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Readers Respond: How Do You Get Through a Bad IBS Attack?

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Updated October 02, 2012

IBS attacks can be hard to deal with. Whatever your symptoms are -- painful abdominal cramps, frustrating constipation or urgent diarrhea -- episodes of severe symptoms can be debilitating. Besides taking medicine, what do you do to help yourself get through a bad attack? Do you tell others when you are hurting or do you try to keep it to yourself? Share your tips and learn some new ones by reading about what others do to deal with the disruptive nature of IBS attacks. Share Your Tips!

need a cure!

I have had ibs since I was 9 or 10, I used to cry when it played up, I'm nearly 20 now and still it plays up every morning for 1-3 hours! Extreme pain and discomfort and when its over I'm too worn out to do anything :(. Specialists have got something they can give to ibs sufferers, its a operation to destroy the parasites/bacteria that's causing your irritable bowl, which will get rid of your ibs forever! Problem is its probably about 3-5 grand if not more for the op, so looks like my life is ruined, but can't complain I suppose a lot of people are in worst situations, I will just fight through this everyday until my body is old and gives up, that's the only way!
—Guest Kyle

My story

I'm 22 years old and have had my attacks since I was 15. It feels like the pain is in my right ovary. The pain is bad like a sharp pain. Sex doesn't help it actually makes me have a flare up. The only thing that takes the pain away is a trip to the ER. I can't keep doing it. What can I do? Please help
—Guest Please help

5 IBS tips to save your day ;)

1. what you put in, it WILL come out/ or what your put in previously. Always know where your going to be eating, if your anything like me the first mouthful swallowed is enough to send me to the throne. 2. Water is your friend and so is fiber!! Love it, become one with it.. Sugar causes issues try and do your best to stay away from it. Some people with IBS cannot handle milk. Don't drink it, find an alternative. 3. When your arse is on fire.. sit in a cool bath, or stick your arse over the tub (detach shower head and go to town. 4. If your feeling like your trips to the bathroom are never ending.. Go lay down, read a book, watch a movie.. PASS OUT!! By the time you wake up, the flare up should be passed. (this happens at hells end. 10 or more trips to the throne) 5. Stress and anxiety are NO HELP to IBS, in fact IBS alone causes enough anxiety. You have to learn your ways. Learn the Ins and Outs of YOUR IBS.. sure we all suffer from it, but our symptoms are not all the same.
—Guest ...

Sounds Crazy right? But it really works

I've had IBS for 26 years. A very young child. If you are young, I feel your pain, your shame and embarrassment. But remember everyone does it ;) Okay, so here is the deal 18+ read on.. Orgasm will not only direct your mind else where, it helps relieve the pain of the cramps.. For real!! You feel something coming on, sneak down and click your mouse a few times, men do what you need to. Sure it wont help out in a restaurant or shopping mall .. But when your at home, give it try.. if it don't work for the IBS symptoms at least you rubbed one out :P
—Guest LivingwitIBS


I'm almost 50, have been struggling with IBS since before my 1st child. The pain is like going through childbirth. Never sure what brings it on. I do not go out much afraid of a attack. Fear it might come on when at work. But I have learned it is what it is. And if it comes on and I'm at work I just deal. For me a attack can last for hours. And when over completely worn out. I wish there was a solution. Some say its stress, some say its food. I can eat one thing one day and be fine and another I'm not. My heart goes out to those who struggle with it at a very young age. Feeling like another one coming on.. today I'm just thankful I am home.
—Guest sooverit..

I feel Helpless

Please if anyone can help me :'( I was diagnosed with IBS when I was in 9th grade. I now am a senior in high school. Dealing with this condition is a bitch, it's hell!! I honestly have days where I just want to die:( I get really sick after I eat it's all random food though.. I can eat anything at home sometimes but if I go out to eat with friends or something and I get a little bit nervous I get very sick!! Even if I didn't eat and I think about getting sick my stomach will instantly feel like I'm gonna have diarrhea. I get very uncomfortable gas and my stomach pops and stuff.. This has ruined my social life completely! I can't go out and have fun like my friends do all the time because I will get sick I can't have any relationship because I'm always sick and can't afford to make my stomach worse.. I just wish I had a normal life...
—Guest Natalie


Im 14 and i usually get 10 attacks a week the pain is unbelievable i try to numb it by jumping in a scorching hot shower and it hardly helps it kills my social life and sometimes i pray to know what it fells like to be normal. I cant have milk spices fast food. Popsicles help sometimes im scared to stay over at my friends because the possibility of a ibs attack at night... Which are the worst and there are no distractions to ease my pain other than netflix or maybe a game and that hardly helps. I can hardly live when an attack comes buy and even a normal bowel movements hurts sometimes.
—Guest Charles

Never ending

I have always had ibs but wasnt diagnosed until 6 years ago..Im glad to know what it is but upset because really nothing seems to help when in the middle of an attack.. at this moment, trying to push through an attack that seems Never Ending..3 days ....non stop pain... God how I wish there were a permanent cure..
—Guest dennes

Can anyone help me out?

I am a 15 year old girl with IBS. I've been diagnosed by a doctor and been prescribed medication. The meds don't seem to be working for me and I'm scared to go to school because I get stressed very easily and anxious about everything it seems. No in particular food makes me sick that I know of. if I think about getting sick again I get very upset and I end up sick again. It's a vicious cycle I can't escape. The sickness and pain leaves my in the washroom for at least a half an hour most times. Today I felt an attack coming on so I kept on breathing very deeply and for the first time it helped. I was still a little bit sick but there was next to no pain. I'm hoping that I can look towards a happy future where I'm not constantly worried about if I'm close enough to the bathroom. It's upsetting how many times I had to bail on friends and sports because of IBS, if anyone can help me out that would be amazing. Thanks
—Guest Elaine J

Just think about tomorrow

Having ibs is terrible, accompanied by diverticulitus is hell. Every day i wake up i spend at least 45 mins in the bathroom. Whether i eat right or cheat the night before doesn't matter. I get debilitating abdominal pain my skin turns red I get goosebumps and I sweat sometimes I feel like I'm just going to die. And no one understands the kind of pain I am in on a daily basis. I hate this I hate this I hate this. The only thing that seems to help is ibuprofen.
—Guest Arlafm

I'm so scared to go to school

I'm glad I found this website. I'm a 15 year old girl who constantly is sick. I was excited to go to a friends and i basically made myself sick and missed a whole class and then got in trouble for it. No one I've talked to has understood how horrible IBS feels. My doctor told me that's what I have. I get nevrvous and anxious over everything and I can't stop it. When I feel myself get worked up I try to breath deeply and do anything to calm myself but it never works. Also if I tell myself a certain food will make me sick (even if it's just all in my head) I get sick. I'm scared because I've missed too much school and I don't know what to do. My mother eventually said she wasn't going to pick me up anymore to take me home. The pain is horrible and it's embarrassing when someone comes into the bathroom when I'm in there. Any suggestions? I really could use some advice.
—Guest Nicole


I've lived with ibs for going on about four years now, I'm 30 and very active. Once I figured out that it was ibs that I had I thought my life was over I am going to deal with this condition for the rest of my life. Unfortunately the answer is yes however, I have found a few things that have greatly lowered the ibs attacks. I've always ate a lot of bread, cheese and basically anything with wheat. After my wife did a little research on it and came up with an idea I told her no way I don't think so. So I figured it was worth a shot I gave up wheat. Gluten is a protein in wheat that is naturally a gut irritant. I swear by it, I have not had a problem since giving up wheat the toughest part about it is everything that is good in the supermarket has wheat in it, you must check ingredients they put wheat in everything. I challenge you to try it for one month and it will blow your mind. I've also realized I can no longer eat dairy, without repercussions. High stress aggravates my gut as well.
—Guest Mike


Worried that i might have it ... I have had on and off pain in my anus for the past 2 weeks..feels like i'm constipated and ive tried eating healthy but still no sign of improvement....should i see a doctor?
—Guest fred

The struggle

I know how you all feel. Im 28 and have had ibs since I was 15. The pain is the worst. Hurts worst than my labor for all 3 kids. Certain oils trigger my episodes, but really anything could. I usually have them early mornings like 4:00am and they last from 2hrs until whenever. I hate this. I wish someone could figure something out.
—Guest Guest


im 15 years old, and cannot deal with this pain anymore. every day is a constant struggle and worry about how the next day of school is going to be. I stress over my attacks because they happen so constantly so I never know what to do. Additionally, even when im not worried about it or forget about it, my stomach will hurt out of nowhere and I will have an attack on the school bus in the morning or during my school day. im so embarrassed and can't live my life to it's fullest extent, the way I always wanted my life to be.. because of my IBS problem.
—Guest christina

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How Do You Get Through a Bad IBS Attack?

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