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Readers Respond: Have You Had Digestive Problems After Having Your Gallbladder Removed?

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Updated September 04, 2013

Go Gluten Free Gall Bladder removal

Hello everyone. 5 years ago I got my gall bladder removed. Not because I had issues with it, but because they happened to find one in an Xray. I've always been healthy & skinny my whole life and lucky to have a fast metabolism. After my gall bladder was removed, it took a while for the chronic and painful diarrhea to take effect. I have been given cholestyramine which does work. However, I'm not one to take medications because I believe in natural ways to cure myself. I did notice that after eating a heavy pasta meal, my symptoms were even worse. So I did an experiment and my conclusion: Go Gluten Free! I have been doing it and everything is solid now! I feel normal again. I still eat food with the same amount of oil and none of them give me problems. I wish doctors would be more creative to find solutions rather than give us all these medicines. Try it and read into gluten.
—Guest Healthy and Moderate

no bra girl

I get a tight strangled feeling just below my breast. I cant stand to have anything tight around me. Hate it!!!
—Guest Mel

Gallbladder removed 5 years ago

Had my gallbladder removed 5 years ago. Ended in the ER from blood clots. Afterwards, had stomach and abdomen pain every time i ate fatty foods. Figured out that DAIRY and GLUTEN were killing my stomach. Once I removed both from my diet, I feel great. Only caveat is that I can't eat fatty foods right away. Have to eat some bland foods first (salad, veggies, fruit) and then can introduce fatty foods later in the meal (but not too much). Dairy is notorious for killing people, if you've had your GB removed or thinking about it, seriously consider dairy alternatives....and not even lactaid! Live off almond milk and coconut ice-cream now.
—Guest Cindy

Gb pain

I had my gall bladder removed when I was 5 months pregnant with my 2nd daughter, I'm pregnant again now and have so much bile, I vomit it every day and get digestive pains no matter what I eat with constant diarrhea. It's sometimes painless but often very painful. I have no idea if its affecting my baby badly and I stress about it as well. Any advice would be very welcomed. The dr.'s don't seem to take it seriously unless you look like death. Which is how I feel 98% of the time :(
—Guest Bee

Polycystic liver disease

I found out that I have polycystic disease . This caused me to have surgery in 2012 to remove a cyst on my liver which I have several. They decided to remove my gallbladder too. Not really sure why never really got a direct answer. What a nightmare my digestive system is so messed up no matter what I eat. I am not a meat eater or fatty food eater but nothing that I eat helps in anyway. I feel so tired I have gained 50 pounds since my surgery I don't know why. My whole body feels out of whack I decided to go on a gluten free diet. It does help but sometimes my stomach blows up I wish I could take a pin and deflate it. The cramping is horrible I just don't know what to do!!! Healthy women of 50 running everyday and tennis P90 to 50 pounds over weight and hurting go figure. Help!!!!!!
—Guest Karen

Gall bladder renoved

I had my gall bladder removed on Christmas Eve 2013, and I've been sick ever since. Surgeon says nothing's wrong, ER says nothing's wrong. Why can't I eat then? Why am I always in the bathroom? I just got health insurance so I'm hoping a specialist can figure this out. I'm 29 and have a two year old I have to be healthy for!
—Guest Julie

Worsened pain

I am experiencing dizziness and nausea also severe pain in my chest area. Had to be admitted to A&E as an emergency on the third day after my op. I wish I had more knowledge before going ahead with the op. I can't lay on my right side because of the pain which is now worse. Is this going to be a life changing situation that I'm likely to regret or not? After food my stomach constantly gurgles pops and sings to me. I get a feeling of being hot all of the time. I have a very small blemish on my face and if I knock it I now bleed profusely, what next I ask myself. I'm wondering what foods I can eat to try and resolve these issues. Can anyone help please? I thought it would be simple and make me feel better not worse :((
—Guest Phill55


I am 26 years old I got my gall bladder removed at 25 years old on my birthday ugh!!! Afterwards I never have any pains and still don't but I do notice that I have allot of painless diarrhea. It don't matter what I eat it will run through me. I have gained some weight too, is this normal?
—Guest On the go

1 month ago gb removed

after a month i am getting yellow hands again and pain in my left side, in my neck and back. same symptoms even after gb removed.
—Guest laura

gallbladder removal takes away normal

I have gastrointestinal problems and my gall bladder has been gone for over five years. A lot of gas, eating certain foods lands me in the bathroom all day, then I'm left feeling drained. My son and husband often tease me that after I eat they know where to find me. Sometimes the pain is awful, stomach cramps, been in the er several times but all they do is give meds for cramps and nausea. They say maybe I have irritable bowels, I say gall bladder removal made my life irritable. Help please. We need to sue or receive help with our issues.
—Guest toyjp01

gall bladder problems

i had mine out over a year ago since then I've had both acid problems and ibs. its taken the doctors several attempts to get the tablets right but laprasanole and and modal seem to be working best at the moment. ive also gained weight as the acid makes me so hungry im eating twice as much. there are treatments out there as its awful to go through so keep going back to the docs. you don't have to keep suffering.
—Guest kerry

I have the same issue

2 years when that thing was taken out and I thought my pain is gonna be gone forever, I couldn't be more wrong, same description pain just below the rig cage and bloating like feeling, I went to the doctor and he almost told me that I was making up my pain, like a Psychosomatic symptom, I got very disappointed and what I found relieves the pain a bit, is the regular consumption of olive oil with a bit of lime juice in the morning, every other day I take a small portion in a cup, and it brings some relief, now I'm mixing olive and flax or hemp, so I get good fats in my system at the same time I get my relief, don't be afraid of trying it, and play with the amounts until you find your optimum portion and days of use, but the good thing this is cheap, non invasive and healthy. Now the pain is not gone but it's less strong, if I stop taking the oil for days I immediately feel the pain stronger by the missed day, good luck I hope it helps everyone.
—Guest Weg


Had gallblader out a year ago. Am bloated, have gained weight about 15 pds which seems impossible to reduce, i get constipated, hard stools, take stool softener, must stay near a bathroom. Going to try prune juice yuk.
—Guest cindy

Post gallbladder problems

I had my GB taken out in Nov 2013. Prior to this I had lots of tests but dr couldn't figure out why I was in pain. So I went to GI dr and he said gallbladder has to come out. After I felt great then a few wks later got bloated, nausea, pain. The GI dr said I had a stone in my bile duct which happens sometimes after GB removal. Again I felt better after. Then a few wks after that I started having nausea, pain, extreme bloating, lots of gas, belching, reflux, irritable bowel and feeling like my stomach was on fire. I went back to dr and had lots if tests again and they said nothing was wrong?? Really? He said give it time? This sucks! Plus I gained 45lbs? I look like I'm 9 mths PG I'm so bloated!
—Guest Laura

Still Sick

After surgery, I had a month of no pain or digestion problems whatsoever, then one night I had a few Hershey's kisses. The next morning, I felt like my gallbladder was back due to pain, although it's still a lot milder than before surgery. In fact, before surgery, I went to the ER a couple times a year (I wasn't diagnosed for a while). I'd still like to say that I am glad I got surgery. For those of you who regret it, just remember that having a seriously diseased gallbladder can lead to death or serious problems down the road, so if you were truly ill, then you needed it. I read my pathology report, and I couldn't believe how bad my gallbladder was... Also, multiple doctors from different states told me I was in serious trouble, and they even recommended me to have surgery in my home state instead of theirs, so I doubt that my doctors did surgery just for money. If a doctor pressures you to without solid evidence, see a different doctor.
—Guest Robin

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