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Readers Respond: What Does Your IBS Pain Feel Like?

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Updated October 11, 2012


I started with lower abdo pain very low down like heavy period pains. I thought it might be a urine infection but the test was clear. I was sent for an abdo scan which was fine. I thought maybe a prolapse but no! I feel like I need to push out a baby but there isn't one. The pain is intense! The doc said maybe IBS but after reading this site it looks definite. Boohoo. I'm 53. I started eating a lot of berries recently so I'll cut that out and see what happens. It's difficult for family to understand. I spend a lot of time in bed.
—Guest anna


It starts with gurgling in my stomach, then pain in my belly, and sitting on the toilet with constipation. After several hours the diarrhea hits. Pain in lower back, and lower stomach, so bad it feels like labor pains. You're cold, but sweating, you feel you can't breath. Pain is so intense you feel you are going to pass out. During the course of the day u have several sessions. just as in labor when it finally subsides, there is relief, but you are worn out from dealing with the pain. worst part is you never know when it is going to strike, and change your whole day, or days. im 54, this has been happening for 24 yrs, as I'm getting older the pain almost seems unbearable. You actually almost think you are going to pass out, before the pain subsides. I can go days or weeks with no symptoms, and then bam.... the horror is upon you with no warning. I have no medical insurance, so I need suggestions on what one could do during these episodes.
—Guest gwen

No one deserves IBS

My IBS started when I was in 9th grade. At first I would get the symptoms sometimes. Once 10th grade started, it got terrible. I was constantly bloated, feeling sick, & if I didn't have a BM movement before school, I couldn't even go to school. I started taking half a xanax before school & for a few weeks it did help. Eventually it stopped helping though. I ended up missing the last 2 months of 10th grade. Because of IBS, I had to do online hours & I'm almost 20 and still haven't been able to graduate from always being sick. I've lost all of my friends/social life. I went from being an A student to failing my classes. I'm constantly depressed, feeling sick & in pain. It even caused Agoraphobia for me. The only thing that even gives me relief is xanax & pain medication. I've tried fiber supplements, probiotics, stool softeners, and nothing helps. I just pray to God one day there will be a cure. We all need to stay strong and not give up! God bless.


I've had Ibs for a while now and my pain is a constant aching in the lower abdomen with random severely sharp pains on my right side! And a horrible gurgling feeling! I'm bloated and look pregnant and I hate it!! As well as this I'm tired all the time my back hurts and I keep feeling sick and getting heartburn! And I'm definitely not pregnant I've been for four different ultrasounds and countless pregnancy tests! And I'm definitely not pregnant.. So beware that ibs can give you the same symptoms as pregnancy! :(
—Guest Demi


I have also been suffering with IBS since a very early age but since breaking my c1 vertebrae 20 months ago i have been experiencing daily pains worse than labour pains which last for hours - also nausea and not to mention been carried to the toilet at least a dozen times a day. I have tried buscopan and all the rest but unfortunately nothing seems to work. My only wish is that something is found soon which can help all sufferers´ what a terrible way to live :).
—Guest Debbie

whats going on

I had a bowel infection about 20 years ago. every time i ate anything i was running to the loo. Ever since then i have had IBS symptoms which are getting worse. my missus has found me on the floor doubled up in pain a few times. about three months ago the symptoms started again and two weeks ago i was hospitalized with a massive infection somewhere in my body but the doctors could not locate it. CT scan and ultra sound and they came back normal Got home last week and the aches and pains have calmed down in the right lower quadrant. Today the diarrhea and bloating started again.
—Guest Mr Neil

Pain down whole left side

I been suffering with ibs with 7 years. I'm 33 year old female. just in the last 15 months I have chronic pain down my left side including my arm and leg also my groin and under my rib cage. I thought the it was bad beforehand but now I'm in constant pain and the doctors say they can't do any thing for me. it makes my very down at the thought of living with it .
—Guest FIFi G


Hey all, IBS is extremely bad for some of us. I have had it so bad that I could not even move my foot to hit the brake of the car returning home from LA. (Did it anyway.) My story is I have had IBS for years. Unfortunately is has become worse as time has gone by. I DID HOWEVER FIND RELIEF WITH ANTIDEPRESSANTS. I take 1.5 mg of Alprazolam per day in order to reduce the pain. I think I am going to have to up the meds in the near future, but it has helped greatly. If I did not take them I could not leave the house due to cramps and runs all day every day. There is no cure, but it can managed. Maybe this will help some of you as it has helped me. Best of luck!
—Guest Everyone

I just want my IBS to go away!

I have had IBS-D since I was 17 years old. It has been 30 years that I have been dealing with this issue. The worst part is the intense pain I can only describe to non sufferers as, intense labor pains. Sometimes I also have nausea. My condition has become chronic in the last ten years or so. I have learned to identify most of the foods that trigger an attack. I have pain daily! This is not how I pictured my life as I got older.
—Guest Heidi

IBS Razor

It's as if I've swallowed a razor blade, and I can feel it--inch by miserable inch--as it courses and carves through my intestines.
—Guest Shelley


My doctor told me to take miralax. You can buy it over the counter. It ia just something to help you have a bowel movement. No cure by any means and sometimes it doesn't even work. I still have constipation for days at a time until my body finally starts to have a bm and then i am i have very painful contractions until i am finally able sometimes up to 2 hours later after the pain starts to finally have a bm. So i just wish they could come up with more to treat or cure this problem.
—Guest anonymous

ibs sufferer

Yeah! Every time i have ibs attack it feels like i am giving birth because of the terribly painful contractions i have up until i am able to get relief by giving birth to a large dump. Usually it is semi-solid with diarrhea. These painful contractions can usually go on for a while until i have this unusual BM! I think part of the reason i have this ibs is because i eat the wrong things and eat to much at a time so it kind of piles up inside me and then is painful on the way out. It usually starts off with me having painful contractions they can last for 2 hours sometimes before my body allows me to have a bowel movement. The worst thing is when this happens in the middle of the night and keeps me awake for several hours losing sleep when i have to get up early in the morning to go to work but i cannot sleep cause of the pain.
—Guest in pain


I have never given birth but after dealing with IBS I believe I now know how it feels! I will get this very intense wave of pain come over me in which I HAVE to push and then again and again and again! It seriously feels like my insides are coming out! And then my stools will be so acidic that it feels like bum is on fire and very painful that it will sometimes bring me to tears. I have found though that applying some cornstarch baby powder will help to lessen the burning feeling. Now for this past week I have had a nauseated stomach. The flu has been going around but not sure if that is what I have as I do not vomit, my IBS has just gone into overdrive! I hate having this IBS! Sometimes just the thought of some foods will cause my stomach to react! Stress and nerves will also set it off! When I started my current position at work, for the first week after the training it set in really badly! When I have a bout of it i can sometimes run to the washroom 4-6 times in the run of an hour!
—Guest Carrie

IBS-C pain

Oh I'm so sorry to read so many suffer from this condition. I've only been dealing with it for 3 months and already I'm losing my mind. My pain is generally isolated to the lower left abdomen when the acute cramping begins. Pain feels exactly like a contraction except it's more concentrated in one area (rather than radiating through my abdomen). After an attack my intestines feel tender and sore, as if they've been wrung out to dry. There's no rhyme or reason as to what triggers the pain, it comes on out of the blue. It's bring you to your knees kind of pain. I also have the awful full feeling that comes with chronic constipation which in turn causes additional pain. My days are spent either doubled over in pain or running to the restroom a dozen times a day. The pain is overwhelming, the other symptoms are horrible/painful. For me, chronic pain causes depression (how many times can one say ~ I just hurt all over). It gets old.
—Guest MJ

ibs in 2012

I can go for months with no flare ups, but when I do have a bout, it hits me off & on for a week or two. I really wish I knew what foods could be causing this. I would give up my very favorites not to be in this pain, which can be so intense that I feel like I may throw up. You'd think if the medical field has come so far as to transplant a kidney, lung, heart, etc. surely they can come up with a cure for ibs.
—Guest painful

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