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Readers Respond: Have You Had Digestive Problems After Having Your Gallbladder Removed?

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Updated September 04, 2013

After Gallbladder woes

Had GB removed 2007 had digestive woes pain, reflux, constipation, left upper quad pain, non-ending gas. Colonoscopies, gastroscope, etc, etc. finally could not endure anymore, my analyses & lipase levels were checked, have chronic pancreatitis.
—Guest Guest Sue

1year on nightmare

Had my gallbladder removed to improve my life. its been one year on and I'm still in all this pain. i have burning and have been feeling sick. been told i have bile reflux and will get better, dont understand . Im always at the doctors taking more tablets for the pain and burning but nothing works. Tried a gluten free diet and that hasn't made any difference just hope one day i wake up and i am better.
—Guest keely


Gall bladder removed one year ago I still get nauseous, still get pain in right side and spend a lot more time on the toilet. Was it worth it no!
—Guest Lin

Gallbladder removal in Nov of '13

I can see now that I'm not alone, it's a horrible quality of life when your in pain all the time. I felt a sharp pain on my right side, waited too late went in they said it was ' sludge & stones' gross But it could have been bad if I'd waited much longer. It's now March 1 2014 and I'm STILL Having pain on my right side where my GB was! In fact it hurts even worse. My husband says its 'Ghost' pain I'm afraid it's a botched surgery, I've got no vomiting, reflux or no need to run to the bathroom It's just this restless stabbing pain on My right side. Like maybe something was left in my stomach ?
—Guest Lynn Balcon

gallbladder removal is a nightmare!!

I had my gallbladder removed in December 2013. Everytime I eat I either have the runs and stomach pains or I puke up bile. I'm so sick of having to go to the bathroom after I eat certain things. I'm down to 104 pounds before the surgery I was 115 pounds. I still get sharp pains where my gallbladder used to be sometimes. I hope my body can adjust to having no gallbladder, because this is horrible.
—Guest Charlotte

Problems breathing after GB sugery

I had my GB taken out in Aug 2013 now I cant breathe, have problems walking up 6 steps, have to take asthma medicine to breathe and that does not work. what should I do? also got fired from my job because i had to have GB surgery and had to take fmla leave, what is up with that?
—Guest Joy

gb pains

I had my Gb removed in Oct 2008 and I have all the above symptoms, it started out with diary but now it seems like anything i eat causes pains, but here's the thing..... When I had my GB I lost a heck of a lot of weight but now I seem to have gained that back plus more. I cannot finish a meal without running to the toilet and I can't remember that last time a stool of mine was solid. I suffer with bloating and trapped wind and I am constantly exhausted, I don't sleep very well and when I do its because of meds that I take, I hear you guys. I feel useless.
—Guest so glad i came on hete

problems after gall bladder removal

Please make sure they removed every stone. I had every symptom y'all described after my gall bladder was removed july 2013 Dec. 2013 I was rushed to the er and had to have a stent placed in my liver I had jaundice fever was in pain I thought I was dying. To find my surgeon left a stone the size of a I say a hail ball.
—Guest angie

Will I even feel well again

I had my gallbladder removed in December 2013 and am wondering will I even feel well again. My gallbladder was removed open surgery and recovery has been very slow. 11 weeks on and it feels like my ribs have been broken and that someone is twisting a knife jn my back. I had no stones and no gallbladder problems before the surgery. I had the gallbladder removed as there was a lesion of some sort on it. This discomfort is driving me mad. It wakes me up and when you have to do 12.5 HR days at work, I feel run down, tearful and exhausted. I'm going to see my GP for some answers.
—Guest Evie

gall badder removal without symptom

I didn't have any symptoms at all but unfortunately removed the stone is okay the stone removal not having and symptom why he did the surgery because of money $17000 what should I do against the Doctor? some one help me please.
—Guest kim N

sorry! i feel your pain

Had my gall bladder removed 7 years ago. had constant diarrhea for 5 of the last 7 yrs. Have had gas and bloating every day to the point where it is an embarrassment as well as uncomfortable and still have very loose bowels most of the time and can't eat if I have to go out for fear of having an accident which I have done on occasion. I also developed lactose intolerance (which I NEVER had prior and also now have bile reflux. Am very thin and I have no other health issues. Would definitely reconsider having gall bladder surgery if someone had warned me that this would happen. Have tried binding agents as well as PPI's and I only get much sicker with awful cramps and nausea that is only relieved by stopping the meds. Guess it could be something worse like cancer. I try to adjust and keep going and trying natural remedies and experimenting with my diet. Good luck to anyone who has this problem. It is NOT in your head!
—Guest Mary


I have removed my gallbladder going on 3 years now .. hate to say it but I still have pains I wonder I had done the right thing doing ultra sounds shows everything is okay now. now i am feeling pain from last night, going to take some pain killers going to bed at night if i dont want to be waken by the pain. i take sleeping pills that sucks...any way i guess the doctors have our best interest at heart .
—Guest Janet

Use Enzymes

Use Enzymes for digestion. I had my GB out over 10 years ago, very bad, 3 day stay in hospital. Went home with pain pills after a day threw them away. Started with going to the bathroom from morning til night. Couldn't go out to eat because of this. Started on Enzymes and Probiotics and everything is mostly back to normal. Please get really good Enzymes and probiotics ... it will take about two months so don't give up. Good Luck!
—Guest ShirlM


I had my gallbladder removed 16 days ago. Apart from moderate pain and discomfort from stitches really itching felt ok. No loose stools just regular But now got infection in my navel incision. Feel terrible, tired agitated. I'm going this clears up and il be fine.
—Guest Tracie

20 plus years

Had my gallbladder removed in 1991..You never stop going to the bathroom..You will have sharp pain that radiates to chest and neck like a heart attack...If so drink some Organic Apple Cider vinegar in water, it stops my pain in its tracks. Be aware that your blood sugar and cholesterol levels will go up because your body is no longer able to absorb the good fats. Now I have pancreas problems, wish I knew before, but doctor never informed me of the risk.
—Guest KayKay

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Have You Had Digestive Problems After Having Your Gallbladder Removed?

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