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Readers Respond: What Does Your IBS Pain Feel Like?

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Updated October 11, 2012

Why me ?! :(

Hey everyone thank you so much for sharing this. I thought.nobody would understand me and look at me weird. I'm 15 and every time I get this it is unexpected. I take pain killers but I feel the pain for at least an hour till the pain killers kick in. I hate it. I wish nobody had this. Every time I tell one of my friends they don't know how blessed they are not to feel this shit. I have to go to.the bathroom every time I get it. I can't breath without it hurting more. After its all over I just fall back dizzy and I'm weak I barely can carry anything. I"m going to the hospital. I'm tired of this pain without warning!
—Guest Abi Elvir

is there no cure?

I've had ibs diarrhea prominent cramps for about 10 years. Some say its lactose intolerance, some say ibs, some say both. All I know is the pain comes in contractions (the closer together they are... you better find a toilet!) And the pain is unbearable. I can't describe the feeling but sharp in the intestines and it radiates. I also usually feel light headed and get cold sweats. And ladies, when it mixes with menstrual cramps...worst pain of your entire life. It is so terrible. Doctors never take me seriously because by the time I can get off the floor to see someone, the pain is gone and all tests come back normal. Sucks.
—Guest yowza

IBS is seriously going to kill me.....

As i'm sitting at my desk now, at work this pain is unbearable, it's contracting and it feels as if someones turning my big intestine...it's the worse pain ever, i hvae 2 kids and this is worse then giving birth, what can i use, anyone, pls HELP!
—Guest Cant take it anymore!

ibs pain

anyone experience sudden sharp pains right after eating and then later not only sharp pains but my whole intestine spasms and causes anxiety, with dizziness, just feel awful like I am gonna crawl out of my skin or have a heart attack, horrible.
—Guest jes

its killing me

i'be had it for 6 years, left side pain, now it start on the right side and mid back pain, sticky stool, constpation....ouch my god every day pain...what can i do...help me.
—Guest ami


Have been suffering with IBS for 6 months. Can't belive that the CT SCAN showed normal when the pain is so bad. Something must be causing it. Most of the time the pain is mild and I live with it but for the last few days have been doubled up in agony - why! This pain is mostly on the right side, generally all over the lower abdomen.
—Guest Judith

Nightmare that became reality

I'm 18 years old, and my IBS is absolutely terrible; a living nightmare. This is the worst pain I have ever experienced. I can't tell when it's going to happen, until it just does, and lasts anywhere from a couple hours to a few days. The pain is unbearable, and sometimes I even found myself screaming and crying. If I am on my feet while one of the thrashing cramps happen, I collapse. I have to be helped to the bathroom every single time this happens. The pulsing pains only last for about 20-30 seconds, and then it stops for about 2-3 minutes, and repeats that process for a long period of time. Between and after, it's like a uncomfortable soreness. I have never given birth, but I could imagine it's worse than that. I describe it as someone stabbing a jagged knife into me repeatedly while twisting. It's so bad that I've been sent to the hospital multiple times. The only relief I have found is to be distracted, which is extremely hard for me. I wouldn't wish this kind of pain on anyone!!
—Guest young sufferer


For me the worst ibs comes when im going to the bathroom. Its lower intestine pain. Its so severe at times that ill find myself haunched over crying. At times i wonder if i may need to even go to the hospital.
—Guest K

My IBS pain

I am 17, I've had this problem since I was a sophomore in high school. My pain is in the middle of my stomach, and it feels like someone is squeezing, cutting, punching ,twisting, and all of the above to my stomach. I wouldn't say that it's a "contraction" because I've never had a kid. I would say when on my period it just makes the pain worse. Also, because I have moderate scoliosis..the pain tends to go all around. I sometimes walk around with my arm pushed into my stomach, pushing it into it. For the past 3 days now I've had diarrhea no matter what I eat, mainly applesauce and chicken broth. The pain is unbearable in my stomach, it's the worse I've ever felt. Worse then when a rusted nail cut into my side, worse then a cavity. I wouldn't want anyone to go through this. I also get migraine headaches with it, and I throw up sometimes.
—Guest Angie


Whenever I am cold I get very very bad stomach pains and it feels like my stomach muscles are pushing against each other. I relieve the pain by lying down and staying warm.
—Guest Anonymous

what ibs feels like

I get severe pain in my lower right abdomen. I get indigestion. I am mostly constipated but do have diarrhea flare ups. My stomach will swell and I feel very full. IBS hurts.
—Guest sue

Ovary pain

My ibs pain feels like 'ovary' pain I get it deep in my lower stomach/abdomen on both sides and the pain is excruciating. Also get bloated, look like I'm pregnant and can't go to toilet properly. Digestic tabs help for pain relief.
—Guest Sim

pain left side

My pain is on the left side and I feel bloated. I don't have diarrhea but it is soft most of the times. Once in a while it's hard and if I don't go at least for one day I really feel bloated. LOTS OF GAS PAINS & CRAMPING.
—Guest Doreena

My ibs pain

Just reading these other ibs sufferers stories, one symptom stands out: being so bloated I seriously look 6 months pregnant! Then comes usually the pains in my gut and wind for ages and then diarrhea. Iv just recently been to my GP and he said there's not much else I can do but take an antispasmodic, imodium etc. I usually find that a warm wheat bag helps but not with a nearly 3 year old full-time. I can't seem to figure out what triggers it as at the moment it's always at night :( I pray for the day they bring out something to knock all the symptoms out) lol.
—Guest Pls go away!!

It feels like...

...a period pain, only deeper and less easy to blank out of your mind. It's as if I'm being punched from the front and back of my abdomen and it puts me off any sort of food.
—Guest Anonymous

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