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Readers Respond: Have You Had Digestive Problems After Having Your Gallbladder Removed?

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Updated September 04, 2013

please help!!!!

i had to have my gallbladder removed due to stones after i had my daughter. i watched what i ate for the first few days after surgery.. after that im back to eating the way that i was. it has been 3 months or less since my surgery. im back to working again. going on two days and starting to get worried.cant stay out of the bathrrom. feeling like i want to throw up. its like cramps at my belly button that come and go without any warning and are very intense. scared to eat anything. any suggestions? has anyone had a problem like this? please help!!!!!

Support Group? Help me...Help you.

I have written on here before. My heading was called "Dark Nightmare". I had my surgery to remove GB 1/8/2013. All was fine, until umbilical hernia came through belly button surgical site in mid-March. Surgery to repair that on 3/29/2013. But here is the life altering status. Today is 9/2/2013 and since March, I have been nauseated and sick every day. Chest pain every day. Stabbing pains every day. I now have esophogial spasms that cause me to "want" to throw up too. I need help. I did find a sure way to stop diarrhea, Cholestrymine. It more than stopped it. I had to only take a 1/4 dose to make it work. But I need your help, anyone, everyone...What in the world can I do to stop this nausea and vomiting. My life has been shut completely down for a little over 5 months now. Do not feel well enough for long enough to do much of anything. Please, I pray for your help. Prayer are also appreciated. Please help.

Problem after gall bladder surgery

My father had the gallbladder surgery 2 yrs ago after being diagnosed with the gall stones. Now even after the surgery he is facing the complications of indigestion and frequent jaundice (once or twice a year). Before the surgery he had gone through gall bladder infection and had performed ERCP as well. We are worried about his health. Can you help us? What might be the cause of jaundice?
—Guest DDD

After Gallblader Removal

Three years ago I figured out I had gallstones after I had an attack and went to the hospital in the middle of the night. The doctors suggested that I have to remove it so I did. After the surgery I was eating anything I want. I was not watching my diet at all. I was not avoiding any type of food. I was OK for the first year but then I figured out that I have indigestion problems and it was becoming worst by time I never liked to take OTC laxative medicines. I started to watch my diet and cooked for myself. I figured out that I am lactose intolerant and can't eat spices nor tomato sauces. I cut off cheese, tomato sauces, spices, junk food fat food and I only eat healthy home cooked food. I do suffer from lot of gas and constipation I spent too much time in the bathroom. It got me really stressed out and worry if I have any type of problems with my intestines. My bowel movement fluctuates sometimes constipations and other times diarrhea. I do not know if I should seek a doctor.

gallbladder removed six years ago

I had to get my bladder removed because of the stones. When I would drive around a curve, I could feel the sack move over, so I was scared that if I didn't have it removed it could possibly rupture, and I am sure that would cause death. I feel that there is no win situation when dealing with the gallbladder situation. I have nausea almost constantly now. The doctors will not tell you anything even about what not to eat. You mostly have to do your own research on this subject. When I first had this surgery done, I had to be careful where and when I ate food of any kind. I needed to be seated close to the restroom whenever I ate any food.
—Guest Dolly

Hopefully it gets better

I just had my gall bladder out because it was full of stones and causing me so much pain. Now I have lower pain in my bowels every time I eat something until I go to the toilet which is becoming every half an hour and its basically ongoing diarrhoea it's not fair :(....
—Guest Laticia


I am a 15 year old teen. I had my gallbladder removed because of 30 gallstones. It has been almost a year and I am still having the sharp knife stabbing pains that I had before I had my operation. I have the pains at least 4 times a day.
—Guest ...!...

GB removed

I had my GB removed on 6th August. I have pains on the same area where the bladder was. I am also having the frequent bathroom trips and my stools are at times yellow. I drink lots of vegetable juices e.g. beet, celery and carrot. I also tried a spinach smoothy. When I eat fatty foods the fat comes out undigested. How long does the postoperative healing process take? I feel tired, listless and have insomnia.
—Guest Dipsy

Gallbladder Removal

Surgery 7/18. ER 7/18 because i couldnt breath and sent home with pain meds. ER 7/24 vomiting and my stomach was really distended. Issue with bile duct. 2 days after being in the hospital i ended up on the cardiac floor because my heart was racing. Stayed there the whole time. i had surgery to put a stint in. Then i got a drain on my side. After a week they put a bigger stint in because I was still draining a lot. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks. After a week the drain was practically empty. This past Monday it came out. Next Friday my stint comes out. I can't wait! They said I should feel better instantly. I am sick of gas and bowel movements hurting (stabbing pain in lower abs) and being nauseous. I am also sick of taking pills. I hate pills but I know I need them. I am already eating what I want. No issues. I lost 20lbs (I was 20lbs over weight). This is the scariest hardest longest issue I have ever dealt with. Positive thoughts and prayers welcome for my upcoming surgery!
—Guest AmandaZ

so worse after gallbladder removal

I am 31 years old, got surgery for gallbladder stones 3 years ago. before that i have digestion problems not much due to working in night shifts. after diagnosis found stones in gallbladder but i don't have any pain. still doctor told to get surgery so that digestion problem will be fine. but after undergoing it in 2010 ..life became horrible ..digestion became worse, became weak, back pain. muscle nerve pain in entire joints...life became horrible. don't believe in allopathic doctors they do business that's it...whatever the problem is..try to avoid surgery as much as possible.
—Guest kris

horrible pains

i had my gallbladder removed in april 2013 because of horrible stomach pains. when when i got it removed the pain never went away. sometimes the pain stays where my gallbladder was and shoots up to the middle of my chest. is this normal? i am 13 and have had this pain my whole life!!! i wish it would all disappear!
—Guest percy

Digestive problems

After searching for answers for 5 years, I found that I have gluten intolerance. I've already known that dairy was an issue, so eliminated that before gb removal. Read The gallbladder survival guide. It will get you get started on the right path. Keep searching for your health!
—Guest Jackie

still having trouble

i had stomach trouble before i had my gallbladder taken out and i'm still having trouble. i cant keep nothing in my stomach.
—Guest katie


I had my gallbladder removed in 2008 after 2 years of doctors telling me it was heartburn, indigestion, acid reflux, etc etc and it was the most painful 2 years of my life. After I had the op, I felt far better, the only aftercare i received was advice to avoid spicy fatty foods at first but eventually my system will adapt, although I've had to live with the fact I have regular spells of feeling very bloated with extra wind and having very loose stools, I was always used to being in control of my weight too, but I have slowly gained quite a bit of weight over the last 5 years, (even although i eat healthy). I've had enough of gaining weight so I will be taking ox bile supplements and a digestive enzyme (as advised) to try gain control of my digestive system once again.
—Guest Airmcneil

Gallbladder surgery July 2013

My life has not been the same since....My surgery was this past July 2013. My stomach still hurts bad sometimes when I eat things like peanuts and any greasy goods and sweets. Its now August 2013. Surgeon states it can take up to 3 months before I start feeling better. Somehow i have a funny feeling about that. Constipation isn't a problem. I take Linzess. (Prescription drug). It keeps me regular but i have to stay near bathroom bc when its time to go, I have to go. I have seriously thought of speaking to a Dietician.
—Guest Kim

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Have You Had Digestive Problems After Having Your Gallbladder Removed?

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