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Readers Respond: What Does Your IBS Pain Feel Like?

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Updated October 11, 2012


I hate my IBS. It brings nothing but misery. Cramps, pains, sweats, constipation and diarrhea. When I wake I usually manage to go to toilet but sorry folks I can't remember a solid stool. Sometimes there's a bit of blood and it worries me so much and i fear the worst. I have 2 young boys and I'm often wiped out and can't enjoy sports with them. If I eat anything more than an average size meal I soon need the toilet. It's also embarrassing as I usually have to find a toilet when we're out and about. I have seen the doc a few times but it's just IBS. Oh and did I mention my piles and I link them all together. IBS is a life of misery, thank god I have a loving family to keep a smile on my face. IBS sufferers I literally feel your pain.
—Guest Welsh Boy

i feel crazy

My IBS hits me on a daily basis. I have been in and out of the er several times a month because when ibs flares it feels literally like I am dying the symptoms I have are a cross of a heart attack and food poisoning I try to ignore the pain by watching t.v. or rocking. The doctors tell me every time that all my tests and CT scans are normal. I think I would be better off dead then living in pain like this every day. Thanks for hearing me out.
—Guest tawnya

IBS Pain

I've been dealing with IBS symptoms for over a year and a half, diarrhea every time I eat, horrible pain, not sleeping from the pain, and I had to give up my job because IBS was effecting my work performance. The dr. I saw who finally diagnosed me with IBS gave me adavant and told me that the pain and symptoms I've been experiencing are not real and are just in my head. But they are very real. The pain I experience is so bad that I am usually doubled over in pain and crying. The pain always comes out of nowhere and goes back and forth from being a strong, sharp pain to a throbbing pain to feeling like I have been punched in the stomach and am bruised. I have tried over the counter meds for the pain and diarrhea but nothing seems to help. Most weeks I go without sleep for 3-4 days because I get woken up with excruciating pain and can't get comfortable from it. I have had to stop living a "normal" life and it and it's been frustrating.
—Guest Kwest

Ibs w/constipation, gerd and anxiety

I've have ibs since I was 7 and now I'm 22 . I never ate much as a child and I still don't. Citrucel works best for me along with papaya enzymes and Ginger. I have acid reflux as well so my whole digestive system is screwed. I wish this on NO ONE! I also have anxiety that triggers my stomach problems so the time I feel the most comfortable is when I'm asleep.
—Guest April


Mine starts off with a bubbling in the stomach, progressive cramps, nausea, sweating and occasionally fainting due to the pain. After diarrhea, the pain eases. I always have to rush to the toilet in the morning too (even if it isn't playing up). Stimulants for me - dairy products (which I try to avoid completely), coffee, fizzy drinks and greasy food and of course stress.
—Guest Lou

Bad bloatings

I started having ibs 3 years ago when I had a c-section. It's not as bad as it was before, but it gets really bad when I get oily foods. I also get these horrible bloatings. It feels like contractions ! It really helped ease the pain when I breathe. I inhale from my nose, and exhale from my mouth. It really helps the bloating to stop. I get bloatings almost every morning. Also, when Im hungry, and then I get something to eat, I can feel the food drop down to my stomach but I'm still hungry, then I start having these contraction like pain.
—Guest AM

Ibs sufferer

Michelle, I also have ibs I also get it with foods that don't agree or even extreme distress. I get very intense cramps in lower abdomen which lasts until I have my stool. I get constipation and other times diarrhea, it's horrible.
—Guest Michelle

When I get IBS

I started getting it in about 6 th grade and wasn't diagnosed til 8th. I get diarrhea and constipation along with severe pain in my abdomen to the point where I'm doubled over. The pain subsides when I'm done with a BM but it's always hard to complete.
—Guest Kaitlyn


I started with lower abdo pain very low down like heavy period pains. I thought it might be a urine infection but the test was clear. I was sent for an abdo scan which was fine. I thought maybe a prolapse but no! I feel like I need to push out a baby but there isn't one. The pain is intense! The doc said maybe IBS but after reading this site it looks definite. Boohoo. I'm 53. I started eating a lot of berries recently so I'll cut that out and see what happens. It's difficult for family to understand. I spend a lot of time in bed.
—Guest anna


It starts with gurgling in my stomach, then pain in my belly, and sitting on the toilet with constipation. After several hours the diarrhea hits. Pain in lower back, and lower stomach, so bad it feels like labor pains. You're cold, but sweating, you feel you can't breath. Pain is so intense you feel you are going to pass out. During the course of the day u have several sessions. just as in labor when it finally subsides, there is relief, but you are worn out from dealing with the pain. worst part is you never know when it is going to strike, and change your whole day, or days. im 54, this has been happening for 24 yrs, as I'm getting older the pain almost seems unbearable. You actually almost think you are going to pass out, before the pain subsides. I can go days or weeks with no symptoms, and then bam.... the horror is upon you with no warning. I have no medical insurance, so I need suggestions on what one could do during these episodes.
—Guest gwen

No one deserves IBS

My IBS started when I was in 9th grade. At first I would get the symptoms sometimes. Once 10th grade started, it got terrible. I was constantly bloated, feeling sick, & if I didn't have a BM movement before school, I couldn't even go to school. I started taking half a xanax before school & for a few weeks it did help. Eventually it stopped helping though. I ended up missing the last 2 months of 10th grade. Because of IBS, I had to do online hours & I'm almost 20 and still haven't been able to graduate from always being sick. I've lost all of my friends/social life. I went from being an A student to failing my classes. I'm constantly depressed, feeling sick & in pain. It even caused Agoraphobia for me. The only thing that even gives me relief is xanax & pain medication. I've tried fiber supplements, probiotics, stool softeners, and nothing helps. I just pray to God one day there will be a cure. We all need to stay strong and not give up! God bless.


I've had Ibs for a while now and my pain is a constant aching in the lower abdomen with random severely sharp pains on my right side! And a horrible gurgling feeling! I'm bloated and look pregnant and I hate it!! As well as this I'm tired all the time my back hurts and I keep feeling sick and getting heartburn! And I'm definitely not pregnant I've been for four different ultrasounds and countless pregnancy tests! And I'm definitely not pregnant.. So beware that ibs can give you the same symptoms as pregnancy! :(
—Guest Demi


I have also been suffering with IBS since a very early age but since breaking my c1 vertebrae 20 months ago i have been experiencing daily pains worse than labour pains which last for hours - also nausea and not to mention been carried to the toilet at least a dozen times a day. I have tried buscopan and all the rest but unfortunately nothing seems to work. My only wish is that something is found soon which can help all sufferers´ what a terrible way to live :).
—Guest Debbie

whats going on

I had a bowel infection about 20 years ago. every time i ate anything i was running to the loo. Ever since then i have had IBS symptoms which are getting worse. my missus has found me on the floor doubled up in pain a few times. about three months ago the symptoms started again and two weeks ago i was hospitalized with a massive infection somewhere in my body but the doctors could not locate it. CT scan and ultra sound and they came back normal Got home last week and the aches and pains have calmed down in the right lower quadrant. Today the diarrhea and bloating started again.
—Guest Mr Neil

Pain down whole left side

I been suffering with ibs with 7 years. I'm 33 year old female. just in the last 15 months I have chronic pain down my left side including my arm and leg also my groin and under my rib cage. I thought the it was bad beforehand but now I'm in constant pain and the doctors say they can't do any thing for me. it makes my very down at the thought of living with it .
—Guest FIFi G

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