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Readers Respond: What Does Your IBS Pain Feel Like?

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Updated October 11, 2012

finally.. something that works

After fighting with IBS-C for the past couple of years, I was told by an emergency doctor to try using Lactulose. I was hesitant because I'm afraid of using to much stuff and my bowel becoming lazy. I decided to try it, and for the past month I have had wonderful results. The dosage is a bit of trial and error, the first week I saw a bit of results but nothing to brag about, but now I am able to go almost daily. I've been taking 20 ml everyday, with lots of water. The extra water is very important because it draws water from your body to the bowel to keep everything soft and moving. I now have to cut back a bit on the dose because it's almost working a little to much, but it's a definite improvement. The pains that would give me goosebumps, make me sweat and leave me doubled over have not totally gone away, but are definitely at a more bearable level. Even my bloating has gone away. I hope this helps someone deal with this awful affliction. Talk to your doctor first. My best to you all.
—Guest Donna

Wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy.

I have had ibs for over ten years. Started when I was a freshman in high school. The pain is horrible. Sharp shooting pains all over my stomach. Gas and bloating. I'd say about 85% of the time after I eat my ibs pains flare up. Usually hurts every morning. Coffee is a big no no... Also if I'm feeling anxious about anything I'll get ibs pains... Like I said I wouldn't wish this on anybody.
—Guest Melissa


I have just read all the entries on this site and it is nice to know that other people feel the same symptoms as I do. From what i have read I would rather have had babies than put up with this pain at least you have something at the end of that!! The stomach cramps and contractions are awful and end up going to bed and lying in a ball and keeping warm with my wheat bag. I have got an appointment in March at Guys Hospital to see about the FODMAP regime so fingers crossed will get some good info from them.
—Guest Kylie


Pain in lower abdomen, shows up and wakes me in the morning, pulse feeling, tender, bloated and gas. Have had every test there is over two years before IBS diagnosis, antipressants worked on spasms but made me feel awful. Research on nutrition, stress and IBS led me to a place where I can live with moderate periodic symptoms... absolutely no caffeine or alcohol (stimulate intestines), LOW sugar (a donut would set me off badly), and finally little to NO dairy. I use heated rice bags frequently when low crawling pain exits and manually rotate the lower abdomen in a clockwise fashion, especially when bloated or to relieve cramping. I read where 80% of IBS sufferers are somewhat intolerate of dairy... After many months I had a 1/2 glass of wine and was so miserable... now sticking to the NO Caffeiene, NO Dairy, No Alcohol and NO donuts. Who else has nutrition answers?
—Guest cann


My stomach feels like there's a balloon in it which deflates and inflates repeatedly blowing gas bubbles through my stomach. i get a gnawing and burning feeling. i feel terrible. i feel throbbing when i touch my stomach. it's tender to the touch.
—Guest idontwannahurt


I have a low abdominal pain that feels raw tender, pretty much all of the time. When I have to go to the bathroom, the pain can get extremely sharp, like labour pains. Bending and lifting makes it worse, all I can do when I feel bad is go to bed, run to the bathroom when required, and wait until the spell blows over.I can have several acute incidents a day when I am in a diarrhea mode, gluten, milk and sugar seem to make it worse. It can take a day or two to recover, then I am back to the raw, bloated feeling in the lower abdomen. I feel slightly nauseated most of the time, but when I have an attack, my stomach seems to rebel too. I'm left with the decision of what end to put over the toilet. This nausea is new, when I was younger, I had a spell, then would recover in a few hours, now its days.

IBS Sufferer

Hi all, I have been suffering from IBS for well over 6 years. Even now I have some good days and bad days but am feeling much better overall. It is very difficult to deal with IBS due to the cruel nature of it. I found that trying to keep my mind off it is very difficult, I know, due to the intense pain, day and night, for which seems like forever. Also trying to stay happy and cheerful rather then feel down and depressed which makes it worse. I appreciate that it can end your social life and make going to work and being at work a real-life nightmare but don't give up. Try to cut down on dairy products and spicy foods. Exercise can help a lot even if you are doing a bit at a time. it seems to take some tension off your body and give you a slight ease of pain. Unfortunately there is no one thing that will take IBS away completely but in time it will get better. Taking colpermin and other such tabs can make it worse if you can't go and you are trying to go. Eat slowly, it helps.
—Guest Zaf

Most excruciating cramping

My doctor had to put me on "Librax" because I get cramping that is worse than any kidney stone I've ever had & having labor pains. If I miss a dose, I will actually throw up from the pain while on toilet until med. kicks in in 2 hours.
—Guest Nichole

pain be gone

Contractions that never seem to end....cramping, gassy, and severe pain that never lets you know when it is going to show up and rear its ugly head...I wish you would be gone, you will not be missed.
—Guest loribirn

My ibs pain feels like

My ibs pain feels like i've been holding a wee for a very long time! My belly really hurts if I hold a wee for too long and that's what it feels like for me even though I would have just had a wee or sometimes it can feel like I'm starving but I would have just eat.
—Guest Isla

I.b.s pains

Mine is I.B.S-C. There's four different types. Honestly i can't work out which pain is worse, when deciding between birth pain and i.b.s pain. I'd be shocked if they didn't use the same sphincter muscles. As you get contractions, sooooooo. Not sure i can even bear another round of i.b.s. I've come to the conclusion that the pain is a bit much. Why would i eat ever again, only to go through it again? It's pure evil.
—Guest SarahLund


I have suffered with this horrible disorder for over 2 years now. I have had 2 children and the pain from IBS seems to be worse. I can go for a couple of weeks without going to the washroom. The pain usually starts on my left side, but can be in my abdomen, back or right side. It feels like something is squeezing my insides, or an elastic is pulled WAY to tight inside of me. The cramps can sometimes hurt so much they will leave me breathless and in a cold sweat. I hope at some point they can find a cure for this. I'm so happy to hear I'm not the only one who suffering with this. Not that I wish this on anyone else, but to know I'm not losing it!!
—Guest Donna

is it ibs

mine don't appear to be as bad like some on here, had all the tests they can't find anything wrong. dull, mild pain across low abdomen radiates up towards my kidneys and lower back, both sides, sometimes i feel like a pulse in my lower abdomen, kinda like its dancing?? abdomen tender to the touch and gets bloated, get spells of major wind and feel like i need toilet even if i've just been, nothing there though. is this ibs because nobody seems able to help me!
—Guest jon

Depressingly painful

pain in the lower left side of the abdomen, then going to the right side, then at the middle, also had an acid reflux, (but i managed it by not getting panicky,,, seems being on a panic triggers acid reflux),, i noticed that the symptoms occurs after getting stressed out specially at work,,, i always worry that i have some sort of deadly disease,,,, but doctors said all normal, blood, urine, heart, abdominal x ray normal,,, thinking of colonoscopy and endoscopy,,,, painful to the point of me wishing,, " i want my life back"
—Guest Dash

ibs pain

i was so sure my ibs pain was ovary pain. it was particularly in my right hand side but also milder in my left too. it was so low in my abdomen - i.e. at my pelvis region and on the right it goes up to underneath my ribs. i spent months worrying sick thinking of all the things that could be wrong with my reproductive organs, and had myself almost convinced i had some kind of cancer, until i finally plucked up the courage to go to the doctor who brought up the subject of ibs. i hadn't been paying any attention to my bowels as i was so convinced it was something else, but now i look back over recent months it all makes sense- onset of symptoms at a very stressful period at work, pain easing off after bowel movements, eases off when lying down too- also during a recent week off work my symptoms didn't seem as bad, i.e. less stress! have been given antispasmodics and the improvement is amazing! anyone with any tips on good foods, please share!xx
—Guest kez

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