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Readers Respond: Have You Had Digestive Problems After Having Your Gallbladder Removed?

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Updated July 10, 2014

Some people experience ongoing digestive problems after they have had their gallbladder removed. Has this happened to you? Share your story regarding how your digestive system was affected by your surgery. Did your stomach problems improve or worsen? Did you find yourself dealing with new symptoms? Tell your tale and read about the experiences of others.

PLEASE NOTE: This page is a place for readers to share their experiences. If you are looking for ways to deal with your ongoing stomach problems, please click here to access the article "Problems After Gallbladder Surgery".

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Gallbladder removed 6 weeks ago

First 2 weeks was a bit tough with bloating, gas and stomach burning/ache but then suddenly went away. Started over eating fatty stuff last few weeks and these problems are back again. Now back on liquid diet.
—Guest Diego

Gallbladder Attacks are Better than This

I had occasional, but increasing, vomiting leading up to the the diagnosis of my gall stone. Mine was a single loose stone which apparently can be dangerous if a part breaks and gets to your pancreas. Anyway I thought all my problems would go away once I had it removed and boy was I wrong! Within a week of my surgery I lived in the bathroom. The doctors got me to cut fats and give it 6 weeks to adjust. In Feb 2011 I had it out and by March I regretted it! Now 3 years on and it's actually at its worse. The only relief I had was late in my pregnancy. Aside from that I too am still a victim to planning my life around a loo. I have had endoscopies and a colonoscopy to try and discover if there was an underlying issue. They noted extreme irritation but the digestive tract itself seemed normal enough and no food allergies. I have found it doesn't matter what I eat (from a glass of water to chips or a salad) it all has the same effect. I tired not eating and by 2 pm I paid for that mistake.
—Guest kelly

Problems after gallbladder removal

I was in severe pain for 6 months after GB removal. I was still taking pain killers. It turns out pain killers can make you hurt more because it's like your body is screaming and you put on earplugs so your body has to scream louder for you to hear it. So first off all slowly and with help from Dr get off pain killers. Second for stomach spasms there is something called Levsin it's generally used for IBS but it helps to calm things down. Third you might have a problem with the abdominal wall muscles. I was told I had a broken rib and the wall muscles were torn and contracting like crazy so it was activating the nerves in my belly when I ate. Heat, no exercise and time helps. Also eating slowly in a calm environment really helps even laying down in a quiet area. I lost 20 pounds because I couldn't eat. I rarely get pain now when I eat but I still have D. Levsin helps. No lactose helps. V8 blenders when I am not hungry helps. Going to go to Dr for a trial of Questran. Look it all up.
—Guest Antique_Traderetc

Surgery gone wrong but this is worse

Had gallbladder out 1.5 years ago. They clamped the wrong tube and had to open a hole in my small intestine and pull it up to my liver and sew it straight on. The gallbladder pain is gone and that is great but about every 4-5 months, All of a sudden, I get cold, start shaking uncontrollably and start running a fever. Then I get sick and have to be in bed for about 24 hours before I start to come out of it. Then on the 3rd day I am weak and the 4th I am fine again for another 4-5 months. It has happened 3 times thus far. It feels like I am poisoned or something. I feel liquid being squirted through my pancreas and it even hurts then within a minute or two it all starts. Weird.
—Guest Barry

Pain after gallbladder surgery

I got gallbladder surgery a month ago and am having pain every day since. Every time I eat I have sharp pains. The pain is in my ribs, sides, all around to my back. The back pain is unbearable. It seems I can't eat anything. Every time I eat my stomach bloats. It looks like I am 4 months pregnant. I regret having this surgery. The dr does not know what is wrong. She just wants me to keep taking painkillers for the pain. She sent me for an ultrasound and blood work and everything came back negative. The dr is making it sound like this is so unusual pain after gall bladder surgery. However, the more I keep reading I am finding out this is very common. I am not sure what I am going to do now. All I know is I am in pain everyday and can't live like this. It is very depressing.
—Guest Wendy22

Gallbladder removal ongoing problems

I had my diseased gallbladder full of stones removed 35 years ago. Still problems on a daily basis, constipation, cramps and etc. It has limited my food variety that I can tolerate. I almost have to take a laxative to have a body flush, at least twice a week. I would think that after this many years they would have an explanation. My life was altered the day I had mine taken out, as to food or if we are going out of the house. I do not eat while I am out cause of cramps after eating that can get to the point of breath taking. Nausea and pain also accompany this. I hope someone can find a solution.
—Guest Doris

Found help

I take prevalite for this problem. It's actually a cholesterol medication but it absorbs extra bile. Talk to your doc about treatment options. You need to have a life without worrying about where the bathroom is.
—Guest S

Severe Indigestion issues...no diagnosis

It's been almost a year since my GB was removed. The pain is gone and I'm grateful for that, honestly. However, there seems to be a new issue. I wake up at night with my throat burning and it tastes like bile. I vomited from this for the first time last night. Usually I just have to clear my throat a bunch, drink 1/4 glass of milk and I'm good. I've been to the DR. who put me on omeprazole. I had constant heartburn before the surgery which is gone now but I don't know which is worse. I've lost a little weight (a plus). I can't process fatty foods well (another plus) and that's ok because I've adjusted my diet, for the most part. I do feel like I'm being punched in the stomach sometimes while I eat. Like a huge, sudden cramp. I'm taking the good with the bad here. It's a trade off but I'm really anxious to find out what's happening now. Anyone else having these symptoms? They all seem to vary so widely.
—Guest Brent

post Gallbladder surgery

I've had breathing issues since surgery they tried to intubate me and had complications I ended up in intensive care and since have asthma and stomach cramps and digestive issues since my gallbladder was rotted so maybe that's why.
—Guest Jeanne

after removal of gall bladder

run in toilet everytime after eat everyday almost for 2 yrs

Pain and more Pain!

It's been almost a year since my gallblader was removed. My life has been so miserable with pain 24/7. I've had 4 test done & everything is normal. My pain is in my rib. area, right side and now moving some to my back side, with a few chest pains. Been to the E.R before cuz l thought l was dying(no help there). I'm constipated now, unlike the most of you.lm so sick of living in my bed with the heating pad and taking very strong pain meds.lve lost 35 pounds so far. Everytime l try to eat the pain gets worse. Sometimes it feels like labor pains. I live a miserable life.
—Guest guest Hanna

Pain,Pain and more Pain

It's been almost a year since my gallblader was removed. I'm in so much pain 24/7 that lm on strong meds, which doesn't help 100%. I've lost 30 pounds cuz l can't eat w/o pain getting worse. I live in my bed with the heating pad. Don't work anymore. This just isn't normal!! Help!!
—Guest guest Cindy

constant vomiting

Since my gallbladder removal I've been to er for dehydration due to constant vomiting just from drinking water I'm living off water and crackers it sucks I don't know what could help me feel better.

p c s

I had my gall bladder removed 6 weeks ago, I had to wait 4 months for op and in that time I had lost over 3 stone as I couldn't tolerate fat.Two days after op I contracted a urinary infection, that is when problems really started, I have diarrhoea every 3 or 4 days I still don't tolerate much fat without having gnawing stomach cramps, on the site where gall bladder was removed.i cannot get rid of urinary infection despite having been on 3 lots of anti biotics, and my weight is still dropping. Most worrying is blood count now shows high sugar!! I hope I'm not going to be diabetic?!
—Guest Jen

gallbladder removal

well I had my gall bladder removed probably 15 years ago and the pain was gone instantly 2 weeks time I was back at work color came back hair was beautiful again I have had no problems no pain nothing now I have gotten very fat always weighed about 175 and for my height it was ok I was size 16 and ok with it now over the years I have ballooned in size wearing a 24 now much large and uncomfortable but I have no...pain none feel good all the time and I have no high blood pressure cholesterol just up a few notches I'm good but I wonder am I so big due to that surgery I am lazy but ? all I was worried about was that never ending pain well its gone did I trade for something else never given any thing for the gall bladder being removed 10 vicadine when I was released and that was that .
—Guest dawn

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Have You Had Digestive Problems After Having Your Gallbladder Removed?

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