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Readers Respond: What Does Your IBS Pain Feel Like?

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Updated October 11, 2012

It Gets Better

I started having trouble at age 15 or so. Started off as just occasional upset and then went downhill fast. Pain and embarrassing noises where my biggest issue. I developed a huge anxiety for quiet places and I was terrified to leave home in fear of an 'episode'. When I went away to college something had to be done, I had to go to class and get over this issue. After tons of home remedies and doctors visits I have switched to dairy free foods, and cut out greasy stuff entirely. I plan classes later in the day because the morning is my worst time. Last but definitely not least my doctor gave me hycosomine! Life saver! I swear that stuff has changed my life. I rarely ever have issues anymore. Best of luck to anyone with this issue, it can be terrible...
—Guest Amelia

Is this really IBS

I have a constant ache in my back and lower left side towards groin area, it started after a bout of cystitis but bloods for kidney function were good. I had a colonoscopy and that was clear too! I don't have cramping and I go to the toilet every day mainly and they are not watery stools, loose mainly but they have always been that way!! I think it is a gynecological problem but doctor says it's IBS!!!!
—Guest Nala

Is it IBS?

For about 3 years I've had bad gas pains, occasional bouts of belching and occasional left-sided discomfort under my ribs--feels like an organ or my intestine is inflamed/irritated. My bm's are 1x/day and almost always soft and not runny. My symptoms disappear following my bm for at least a few hours. I went gluten-free and that has helped tremendously (but not completely) with everything but the left-sided abd. pain which returned (after a few months of relief) after a night of moderate drinking. The next day, my left side was tender to the touch and the gas returned for a day or two. That was 10 days ago. I'm still having mild left-sided pain and also some cramping on that side. I've had CT's, blood work (including tests for Celiac) and ultrasounds. Everything always comes back normal. Compared to most of what I've read on here, my problem is tolerable, but my biggest fear is it's something life-threatening like cancer. Any thoughts? I pray to the Lord Jesus for your permanent relief.
—Guest Sandy

Check your pancreas

I've had upper left abdominal pain for 15 years that grew increasingly worse. I've been to 7-8 different GI doctors - had every test known to man and all they kept telling me was IBS. This was BS for me as I have regular bowel movements. Came down with acute pancreatitis 18 months ago - took two ERCP procedures but finally found and fixed the problem - I have pancreas divisum. Have your Amylase and Lipase (pancreatic hormones) checked - could be your pancreas behind your undiagnosed problems.
—Guest BT

heres help

My doctor gave me muscle spasm medicine and muscle relaxers. I take those and believe it or not it goes away.
—Guest here

pin pain

at the moment pin like prodding sensation under my bust and around. dr, says its my ibs, anyone else had it?
—Guest sndra oxley


I have been suffering from IBS for about 2 years now and also experience vasovagal reflex which is the unbearable pain, sweats, aching muscles, all that you have previous described. Now I'm no doctor and I would always suggest being checked out by one first but I eat pineapple which is good for the gut, take probiotics, high dose. Don't eat gluten, diary, onions, broccoli, cabbage. Eat a little and often. I am also lucky to have a fantastic husband who when I start to feel poorly gives me reiki which works for me. Also when you start to get the pain, cross your legs, squeeze your muscles together in the tops of your legs and lean forward. Good luck to you all, I know how horrid this is but the trick I'm sure is healing your gut and DON'T get stressed and anxious!
—Guest Jay

It can get better

Cramping! Stabbing! The pain gets so bad I throw up at time and that is the worst! I sweat bad as if im on fire so I found it helps when I make my self so cold that my body is freezing and everyone around. I will keep feeling like I have to go but nothing and I believe at most times I am really going to die and to try to help the pain I bit my hand to try to get the pain to go somewhere else. Well I will say that since my hysto at age 25 and im now 28 I really haven't had any problems. Before that I would not leave my house everyone would try to get me to leave but I would take to steps out side and run right to the bathroom everytime I could feel good hours before but dont dare step outside like my stomach had control over me! I was 17 when it started on me and school and school bus rides where so scary for me everyday! But to the girl that thinks she will never leave her home again there is hope and I really thought the same way when I was your age im to young to live like this.
—Guest amy

IBS I think not

I am cramping awful! But it is mainly at night! I do not have diarrhea, usually have a soft bowel every few days. I get little relief from a very hot tub & heating pad. It usually gets unbearable 12 pm to 2:30 ish am. It hurts around my stomach and back. I need sleep.
—Guest Carolyn


Hi, I feel your pain. IBS, fibro, lupus, endometriosis, hysterectomy, gallbladder surgery. But, I have come across help!! Try an elimination diet. It's best to cut back all possible trigger foods in the beginning. you may just be incredibly amazed. My fibro-fog is going away too!!! Respond if you want more info. I can share. :)
—Guest julie

Crying and screaming in pain

I have had ibs symptoms for 3 years now, next week I am finally going to my doctor for it (finally got health insurance) & I am really scared that it is gonna turn out to be ibs and there is gonna be nothing they can do about it. My ibs pain is so bad that I cry and sometimes scream. The other horrible part is is that my family and friends just assume that I am being a baby and "how bad can it really hurt". It definite flares up after drinking a lot of caffeine or eating greasy food, or around my period . I have also noticed that it gets really unbearable if I anxious (which I am a lot, usually get horrible cramping and stabbing pain in my intestines and have diarrhea 5-10 times a day. It keeps me from going out with friends and having a social life. I'm 21 and I can't imagine living my life like this. As I'm reading everyone's post I'm literally crying cause I know how bad it really is and am not looking forward to spending the rest of my life like this, if you can really call this a life.
—Guest Ruining my life

unknown pain

I've been in pain for 3 days now and I don't know what's going on but I've cried, I've screamed in pain, I need help. It starts with sharp stabbing pain in my head then my stomach goes in complete knots, I sweat, mouth waters, and then of course all I can do is throw up and pass watery bowel movements. I go to bed rocking in pain and it lets up when I fall asleep but I wake up so sweaty and starting the cycle all over. I don't know what is but I see some similarities with everyone's post. Pray you all get peace. Thank you.
—Guest hurting1

IBS nightmare

I have diagnosed myself with IBS because despite seeing about 6 different medical specialists for the intense, constant pain I have felt for about 5 years now, no Dr. has ever even suggested IBS (C type). I have done elimination diets myself, and decided that this is what I indeed suffer from, and I empathize with ALL of you on here. I feel like my insides are being twisted, pulled out, turned inside out, yanked, etc... I get bloated to the point where I look like i am 8 months pregnant. I cannot even touch my abdomen ANYWHERE its that painful. It keeps me awake at night, mostly in tears. I have cut out basically every food that I enjoy (dairy, gluten, caffeine, animal protein, chocolate), and do not have much of a social life because this horrible dis-ease RUNS my life. Its a NIGHTMARE.
—Guest crochetchick

Never Ending

I'm a 25 year old female no children, yet. I've had these "flare ups" since childhood. And by flare ups I mean excruciating pain where I'm fighting vomiting it hurts so bad. I've spent at least 30% of my lifetime on or near a toilet. Feeling the constant urge to go while in pain and nauseous. Doctors have never fully diagnosed me with IBS but they've also said it could be Lactose Intolerance, Celiacs disease, Ulcerative Colitis & Crohns. I've never found relief from anything. I've been fired from a job for taking too many bathroom trips & the list goes on. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy and if this is similar to child bearing, well I'm not deterred :) But definitely wish I could find help.
—Guest Christina

IBS Living

Contractions. Sometimes the pain is so bad, I have to literally do the breathing exercises that I did when I had my first baby. I am 51 and have had this since I was approximately 29. It has ruled my life. I have to use a motorized cart at Walmart and other places with concrete floors, because walking on concrete exacerbates IBS symptoms.
—Guest Netnron

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