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Readers Respond: What Does Your IBS Pain Feel Like?

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Updated October 11, 2012


i woke up a couple days ago with extreme stomach cramps. It felt llike labor pains. I could barely walk. I went to the ER. They did a CT scan with contrast and could not find the cause of my pain. On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain was a 9 for about 6 hours. It persisted and my stomach got really sore and felt like I had had surgery. Food/water starts the cramping again. Can't imagine what this is. The ER doc said I should see my GI doc right away.
—Guest jonezee

Ibs pain symptoms

I have IBS. It hits within minutes of eating the trigger. I haven't narrowed down the trigger food but many things stimulate it: apples, chicken, sauces, grease, etc. I am quickly overcome with a intense need to use the toilet. If I try to hold it, my stomach aches, shortened breath, sweats. When I go it is pretty painful and almost feels like burning. It is never a complete solid. It hits in waves. I have to push to try and get it out but it is super uncomfortable, I get light headed, sweats, even moan into a towel. Once everything is gone. I feel a little better right away. I take it easy for a couple minutes and then back to normal after half and hour. No fun. Not unmanageable. It's only really bad when in public or on a road trip.
—Guest Hope I'm helpful

11 years strong

Im so glad I found this website but I hate whats going with my body. I haven't been diagnosed with ibs from the docter yet. I really feel like thats what wrong with me. Here are my symptoms: early mornings are the worst time for me, soon as I hit the floor im running to the bathroom. I'm very gassy, I go at least 3 times a day and my stool is always soft. I have bad stomach and abdominal pain, it feels like something is about to rip my inside out. I burp constanly I also been losing weight I guess because whatever I eat comes right back out. I used to sweat a lot I dont know if thats a symptom or not. Im tired of this, there should be something to stop this.
—Guest renee

IBS pain

Marijuana will make your IBS a thing of the past, if I'm lying then I'm dying!
—Guest blaine

Worse than labour

I'm 37 and was diagnosed with ibs at the age of 7. When I get these bouts it's actually worse than labour pain . The cramps and pain usually begin around 2am and I can nearly breath through it they get more intense right before it passes into the toilet ( like pee or water out my back end ) sorry don't mean to be gross. Then I'm shaking exhausted and dripping in sweat . So tired of this :(
—Guest Alwyn

is this something

Hey so my doctor seem to think I have IBS which is right cause I have all the stuff that comes with it! Anyways my left side of the stomach is swollen and when I push under the breast it hurts and all in my ribs now on the right side is all pushed in and hurts a lot under the breast bone and at the side to! Is that related to IBS to? I was wondering if anyone else has a push in right side and a swollen left side and also have IBS. I have problem going number two like I go once every two days and when I fell like I have to go I can't go, anyone else have that to? I'm afraid to go anywhere to the fear I'll get stomach cramps or really bad pains. I even don't get my period from time to time like I skip it for 3 months at a time! I'm only 24 and the specialist told me I'm too young to have a colon test. But does anyone else have this problem?
—Guest marissa

What do I have ?

A while back, I was hospitalized, guess I had an infection in my small intestine. They never found out why. But, ever since then, I have had mushy BM's, not trying to be gross, have to go all the time it seems like & it never feels like I'm completely finished. My bum constantly burns afterwards, gets itchy. I have woken up to go pee in the middle of the night, and after, I've doubled over on the floor with horrible stomach pain, more toward the lower pubic hair line. After rocking doubled over for about a half hour, it seems to go away. But, it definitely feels swollen in the rear part as well. I hate leaving the house, I never know when it's going to happen, not to mention running to the Bathroom. I stay away from greasy foods, that only makes it worse. Anyone else have the same problems ?

Male IBS

I do not know what it is like to have a period but the cramps I receive during an IBS attack make me feel as if I can sort of identify with women. My pain is in the lower middle abdomen and shoots pain down to my rectum. It stresses me out beyond belief which only makes it worse and since I also suffer from anxiety, the situation is impenetrable. Gas, bloating, vomiting, thank you Mom for passing this down to me.

Debitating pain

My pain is in the rt side under ribs, i feel like someone has stabbed me with a machete all the way thru to my back, feels like an open wound and someone is pouring salt in it while they are twisting the knife. Hurts so bad i get what i call the shiver shakes, i pray that it is only feels like labor pains because that would be 100% better. My bm looks like a porcupine, like i have chewed off my nails and they are sticking out of my bm. Also feels like i have some kind of animal inside when i am taking my bm that is clawing me on the inside all the way down, i even scream when i have bm. Lord please help me.
—Guest Wendy McIlveene

Finally hearing symptoms like mine

Just had a bad bout of pain. Of course it woke me up out of a dead sleep as usual. the pain is unreal. it get so bad it makes me shake all over. And the gas I have is really not normal. Then I have to vomit and it gets better. But sometimes something as small as tums help. This stuff is so terrible. And btw I've had 2 children and it is like having small contractions sometimes.
—Guest Tracey

Not sure what this is

I have periodic gas pains.. ( gas x my friend) I have started hurting..with painful spasm, bulging feeling on lower left side and it feels deep towards my back.. Resorted to colon cleanser and prunes, extra fiber for relief of constipation.. Very uncomfortable.. Sex is too uncomfortable when the symptoms are present .. Is this ibs ??
—Guest Gigi

Pain worse than contractions in labor

Thank you so much for all these comments. I have had this happen only twice but both times I ended up in ER in middle of the night. Pains made my vomit so much I was almost unconscious from dehydration. I will follow up with my doctor to change diet or do whatever it takes to never have that pain again.
—Guest Quest

IBS taking over

Ibs is awful its literally taken over my life the bloating is so severe I can't wear pretty dresses as I get asked if im pregnant. I can't drink alcohol which is depressing me and I literally can't eat a thing without upsetting it. This all happened 6 months after I had my 1st baby and I pray one day it will disappear. The pains in the morning when I wake up are hateful just like period pain. I also get cramps during the day especially when im stressed out I've cut out coffee and chewing gum that has really helped.
—Guest Juliette

Living hell

SEVERE spasming contractions in my gut that start just below my right breast and penetrates all the way through the exact opposite side of my back. These symptoms last me for five days, but I am only going to write about the first three days. The first three days are the most horrifying days for me. These severe attacks last me for three days straight without stopping. I can't eat, sleep, or leave the house. My esophagus muscles fail to function I can't even swallow water and if I dare take a sip it goes down hard as if I we're swallowing hard cement. Vicodin does nothing for me so I don't bother taking it.
—Guest Sylvia


It feels like something has grabbed my insides and is pulling down on them. I can't stand, I get light headed, and my ears fade in and out. Sitting or laying down helps relieve the pain. Comparable to the pain of kidney stones, but in a different location.
—Guest Jimmy

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What Does Your IBS Pain Feel Like?

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