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Readers Respond: How Do You Soothe Stomach Pain?

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Updated October 02, 2012

From the article: IBS Stomach Pain Relief
One of the most debilitating symptoms of IBS can be abdominal (stomach) pain and often it can be difficult to know what to do to relieve this pain. Often the best advice comes from others who have dealt with this pain themselves. Get some tips from their experience and share your own soothing strategies. Share Your Tips


Sometimes I find chewing fennel seeds help. Also has anyone else noticed that sometimes just a bit too much fibre will send you curling up in a ball with horrible pains?
—Guest DJ

IBS management takes a lot

I'm 19 now and have been dealing with IBS for ~3 years (it developed so slowly that I spent a year before that thinking it was lactose intolerance and anxiety). I have completely cut out dairy, gluten and caffeine from my diet, and have cut down on rich and greasy foods. As much as possible everything I eat is warm, since cold is an irritant. I take two prescription medications: and antispasmodic since muscle cramping is a major symptom of mine and a neuron suppressant to stop false pain signals from being sent to my brain. I also take probiotics, fiber supplements and have been seeing an acupuncturist for two years, all of which have really helped my body regulate. I would recommend anyone struggling with IBS to visit both a traditional gastroenterologist and alternative medicinal practitioners such as naturopaths, homeopaths and acupuncturists. It was the combination of different approaches that let me get my IBS under control.
—Guest Maret

Giardiniera & Crackers

I know we are all different, and have different beneficial reactions to worsening of symptoms to just about every medicine, food, drink ... etc. I was pretty sure I was going to have a bad reaction to a once loved food from 25 years ago. I bought a jar of Giardiniera (Basically Giardiniera is pickled Cauliflower ,Celery, Onions, Carrots ... etc), and lite crackers. Much to my surprise, it did not trigger my IBS. Quite the opposite occurred. I instead had a bout of relief, and have every time I have ate Giardiniera & lite Crackers. Been an IBS-D & IBS-C suffering victim for the past 7 years, and I am always looking for any help to stave off that next episode ... whether it be several times per day to a few times per week. I have also been prescribed Amytriptylene Cloride (Elavil) 50mg per day. At first it seemed like a magic bullet, and even though it does still help, it isn't as effective as it was years ago.
—Guest Notloc

ibs pain

I've had ibs most of my life and was just diagnosed a couple years ago, i know ibs flares due to moods food and everything but id really love to know how to curb the pain. right now I'm nursing a 7 week old puppy back to health cuz she has the parvo virus and today has been very difficult because just before i did her meds i had a huge flare making her late for her meds since i couldn't get to her. its terrible. does anyone know of a way to ease the pain quickly if even for a few moments? She stresses if I'm not next to her and makes herself feel worse :(
—Guest r.beegle


I am 42 and I just had my gall bladder removed in jan and now I was told I have ibs and omg the pain is crazy there are days I can't stop going to the bathroom and days I can't go and my dr keeps telling me come in my office in 3 weeks and we will talk about it and I still haven't went yet I go in on 3/25/14 don't know what to do.

Any other ideas?

Just rest a hot water bottle on your abdo area. And draw your knees up near your stomach while on your side and see if it helps. also take Panadol or other pain relief tablets.
—Guest Guest

Me vs. Ibs

I was diagnosed with Ibs two years ago, Freshmen year. & ever since then life hasn't been the same. Nothing has been the same. Going from eating anything you wanted, not being bent over in pain, being a teenager, to the total opposite of all of that sucks. I'm sick of living my life in caution. I am in pain 24 hours every day and I just wish it would all go away. My symptoms range from pain and discomfort to nausea, throwing up, not being able to eat, ect. I'm literally scared to eat anything but soup because I don't want to throw up or have pain. Doctors say the same thing every time and It highly aggravates me. I wish they took this more seriously..All I ask is why me..
—Guest Tap

Fodmap diet

Hi everybody, I got Ibs after becoming vegetarian. I am not sure if there is a connection. After some time went to the doctor who suggested fodmaps diet. First I removed gluten. It helped tremendously. Then lactose. Even better. Then all the problem fruits and veggies. I still have not really fully ruled out what I can really have or not, but I know when I have wheat and or lactose, I will end up with the sinful night spasms nearly every time. I can have oats, so it is not the gluten but the sugars in wheat or rye that I cannot have. They also found blastocystis hominis in my stool, for which I took the awful one day flagyl treatment but this was after the diet already worked and I did not notice any further improvement even though My blasto count went from +++ to +. If I stick to the diet I am definitely a lot better although almost never totally symptoms free. Unfortunately some things are hard to resist such as almond blondies and tiramisu, which are not wheat and lactose free.
—Guest Elvira

In very bad pain

What do I do? it hurts to even breathe, it's been two days now I feel so full and and lot of discomfort, been drinking water and sprite but no help.
—Guest Natalie Brandon Dillard

So tired of it.

I've had IBS for years, and I've always found ways to manage it through diet. Now this past week, I've been in pain and just run down, sore. Nothing is working. Even water is bothering me. I wish I could find something that actually worked.
—Guest Ghosthunter


had this condition for years without it being diagnosed, until recently i discovered that a half glass of wine brought immediate relief; just dont get attached to the wine.
—Guest allan chetty


I had a kidney taken out at 15 and I was good for 20 years then this Ibs for the last 14 years, can't take it any more, the doctors say there is nothing they can do, so what can I do?
—Guest Gdog

paleo diet helps me

I've recently switched to the paleo diet. I thought grains were really my friend and protein was my enemy but now I've found that it's really the grains and insoluble fiber that are the worst. If I stick to this diet I can even eat high fat dairy and do just fine. I can get some pretty bad flare ups if I even eat a muffin or whole grain bread though. Peppermint capsules with meals also help sometimes.
—Guest Jennie99


I think its very possible to control IBS symptoms with your mind. My attacks will only occur if I am at home by myself, with nothing but my thoughts to entertain me. When I am out at work or running around, I find that there is too much distraction to concentrate on the fact that I have IBS, and therefore don't remember to feel any symptoms. Sometimes I get a hint of pain when I am out and find myself thinking "it's not possible to have an attack right now- I still have a thousand things to do!" and the pain will pass. When I am home though, it's a bit harder to do, as even the slightest thought of a possible attack can trigger worse thoughts and therefore bring on a full attack in a downward spiral of misery. Especially around menstruation when the cramps are so similar it's hard to avoid. But training yourself to go into that mindset is probably something worth trying. One thing I find that provides immediate relief is distracting the mind. Watch a movie, call a friend, go for a walk
—Guest Berna


Whenever my ibs acts up i prepare a warm shower and go to the bathroom. I get as musch poop out as possible before getting into a WARM shower. This may sound dumb but warm showers REALLY help. Its like magic. I also take a laxative called "MiraLax"
—Guest Ibs help

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How Do You Soothe Stomach Pain?

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