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Readers Respond: What Is It Really Like to Be Seen at the ER for IBS?

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Updated November 01, 2012

Sometimes IBS symptoms are so severe that a trip to the emergency room seems warranted. Have you been to the ER for your IBS? How were you treated? Was it a good experience? Did you feel that your concerns were dealt with professionally? Did you obtain the symptom relief that you were seeking? Share your story here! Tell us if your visit to the ER went well or was like a visit to hell! Share Your Story!

trip to the ER

20 yrs I was told I had Crohns . The Last 2 yrs have been terrible. Gastro Dr telling me I have IBS and that I could be the poster child that is how severe it is. A trip to the ER a few months ago due to the severe pain I was having and the nausea was terrible. The ER Doctor that saw me said you can not have Crohns and IBS - it is one or the other.fe eling frustrated and defeated due to her lack of caring I called my gastro dr whose office is in the hospital. It was at my surprise she was in the er within 15min speaking to the ER Doctor. Funny how the ER Doctor had changed her view point and started to show some empathy towards me. Two bags of fluid later and some pain meds I was on my way home.
—Guest rae


When recently in the ER I was treated terribly, they think just constipated, not really concerned about pain and the fact that my abdomen was distended like I was 9 months pregnant.
—Guest Tammi

Been there done that

Unfortunately, I have way too much experience of needing the hospital ER. First I go to the same hospital when possible. They know me. My records are there. My doctors see me there. The best experience is when my primary gives orders to the ER and better yet is my direct admit, by passing the ER, but I have diverticulitis as well as PI-IBS-C. Keeping your primary care doctor in the loop always benefits you. When pain becomes non manageable its time to seek medical help. To bad that these usually occur after office hours. My advice is seek treatment, be kind to yourself, and don't try to endure the pain.

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What Is It Really Like to Be Seen at the ER for IBS?

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