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Readers Respond: What Does Your IBS Pain Feel Like?

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Updated October 11, 2012

:( woke up at 3 & 6

I am 17 years old and about to go into my senior year of high school. I was diagnosed with IBS in 6th grade. I've never had a child nor have I been pregnant. I plan to have children someday and reading the posts about how IBS cramps feel like and are often worse than contractions, I feel like giving birth is going to be a piece of cake compared to IBS. I was with my boyfriend last night and got cramps. got home at 1120. Went to bed at 1. Woke up at 3 with cramps again. felt the nausea. had the bathroom, trash can on my lap. had to take a hot bubble bath afterwards because it usually helps to have warm water on my lower abdominal region. didn't help too much. not to mention I had some stupid song in my head. so after my bath I laid in bad listening to older Disney movie songs which I have on my phone. the classical feel soothes my stomach. like in Alice in Wonderland or Cinderella. I also have Bella notte from lady & the tramp that I listened to. and it did help. then went to sleep.
—Guest Lindsey

Sever pain

I don't know if I have IBS but the postings on this board leave me to believe so. I've had history of ulcers in the past, but this is sooooooo much more than that. When the pain comes on it's like someone has taken a hot serrated knife and is just stabbing and twisting the knife over and over. At it's worst, it feels like someone has reached into me and is grabbing, squeezing and twisting my guts into mush. When those times occur I sweat profusely, pain radiates to my arms and legs and lower intestine, and I grit my teeth with every spasm. I work at a very physical job for up to 12 hours a day and when the spasms start it's like a nightmare. I pace around and deep breathe, but I have to lift and such continuously so the pain stops for a few minutes and then comes back full force. I'm at whits end trying to figure out what is actually wrong with me and how to control the pain when it decides to show up.
—Guest kristi5676

Constant nagging pain

My pain is in the lower left hand side and is there all the time although worse during the night. If I could cut my side open and remove whatever's making me hurt I would do it. I don't know what to do with myself when it's at it's worst and painkillers don't work!!
—Guest summasunz

IBS Pain

It feels like I swallowed shards of glass and they are working their way through my lower abdomen. Nothing relieves it.

PAINFUL-please rd need help!!!!

The pain is so intense all I do I cry to my mother to make it stop. I get nauseous, sweaty, passing out feeling, endless going for half an hour straight. I get weak and the pain meds that I was given i can't take till I'm out of the bathroom. I get pain down my legs and they eventually go numb. Oh and did i mention I also have gastroparesis with an emptying time of over two hrs!!!!!! So when I can finally take my meds it takes two hrs before they start working. It's the worse, sometimes I just wish I was dead so I wouldn't be going through the pain. My stomach hurts so bad, all of it and my back that even a thin t-shirt touching my stomach kills me afterwards. Also the pain never goes away after I have the bowel movements!!!!!! By The time i can finally curl up in bed my stomach is still killing me, I can't breathe, and I am at such a loss! I don't think the doctors can do anything else for me. What I need lol is a permanent IV in place where I can put pain meds during an attack!
—Guest Rnchrissy

too much pain

Contraction like pain that seem to last forever, can't make the slightest move and start sweating so much that the sweat drips from my face and arms. There's no set time of day, it comes @ whatever time. It usually last about 10 to 20 minutes than I have bm, watery and the pain is gone but end up achy. As the pain is taking place I feel dizzy and nauseous. Once its over I have no energy and have passed out, waking up 45 minutes to an hour later very weak. Thank God I don't get them often. I used to get them about once a year but lately every 2 To 3 months.
—Guest nena


iv had 3 children and am expecting my fourth (one of which is an angel now) and this pain is so much worse then the ibs. I swear its getting worse. im at the break down point now. I could just cry. u cant take anything for it. its distorting my life . I know stress causes flare ups but the flare up itself is stressing me. its been bad for so long now seems it wont calm :'( wouldnt wish this on anybody. youre all so brave to deal with this . xx
—Guest vikki

Waves of Pain!

I have excruciating pain that comes in waves. I have had 2 babies and this is equally painful, if not more so. I too have balled up on the bathroom floor. I have thrown up with the pain, I have passed out before. Sometimes, my abdomen is very distended at the time, sometimes not. I break out into a sweat, strip down, then when the pain eases off, I get cold. Cycle repeats. When I do finally have that "release", I feel 100% better immediately. Following that, my abdomen feels sore inside for about 24 hours. I dont wish this on anyone.

IBS / Celiacs disease

Have any of you tried getting tested for Celiacs disease? Its an allergy to wheat but its in everything including coffee, ketchup, bread, cereal, grain fed animals etc. It can cause the same symptoms and left untreated it is life threatening. The best way to get tested for it is a stomach biopsy. I hear its painless and they put you to sleep for it. Im going in next week for one. They told me IBS but the doctors have no proof they just say thats what they believe it is. I disagree. I wont stop til I find relief as being in this much pain is no life, something has to be the cause and Im determind to find it..Good luck to you all..I hope you find relief...
—Guest Chrissy

Serrated Knife

My IBS-M Pain Feels Like Ive Been Stabbed With A Serrated Knife And Someone Is Running It Back And Forth In My Lower AbdomeN. At The SaMe Time There Is An Intense Pressure From.My Lower Back Through My Sacrum. It Can Hit In The Morning, DuRing A Car Ride, After A Big Meal Or The Next Few Days After A Big Emotional upset?
—Guest Kristi


I've never given birth but im 99% sure that's what it feels like absolutely excruciating to the point i have passed out in the past. I fainted on the bus got off bus fainted again then had to call a ambulance and started having bad diarrhea. Im in pain now ive taken immodium and mintec so it should stop soon. The pain is so bad you feel nauseous and weak plus start sweating. I've also curled up on the bathroom floor before begging my husband not to leave my side.
—Guest Hardcore pain

Near fainting

I was diagnosed with spastic colon when I was 21. Dr. Prescribed librax which worked wonderfully. The symptoms went away mostly throughout my 50's. I am now 68 and have aching on left side before Bm and twice I have had strong urge to go accompanied by a feeling coming over me as if I was going to pass out. I relieve myself and then I'm ok.
—Guest Dede

lasting pain

sore middle stomach for years, starts in the morning after a good rest at night. tenderness like somebody hit me in the stomach. please help if you have any idea.
—Guest Lucy Rascon

Lower pain

Im 13 years old and it's the middle of the night. My lower intestines hurt right below my stomach so bad I wish I could vomit for it to be gone. I am having diarrhea over and over. I have 4 pieces of pizza and 2 chicken legs today, I keep burping and the pain stops once in a while for about 10-15 minutes then comes back for another 5 then I have diarrhea.
—Guest Drew

very bad pain

My ibs pain can last sometimes hours or days, I feel sick, sweaty. I feel drained, I can't focus, its horrible. I can't even explain to anyone what my pain feels like, but i'd do labour over and over compared to this.
—Guest lucy

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