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Readers Respond: What Is Your Favorite Herbal Tea for IBS?

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Updated October 01, 2012

Many IBS sufferers have found that sipping a warm cup of herbal tea can be a very soothing experience, while others believe that some types of herbal teas can help to prevent IBS symptoms. What is your favorite herbal tea for IBS? Which type of tea are you most likely to turn to when your IBS is acting up? Tell us why that type of tea is your favorite and find out what teas other IBS sufferers turn to for IBS relief. Share Your Favorite!

rooibos is my best friend

Rooibos is definitely my fave. I have tried everything else from chemical to natural and nothing works better for me.
—Guest jazz

Herbs for Colitis

Chamomile Sage-use the dried, whole leaf. Cut or powdered makes the tea too strong. Linden Flower Alfalfa Leaf- bland, non-irritating and highly nutritive. Use alone or with above herbs. I also use a mixture of chamomile, sage, and alfalfa. The four herbs above were prescribed for colitis by Max Warmbrand, ND, DC, OD. I also use Skullcap Valerian Root- prepare like a leaf or flower herb since the root is so slender and delicate. I use them alone or together. Preparation- Leaf and flower herbs are made by infusion. Use 1 level tsp dried herb or 1 rounded tsp fresh herb per 8 oz cup of water. Bring water to a rapid boil. Pour over herb(s) in cup or teapot. COVER. Let steep (sit) for 20 min. for a medicinal brew.
—Guest Debbie Goodman

Fennel Tea

Regular cups of Fennel tea are an absolute savior for me, it's the only thing that settles my IBS down. I drink nothing else.
—Guest SI

tulsi tea

i find tulsi tea from organic india beneficial for anxiety, this in turn helps my IBS.
—Guest gillian

Cinnamon tea

Cinnamon tea with ginger and honey best to control IBS. Green tea with ceylon cinnamon is the best!!! Cassia cinnamon is not good for health. Need to find out the best.
—Guest Ireen

Best Herbal Tea for IBS-D

I've found the London Fruit and Herb Company's (from Holland and Barrett) "Blueberry Bliss" tea is great at easing IBS stomach cramps/diarrhea. It's a sweet tasting blend of blueberry's and other herbs that combine to make a lovely cup of tea, hot or cold.
—Guest Jackie S

Peppermint oil caps

I have acid reflx so peppermint tea irritates this condition. I switched to using 1 cap of peppermint oil 3x a day with each meal & probiotics with breakfast. Have done for 3-4 weeks & abdominal pain has been greatly redced. Bloating & flatulence discomfort also greatly reduced. Diaarhea & abdominal cramping also reduced. Not a cure but helps!
—Guest Janyce


I always make a big mug of tea with a peppermint teabag and a fennel teabag. Really helps?
—Guest Leigh

favorite teas

Rooibos is a ruby red tea from south africa. It is exported all over the world. Caffeine free low tannin levels rich in minerals and antioxidents. I also use chamomile when I need to just relax. It makes my whole body feel nice and calm.
—Guest sally


Found a tea blend from the tea center in Australia www.theteacenter.com.au called digestivo it's got chamomile, meadowsweet, safflower, peppermint and aniseed. I've only been having it for a few days, so I'm not sure if it's working yet but it tastes good with honey and is very calming.
—Guest Sapph

What Is Your Favorite Herbal Tea for IBS

Fennel and chamomile are my best choices. I have a cup fennel tea in the morning with my cereal and a cup of chamomile at night, they really help.
—Guest Zoraida

Herbal tea

Where do you find fennel tea? I have checked multiple stores without any success.
—Guest Lynn


Fennel Tea with three times a day is excellent for pain, gas and diarrhea.
—Guest Karin

Fennel Tea

Fennel Tea three times a day is excellent for pain, gas and diarrhea.
—Guest fmc

Rice Tea

My daughter introduced me to rice tea, and it has made such a difference for me when I am having tummy troubles. It has a pleasingly bland flavour (think plain rice), and can be found in Chinatown. It really does work to calm tummy woes!
—Guest marmalade

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What Is Your Favorite Herbal Tea for IBS?

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