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Readers Respond: How Do You Soothe Stomach Pain?

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Updated October 02, 2012

From the article: IBS Stomach Pain Relief
One of the most debilitating symptoms of IBS can be abdominal (stomach) pain and often it can be difficult to know what to do to relieve this pain. Often the best advice comes from others who have dealt with this pain themselves. Get some tips from their experience and share your own soothing strategies. Share Your Tips

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I have very bad stomach pain with cramps. I have abdominal pain. I don't know I have IBS. It's hurt a lot. Jenice
—Guest Jenice Drayton


I'm a 22 year old female who has had ibs since I was six. For awhile now I have been doing pretty well. Then two days ago I got a horrible ibs attack. Nothing is helping, going to work is a nightmare and trying to take care of a nine month old is so hard. I have really bad pain, wanting to throw up all the time, and running back and forth to the bathroom to stop. Any help?
—Guest Mikayla

Some Pain Relief

I just took some antacids, this works for about an hour or so usually enabling me to lie down in a ball for more relief. Unfortunately, I am at work and cannot lie down. Anyone have anything else I can do?
—Guest Carol

oatmeal helps prevent

I am a 56 year old male. Light walking is best for me, sometimes warm shower. Each day I start with small bowl of oatmeal, regular, not instant, 3 tablespoons in about 4-5 oz water, microwave 3 minutes at 50% . I use water only, not milk, occasionally a sweetener. Got me through 3 years with no pain, till this week when I skipped. Stress, milk, sugar, nuts seem to be triggers for me.

My way of coping bad periods

I have found that to drops of pepermint oil in a mug of not too hot water gives relief when your stomach cramps, but if you take it too often you get asid reflux two cups a day. (Next i will try peppermint capsules) The pain related to gas is worse, when its get to bad i have to stop eating at all for 1 to 3 days because food feels like eating broken glass. So when the pain eases i eat boiled rice for a some days before i reintroduce other food gradually. This was also a way for me to find what food my ibs react badly too. Its a long and boring work but i have more reasonably good periods now. I react espesially bad to wheat, barley, rye, coffe, tea and alcohol. Those i react to in both good and bad periods. In bad periods i react to more. To use rice as safe food has made it possible to have longer good periods and chorter periods without food (now a rearly have to stop eating for more than a day) I can also have a more balanced diet because i have found my ibs worst triggers.
—Guest Margay

vegan mom

I went through colonoscopies and had my gallbladder removed... no answers and still had issues.went vegan and organic and things got way better. Started juicing. That seemed to heal some damage. Every now and then I still have flare ups... too much sugar or oil usually... tried a quinoa burger for tge first time last night and now i am dying. I hate this crap. I cant eat anything without incredible pain. The pain is so bad i took some of my dog'sleft over tramadol. The plan is to not even eat for the next 24 hours and work slowly back in to food... thanks for all your stories. Sometimes I feel insane going through this.
—Guest sarah

You have it better than most

I just turned 16 and have been having stomach problems since I was 12. I used to have a very strong stomach and could eat anything and go on roller coasters. All of the sudden everything changed. Anything I eat gives me has or makes me have diharrea. I hate constipation so bad I ended up throwing up my feces and I can't eat much but soup when my stomach gets bad. My nausea is probably the worst. For that, I recommend emetrol. That isn't something you should take everyday but helps for the occasional terrible nausea. The heating pad helps me for stomach pain and watch something on tv to distract you. I always keep a trash can near just in case. Along with these side effects I get terrible acid reflux and have dizzy spells where I can't think and everything blacks out. Living with ibs definitely easy but try to think of the people who have it worse. Some might much rather have ibs than what they are dealing with.
—Guest Ibs :(


hi here's a few tips of mine, I've had ibs since 2006 an found a variety of things help! 1) drink a cup of boiled water with peppermint cordial in of morning and evening. 2) take your medication regularly, I take mine ( ColofacMerbentyl and merbentyl ) 20 mins before I eat. 3) carry with you a strong pack of gum or a peppermint mouth spray for when you're out and get them niggly pains especially when out for a meal, it helps trust me, that watery mouth feeling an the tummy ache isn't good when your on a good night out. 4) always know where you hot water bottle is at home for the moment when you need it. 5) keep at least a days worth of medication in your purse/bag 6) I find curling up in a half fetus/recovery position with your left leg bent helps with a hot water bottle after a hot bath. 7) deep breaths in your nose and long breaths out ( slow and steady) 8) try not to eat late at night 9) try to avoid bread! If you live in the uk I buy warburtons thins as an alternative.


Try to get hold of the Fodmaps diet, devised and researched by 2 Australians , Dr Sue Shepherd and another Dr at Monash University. Victoria. I tried all sorts of diets and medicines until I came across this research, and now it is accepted world-wide. If you google Dr Sue Shepherd you will find how to obtain this diet, which is clear and do-able. Best wishes, Rosea
—Guest Jade

What helps me

I find that I it helps to really watch my diet. I have been following the FODMAP guidelines and it has helped a lot. But my worst food trigger is MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) and it is in a lot of things: broth based soup like vegetable soup, salad dressings, crackers, snacks like Doritos. So I read food labels on everything.
—Guest rita


Try this, its available OTC in the UK, have tried so much, and this really helped, also activated charcoal pills but they can make constipation worse.
—Guest Susie

IBS pain

My main and most persistent symptom of IBS is abdominal pain. According to its varying severity, I use different techniques to soothe it. My first choice with morning pain is to take an antispasmodic (I regularly switch between trimebutine and mebeverine, because they tend to lose effect with continued use). When the first antispasmodic is not enough, I take a pill of drotaverine and it helps with cramping. I also use herbal teas (esp. a mix of mint, sage, chamomille and other carminative herbs), deep breathing and guided imagery relaxation. Sometimes, applying a light pressure on my hips or on my back helps to de-focus from the main pain and a light massage on the tummy works too (but it has to be very light, otherwise it will do more harm than good). When all else fails and the pain is unbearable, my last resort is codeine. It calms the bowel spasms and kills the pain. If it weren't that addictive, I'd use it more often, but I don't want to get physically addicted to opiates.
—Guest Brianmay1975


IBS stands for (INCREDIBLE BULL S........! Had all kinds of tests & when doctor can't find the problem; it's automatically IBS. Tests are unreliable. After much investigating of my own; I found I'm Lactose Intolerant. So it amounts to what your body is reacting to. Hope some of this helpful; seriously ask yourself what am I putting in me that my body is reacting too. Good Luck!
—Guest sheila


I hav had ibs - over 3years an in a small Caribbean country where most docs don't have a clue how to diagnose or treat ibs, i really need some help from anyone, how to overcome or at least control my symptoms.....

IBS beginner

Hi all, I have just recently been diagnosed with IBS. My doctor believes I had it for years but it has just gotten worse over the last 12 months. I am up to day 5 of horrific stomach cramps... I don't recall ever being in so much pain. I am really interested in trying a few ideas from this forum but I am unsure if these are available in Australia i.e. the peppermint tummy drops. If anyone in Aus knows of some places to buy these products or online (Amazon won't post tummy drops to Australia) that would be much appreciated. I was also wondering if anyone had some pointers as to what foods to avoid? or how best to work out your trigger foods? So far, I've found my heat pack and Colese tablets work but being up to my 5th day of cramps, I'M OVER IT! Very glad I found this forum, nice to know I'm not the only one. I don't know anyone else with IBS so no one understands just how bad these pains are!
—Guest Jade

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How Do You Soothe Stomach Pain?

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