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Readers Respond: Bathroom Accident Stories

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Updated October 01, 2012

Bathroom accidents can be quite embarrassing, and certainly not something you would talk about to many people. Here is a place to safely share your story and find solace in reading about the experience of others who have had bathroom accidents. Tell Your Story

Worst time ever

One time when I was at my aunts house for thanksgiving whole family was there and I had the urge to poop but I thought I could hold it about five minutes in all this green slimy poop came out of me I bad a dress on and it was all down my legs but at this time no one knew yet and I made it to the bathroom and cleaned up and when I came out they were all looking at me and I looked under the table and there it was poop all over the floor and the smell was terrible I ran out to her garage and started crying but then she walked up to me and gave me a clean dress and said it's ok we all have done that in some point in life but the worst part was for seven times after that I was back in the bathroom and everyone knew what I was doing because each time I was in there it was for 10 minutes or more and when we were going home I shit myself and it was all over the seat and floor but my mom was not mad because she knew I was sick
—Guest Lola

Morning Announcements

One time I was in 8th grade and running the morning announcements, only our morning announcements r on the T.V. at our school. So my friend had talked me into eating a granola bar even though I was on diet, and that same friend is the camera person for the announcements, and she accidentally clicked the record button on the camera and all the sudden I had to burp so I did, but I accidentally thrown up a lot, and the I turned around to grab a bucket, and I let out the biggest fart, and then pooped, only it was like a log and since I was wearing loose sweat pants it fell out and she got it all on tape, only my mom is amazing amd let me switch schools
—Guest Emily

Pee in the trashcan

I started going to this tanning bed place and because I was new I wasn't sure of they had a bathroom. I eventually saw one but I noticed a out of order sign on the door.. So I was in the tanning bed room and couldn't hold it any longer so I went on the trashcan and left. Then the owner called and said I couldn't tan there anymore. Turns out the bathroom did work. I was so embarrassed.
—Guest Tina

Air Plane

Me and my friend went to taco casa and had bean burritos, then I said a funny joke and she pooped her pants I told everyone about it, she was so mad. Then a week later she invited me to go to Florida with her I say yeah, and she takes me out to eat before the trip, but I'm smart and have a salad and a medium Dr. Pepper then we get on the plane and I really gotta poop and I fart and my friend launched and asked if I was ok then I say yes and satand up to go to the bathroom when I just poop all over the isles, turns out my ex best friend put laxatives in my Dr. Pepper :-(
—Guest guest guest guest

Swim Meet Bus

So this weekend my swim team had a swim meet and we did well so afterwords we went to applebees and I had 2 bowls and I hadn't pooped for a couple days and I had to go really bad but there were people in there so I was gonna wait till we got back to town but on the way home I had to go and was trying hard to keep it in then it all came out! But I made it out safely with only my bestfriend knowing!
—Guest racheal

School Hall Sick

Well one day in high school English class I felt sick to my stomach. I had already asked the teacher to go to the bathroom and she said no. So I was having to sit there with a really bad tummyache and feeling sicker by the minute. I was leaning forward holding my tummy and I whispered to my friend that I really needed to get to a bathroom. She said just go. I felt puke coming up so I put my hand over my mouth and ran, still holding my tummy with the other hand. Sadly I didn't make it and vomited in the hall. There was a French class right there with their door open so all these other kids saw me puke. I felt another wave coming so I grabbed that teacher's trash can and ran back out in the hall and finished getting sick in that. I couldn't face going back to class, and I still had tummyache and nausea, so I went to the office can called my mom to come get me. So yes that is my embarrassing story about not making it to the bathroom. I still hate that English teacher.
—Guest Stacy

Water out at School

It was a normal day and I was sitting math class and I had to pee. It was one of those "I could go now but I can wait" sorta things. So, I was thinking of asking my teacher to go to the bathroom, when the principal announced that the water was out for a little bit. Just great! But, he added that if it was an emergency, the teacher should let the student go. So I went to music next and the teacher was very go with the flow so I figured he would let me but he said no! And my music teacher made it no better! He kept jiggling his water bottle and mentioning Niagara Falls. I really needed to pee now! Luckily, I wasn't alone and once the water returned after lunch, me and a bunch of other students made a beeline for the bathroom! Thank god!


My IBS caused me so much embarrassment but never so much as one day in French class. I got bad pains in the middle of class but the teacher made us ask in French, so I was like je mal a'lestomach which means something like I'm sick to my stomach. She knew I was for real (not sure if she had heard I have ibs or could just tell that I was really sick) but she let my friend Amanda help me to the bathroom. We barely made it because I had to stop every few steps with a cramp. I had bad diarrhea in the bathroom and my stomach felt a lot better. We went back in. Embarrassing because I figured everyone knew I had diarrhea but nothing compared to what came next. Class was almost over and my stomach started rumbling again. I though I could make it to the bell, then bam, out of nowhere a cramp hit, so bad that I grabbed my stomach and bent double. Tears poured down my face and then something else poured out too. Yep I shit myself, right there in class. I was so humiliated. Still am.
—Guest kim

Dance Exam

A few months ago, when I was on my period so my bladder was weaker, I had to do a contemporary dance exam for Musical Theatre. At the end we had to do partner work, and for no apparent reason my partner and I started laughing uncontrollably until I lost complete control of my bladder and peed. Luckily, the camera was on the other side of the room so I couldn't be seen. I was also in my dance clothes at the time, so I changed back into my uniform straight after. Unluckily, my underwear still smelt of wee, so I had to go through last lesson (which was 100 minutes long) and after school Musical Theatre with the fain smell off pee on my. Mortifying.
—Guest Weak Bladder


I'm a really shy person. When I was in kindergarten, I was with my class in the computer lab and I was wearing my favorite shorts. After a while I really had to pee, but didn't tell the teacher. I kept holding it and never asked to use the bathroom. I thought about it, but I never did. Looking back, I probably would have peed myself in the hallway even if I did ask. Eventually, pee came flooding out all over my shorts, the seat, and the floor. The teacher took a crying me to the office, where my nanny brought me new shorts.
—Guest Guest Anonymous


Ok one night I had to drop of my niece at the skating rink. I had felt terrible by the time I had gotton home. I took a medicine that helps un-constipate you. I went to go pick up my niece and on our way back it hit me. I had to shit so bad it hurt. I grabbed my purse and said "I gotta shit" I opened my purse and immediately shit flowed in. I had pulled into my drive way ran to the side of our house and shit was spilling out of my ass.
—Guest pikachu

terrible timing

I was driving my son to school and couldnt hold it anymore because we were stuck in traffic . Totally crapped myself . Because of my IBS i have had to pull over at the side of the road and go ( i live in the country yay for corn fields everywhere) . Other times i have had to go in a garbage bag cause i wouldnt have made it home. Still keep toilet paper and a garbage bag in the car.
—Guest sara

i pooped my underwear.

So one night after talking to my friend I went and had taco salad for dinner. (Bad move I'm a girl by the way) and suddenly felt the urge to poop. I rushed to the bathroom got my jeans off and just I was about to get off my blue underwear,I pooped. It felt so wrong and it was warm and was embarrassing. Luckily no one was around at the time (everyone was either outside talking or upstairs) I quickly threw away my underwear ( I ended up telling my mom unfortunately) and cleaned my self up. One of the worst nights ever.
—Guest unkown


okay.... this just happened today im 15...I was in P. E i had to pee but i also had to dress out but i was late so i had to hurry.... We did some stretches then ran outside i asked to use the restroom I ran for my life and i peed outside the door (The restroom was outside where were running) But i dont think anyone saw.
—Guest gabby

at school

One day, I felt sick to my stomach after lunch at school. I kept hoping it would go away and waited too late to ask to go to the bathroom. I leaned over and threw up all over the floor. It made a loud splatting sound and was so gross. Everyone was staring and I sat there holding my stomach all embarrassed. The teacher told me to go to the office and call my mom. Ugh. I wish I had ran to the bathroom.
—Guest Paul

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Bathroom Accident Stories

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