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Readers Respond: Do You Have IBS and Practice Yoga?

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Updated October 11, 2012

From the article: Yoga for IBS

Although research on yoga for IBS is limited, many IBS sufferers have turned to yoga as a way to reduce stress and, therefore, to help ease their IBS symptoms. Have you tried yoga? Do you think that it has had a positive effect on your IBS? Has your IBS got in the way of your practice? What tips can you share about practicing yoga when one has IBS?

IBS yoga and me

I developed IBS around 10 years ago after a nasty stomach illness. For many years I thought that one day it would just get better. I have practiced yoga for 13 years and qualified as a BWY yoga teacher last year after approx 4 years of study. My IBS was at its worst during this time- moving from the role of student of yoga to teacher involved some anxiety and a kind of stage fright response which would, of course, go straight to my tummy before classes. Generally I find practice calms the symptoms and releases gas (or trapped prana as I prefer!). I will modify fwd bends, especially the strong seated ones, rather than avoid them completely and work dynamically- never holding a fwd bend. Standing and lying down breathing practices will help more than seated ones. Lying down back arch- dvi pada pitham, any lying down stretch which opens the belly and supine twists are my favourite soothers. I have been FODMAPing since Dec 2011- it works well I am keen to research into auyrveda and compare.
—Guest Aimee @ Treespirit-Yoga

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