. Thank god we have pets, nature's miracle is the best thing ever.
—Guest Sweet Jesus

The play

One time I was in the play the little Mermaid, well the mermaid was played by my friend Julie. Julie is 16 has red hair and is tall and skinny. Well during the play she is laying on a rock talking to Sebastian when a farting noise was heard. At first the audience laughed. But then everyone saw the look on Julie's face and realized what had really happened. She broke down and started crying and then flopped off stage.
—Guest Tom

worst day ever!!!

So one day I really needed to puke but we were in the car and I ate chips and my mom said we can't stop so she handed me a bag and before she handed it to me I PUKED ALL over her.
—Guest guess

Party Pooper

Last night I went to a friends birthday party and drank a lot of whiskey. I got sick at her house, so my other friend got me a cab and I went home. In my drunken stupor I ended up passing out on the bathroom floor where my roommate found me and helped me to my bedroom and passed out on my floor. I woke up a couple hours later to find that I completely soiled myself, pee and poo, making my room smell like a Porto-potty. I'm still horrifically embarrassed and ashamed, although I'm pretty sure my roommate doesn't know... I just hate the idea of losing control of my bodily functions and I never thought I'd be the person to crap my pants. Well, it's over now and at least I can add one more thing to my list of human experiences, for better or for worse...
—Guest ShaeLyn


Well i just came home from the swimming pool and was locked out cuz i forgot my keys in my locker. After a few ten secs i had to pee but i live in apartment so i had no yard to pee.in and i was also wearing a one piece swim suit. So i look around to make sure no one is looking and take off my bathing suit and start to pee. Right then two of my neighbors who are both guys look at me. I ran away and hid behind a tree.
—Guest dob tina


i was so young when this happen, but i still have fears today. when i went to school, i used to hold myself so bad because i could not pee in public. i was afraid to pee in toilet, because i didn't want to make any noise. but when i did pee my pants the teacher would make me stand in the corner facing the other children. they would laugh at me. i was so scared. when i got home my mother asked me what did i do in my pants. i told her i peed myself. so she said i was going to sit in the pen with wet pants and stay there till morning, and go back to school with the same wet pants. i said i had to poo, and she said when your in the pen you can poop in your pants, the ones you wet. she said as long as i wet and poop my pants i will not ever get my pants changed. so i sat in the pen every night till i smarted up. the pen was a big as a rabbit cage,with bars on it. my brother said when he was young he peed his pants and he was in the pen for two days. he said he learned his lesson.

why i hate homework

normally when i get home from school i go straight to the bathroom but a few months ago i stayed an hour after school to work on homework and as i was walking home i had to poo and i was walking thru a cornfield to my house and had to poo and i was almost home and i had tripped on a corn stalk and full out crapped myself it was hard and my underwear was tight kind of so there was a basically a log of poop in my panties half of the walk home and i didn't want to take it out because there is housing development near the field and i didn't want to get seen like that.
—Guest guest alexa

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Bathroom Accident Stories

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