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Readers Respond: Have You Had Digestive Problems After Having Your Gallbladder Removed?

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Updated July 10, 2014

Happy dance

For a year on average i would have a gall bladder attack every four weeks. Tried to convince my self it was just heart burn. But in my heart of hearts knew that heart burn would never hurt that much. Pain so severe could not move, couldn't talk just sat on my bed in blinding pain. Finally had ultra sound showed stones scheduled surgery for a month later praying not to have another attack before. Done robotically and also was able to arrange to have a ovary that had been giving my issues for two years at same time removed. Incision belly button, smaller ones above each hip bone...in by eight in morning out by two ...went home fell asleep, next three days at eighty percent fully recovered with five days. Only took pain pills that first day. Besides no more painful attacks im also not nauseous constantly. .. I used to say i was born nauseous...well no more! Has been six months since surgery no issues and so thankful no more pain!
—Guest Mo

running to the restroom after eating.

It's been over a year now. An it seems like 5 to 10 minutes after I eat. I have to run to the bathroom. Which sucks because I don't eat out or eat at BBQ's or any family outing.
—Guest PF


If any of you are on Nexium, Prilosec, Omeprazole, or any other antacid or pump inhibitor that could be your diarrhea problems. It causes B12 deficiency. I had to be near a bathroom at all times and then still didn't make it sometimes! Was awful! Went off the Omeprazole started B12 supplements (Methyl) and the symptoms resolved. I was going to Gastro and they said everything looked fine. I was taking Imodium after every meal and if I felt a cramp coming would take one and still had issues. I found on line what the Omeprazole does to you and how to get off of it. Check out B12 deficiency. Have yours checked! Read "could it be B12?" Your level should be over 400 or you might have irreversible symptoms. I'm so glad I found out what my problem was! It was hard getting off of it but after 2 wks, the acid settles down and now I don't take anything but a Maalox once in a while at bedtime. I still have issues if I eat onions but all other symptoms are gone. Just wanted to share this info.
—Guest JT


i had my gb removed and had a stent put in the bile duct now i have to have it removed.
—Guest me


Hi, after reading all these posts I've tried to find the Facebook group but can't find it? Please could you add a link on here to click.
—Guest wendy

Pain and weight loss

I had my gall bladder removed in May 2011. I lost 45 pounds in about one year. The pain I now have is in my cartilage/sternum area. I've been wearing a rib belt for support for three years now. I know it's not my heart as I have no chest pain, just pain in my cartilage area. My back hurts occasionally after bending over and doing yard work, standing for long periods of time. I'm miserable and I've been using heat, pain pills, and anti inflammatory meds with no success. I thought is was my bed so I've swithced out mattresses with no success yet again. I am now seeing a chiropractor which seems to temporarily help, but the pain is always there and I sleep with two heating pads every night, for back and chest. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Gina


I got my GB out after suffering horrible gall stones during my pregnancy. When my son was three months old I had it out and thought my problems were over. Three years later I am regretting ever getting it out. I am a prisoner to the bathroom. I have to know where a bathroom is at all times. I have missed out on many things cause I'm so scared I'll have to use the restroom and won't find one in time. I feel like it's worsened because of my anxiety about it all. Anytime anyone mentions doing anything I immediately get anxiety about using the bathroom. I'm scared to go on any long car rides and have missed many family get togethers because of it. I'm only 20 years old and I feel so trapped. I feel like I will never have a normal life again.
—Guest Bri

15 Days Post Op-Can't Breathe

I had my gallbladder removed 15 days ago. The pain is slowly going away. I have no problems with digestion or using the bathroom and I can eat what ever I want. BUT. I can't ever catch my breath. I feel like I can't breathe 24/7. Like I'm not getting enough air ever. I can't go for a 5 minute walk without needing to stop because I cannot breathe. I haven't read much on the internet about this problem with GB surgery and I'm getting worried.
—Guest MR

GB removed 10 months ago, dying

I don't know what to do anymore. I cant eat anything without being immediately stuck in the bathroom with horrible cramps that make me feel like I am going to puke and pass out all at the same time. I have lost 40 lbs in 10 months, If I eat more than 5 bites of anything I am in pain. My dr tells me I have IBS, but the pain is all in my head and that its probably just gas. I really feel like I am dying, and they act like it is nothing. I have horrible pains that feel like I am having a heart attack sometimes, and I haven't gone a day without pain. This was my 7th stomach operation. First they said appendix and removed it, then said a hernia, put in a patch, then gall bladder and removed it. I have no energy, all I want to do is sleep, I dont see how hundreds of people are reporting the same experiences with nothing being done.
—Guest Kris

Gallbladder removed

I too have had my gallbladder removed on 2011 and it has not been the same. Constantly running to the bathroom is no fun especially when I don't like to use public restrooms.Stomach pains all the time, watching what you eat is driving me crazy.
—Guest Tonya


I ve experienced the opposite of what others may have experienced since gall bladder removal. I had my gall bladder removed in 2009 and have problems with digestive issues and major constipation , Currently my stomach is huge and stick out with a bulge in the upper abdominal area and its hard. I get asked all the time if im pregnant. This is so embarrassing I even start wearing big shirts.
—Guest tashia

Proactive Gallbladder Removal

After reading everybody's response below it was clear that for many people there are side effects that continue after the surgery. According to a book i read approx. 40% of people will have side effects. I was very lucky to be one of the 60% that didn't. My all my extensive research completed, it appears that the earlier you have the operation the better the outcome will be as the longer you leave it the more chances of complications will occur as your body approaches potential septicemia from all the bile build up that can eventually go to your vital organs and damage them. I waited as long as I could until I started having attacks daily and vomiting up blood then I knew it was time to remove it. Turned out that my stone had been growing for nearly 25 years and was almost 5.5cm in diameter blocking my duct 100%. So if your specialist has shown you your results and explain your circumstance you can decide whether you prefer to become septic or take the chance and remove the bladder.
—Guest Sandra

I created a Facebook support group

For people who have digestive problems after gall bladder surgery called Post Colecystectomy Syndrome Support so people like us can make post and get feed back. Please feel free to join. My diet is very limited since I had my gall bladder out!
—Guest zannybc

Pain in back today

I'm 16 days post surgery and since last night I've been having off and on again pain in my lower right back. Drinking water seems to help, but it keeps coming back. Since they make you take such a high dose of anti-biotics after surgery, it's really important to take probiotics. I'm taking a very high dose regimen and eating fermented foods. I haven't had any diarrhea and I'm hoping it stays that way. Taking out my gallbladder was the last thing I wanted to do.
—Guest Faith

Still very painful a year later...

I had my gallbladder removed about a year ago. The pain is still there and still very intense, I get vomiting after certain foods, mostly very greasy foods like pizza, fried chicken, hamburgers, things like that. But the vomiting isn't too bad, I mean I hate it, who don't, but it's nothing compared to the horrible pain I still have! My husband says it's probably normal, but it doesn't feel normal to me. I'm sort of a procrastinator so I haven't been to the doc about it, bc I'm sure she's just going to say it's normal also, and give me pain killers or reflux meds, I'd rather just go with otc things for that. I just want this pain to go away so I can have a better quality of life!!
—Guest VikieLew

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