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Readers Respond: Have You Had Digestive Problems After Having Your Gallbladder Removed?

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Updated September 04, 2013

Some people experience ongoing digestive problems after they have undergone a cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal). Has this happened to you? Share your story regarding how your digestive system was affected by your surgery. Did your stomach problems improve or worsen? Did you find yourself dealing with new symptoms? Tell your tale and read about the experiences of others.

Note: This page is a place for readers to share their experiences. If you are looking for ways to address ongoing digestive problems following gallbladder surgery, please click here.

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After surgery

I feel worse now than before surgery. Anything I eat comes out within 1/2 hr. I feel nauseated all the time. I'm sorry I had the surgery as before I just had to avoid certain foods now I can't eat anything
—Guest Caberlin

Dumping Syndrome

I had my gallbladder removed 8 years ago. A few months after the surgery I started to experienceing rapid diarrhoae. By "rapid" I mean I could have an accident. After trying different doctors I found one that said I had Dumping Syndrone and wrote a prescription for Cholestyramine. It helps a lot!!!!!!
—Guest Diane

Had gall bladder and a hernia repair

Had surgery done in February of 2014 and I'm still experiencing pain and some days my abdomen is swollen and I'm in so much pain some times I wish I had no had the surgery in the first place. I am having both neck and back pain and even though my body feels tired I cannot sleep. Whenever I finish eating I'm in pain and some times it feels like air. I'm still unsure as to why I'm having the swelling in my abdomen, pain that is so bad that the only thing I can do is lie down, and feeling dizzy sometimes when I'm standing up for a long time.
—Guest chris

1 year and Still in pain

1 year and I still have stomach pain in the center of my abdomen, my stomach. my gall bladder area, and I have pressure and acid acid reflux. It triggers my asthma sometimes. I was better off before the surgery. Will this ever go away!!?
—Guest Linda

gb out 4 wks ago

Been feeling like having a mild attack all day, am i crazy? Also i don't have to run to bathroom after eating, in fact i am only going about every 3-4 days. Is this normal?
—Guest Lori

Screw this

Had my gallbladder out a year and 2 months ago.. Well I can't eat anything I should be able to as a normal 20 year old and I developed terrible anxiety. I too suffer from back pain, upper right gut pain, constipation alternating with diarrhea, and what feels like my ribs hurting on my right side.
—Guest John

My life is over...

I had my surgery July 2013 so it's almost been a year! I feel like have my gb removed was a mistake. Since the surgery it has been nothing but running to restroom after any food/drink intake. I am on my 3rd medication to "help" with my restroom issues... It's not working. I have tried keep a good diary as my doctor advised. Doesn't work either.. Some days I have pizza , totally fine. Other days I have the worst cramping and have to use the restroom. Same goes with any other good group. At least before my surgery I was able to know exactly what I could and couldn't eat. Now my life revolves around the restroom. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!
—Guest Chelsea

I miss the happy days..

I had my gallbladder taken out over 3 years ago, I'm 19 now. Ever since then, it doesn't matter what I eat, I'm bathroom bound within an hour of eating. Big meal, or small, it happens.. And the pain, it's unbearable! I get dizzy, sweaty, doubled over on the toilet sometimes for hours! It's causing my work to get frustrated, but I can't help it. I'm so afraid to go out anymore..
—Guest Michelle D.


Tomorrow will be one month since I had my gallbladder removed. I felt I should share my experience. I'm 30 years old and been dealing with gallbladder issues for 10 years. In my early twenties I had test done but the problems I was having wasn't diagnosed. Three months ago I woke up out of bed from a gallbladder attack. I did a little research, went to the ER the next day and demanded an ultrasound and it confirmed I had gallstones. 3 weeks later I had my surgery Scheduled. Like most people that have scheduled surgeries I searched the web looking for peoples experiences and came across this site. Let me tell you reading peoples experiences on this site gave me IBS! I was scared poopless to the point I almost canceled my surgery. I wrestled with it up until the day before I was to have it done and I glad I did it! It does take a few weeks to recover but damn that's normal. I don't have any issues and can eat what ever I want. Just sharing so people know there are those like me that are fine.
—Guest SpinMove

do NOT remove your gallbladder

Don't get it removed. 4 months after getting it removed, the vomiting started. I cant even hold down a job, I am constantly nauseous. throwing up every other day... at work, everywhere i go. I now have gastroparesis. I take zofran and reglan (anti nausea meds) , i throw up anyway while on the drugs. Nothing helps, been to the hospital 3 times in 2 months. Im 20 years old, this isn't right.
—Guest Jordan

I poop almost 3-4 times a day!!

I had my GB removed 2 yrs ago (2012) and I was 19 years old i'm now almost 21) and 3 weeks after removal it was hard to poop for the first time afterwards and I sat on the toilet for 45 minutes or more trying to go to the bathroom. Of course I went eventually But as the years passed, I noticed that my body has had quite a horrible time regulating itself. Every morning when I wake up i do my normal business and then before I've had anything to drink or eat I go poop and it's regular but the minute I start eating I have to go again and its diarrhea and through out the day i'll have gone to the bathroom over 3-4 times in the last few hours i've been awake. I just feel like its not normal and i'm always afraid to go out to eat in fear that i'm going to have to use the toilet or if im on a road trip and ive eaten something like a snack or some lunch that i'll have to go. It's just so terrible and I feel like its not normal at all. I wonder if anyone else has this same problem like I do.
—Guest Deveny

gall bladder removal

After having my gall bladder removed two years ago now I suffer everyday. I cannot go to resturants as I have to run to the toilet within five minutes of eating. The pain that accompanies eating now is horrible. I really dont know what is worse this or the gall bladder pain.
—Guest s.bevan

Feel ignored

Don't really understand why doctor won't listen to me! I have had problems with constipation my entire life. Digestive problems are recurrent in my family. Namely Chrones and IBS. After researching IBS myself I was convinced I was suffering from IBS-C. However when I requested treatment I was informed that I would have my gallbladder (which had become inflamed following a stillbirth at 37 weeks) removed and then take it from there. I am 6 weeks post surgery and although the problem has been moderately relieved I am still not having proper stools and relief after using the bathroom. Unsure of what to do now and it doesn't seem to matter. The medical professionals do not seem to address my concerns and diagnose surgery as a solution. Extremely frustrated!
—Guest Strattan

gallbladder blues

I had my gallbladder taken out in December 2012 while i was pregnant, i had 15 stones. Kept them til i had the baby in april 2013 been back and forth to the the hospital every since then. for the pains in that same area, have to throw up and poop at the same time. don't know why i still have these pains when i thought it was better when they took it out smh i just wanna be regular somebody help. please.
—Guest cmccline


I had gallbladder removed February 2013 I had a hard time because the dr nicked my bile duct. I was in the hospital for three months, out of work for five. I'm still having pain in my abdomen can hardly keep anything down yet I'm gaining weight. Did I forget to mention the pregnancy that the doctors I was seeing all five of them didn't catch. I caught when he started moving when I was five and half months pregnant. I just want my life back and a name of a good lawyer who will take my case because I'm going to sue the dr who did it because she didn't catch the bile leak and it almost killed me. Help!!!
—Guest Samantha

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Have You Had Digestive Problems After Having Your Gallbladder Removed?

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