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Readers Respond: What Do You Eat for Diarrhea?

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Updated October 10, 2012

runny butt

I noticed that during the act itself, I just drink water then I can graduate to dry toast and perhaps crackers.
—Guest olga

Bananas and water

I am 20 living in Mexico I have this problem a lot...just eat bananas and drink bottle water PLUS lactobacillus is really Good so get an probiotic with lactobacillus...and sleep!!!!
—Guest L

hate it

i have semi-skim milk and it doesn't affect me. toast, pasta, chicken and salad are good. drink probiotic drinks and loads of water.
—Guest vowles

Heres how to handle this!

I'm on my fourth day. Starting to get scary. I have no idea if I have food poisoning or what? Bananas are #1. Every time I eat one it calms my stomach. Eat about 5 a day. No gatorade, drink water, dry toast - no butter, applesauce - no cinnamon. Tough it out, you can eat all the foods you want in a couple days.
—Guest Nick


If you have this, try brat food like: Bananas rice, toast/tea etc. - hope this will work...AVOID: WHEAT CONTAINING PRODUCTS, APPLES, PEARS, PEACHES,POTATOES, CORN, OATMEAL,WHEAY BRAN, PRUNES AND DATES, ALSO DAIRY FOODS.
—Guest guest n


It depends. For most people the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, tea/toast) diet works, but not for everyone. And some people find cola helps whereas other people think it makes it worse.
—Guest Mee

Aw god:(

don't eat much, just eat some dry white toast, rice or pasta, and drink plenty of water. Don't try and hold it in that makes it a lot worse!! Because then all you've been holding just comes out at once, maybe before you get to the toilet. If your stomach is sore, a warm wheat bag or hot water bottle helps.
—Guest I m.a.p ness


Boil rice and drink the water as well as eating the rice with live yoghourt and white bread, toasted, and banana.
—Guest Gloria

Be careful w probiotics

They tend to make my diarrhea worse, if anything, and there is recent research showing improvement in many IBS cases with an *antibiotic.*

Try this

Rice is very good. Soup with potatoes and crackers works well. I have had diarrhea for days and also took lactobacillus which helps restore the intestine lining.
—Guest Guest Ray

The Shits

I don't know if I have food poisoning or what, but I have been stuck in bed & on the toilet. I tried a little pepto although I know you shouldn't "stop" diarrhea, but I needed something. I haven't been able to eat or drink anything. I'm trying to make rice water and then I'll try the BRAT diet. Hopefully it helps.
—Guest Hating Life


The only thing I can eat is baked potato or broth. Stomach bloated and can't keep anything in. Have been in remission for 5 yrs don't miss this. Aloe vera soothes where it hurts.
—Guest d

If you have diarrhea read these steps

1. Eat plain toast with no butter 2. Eat plain biscuits 3. have soup any kind doesn't matter 4. no licorice gives you the runs 5. have any milk but you cant have it hot or it goes through you fast 6. drink plenty of water and that's all you need to survive diarrhea. thank you for listening.
—Guest Tyler!

i got terrible diarrhea now!

Geez I'm blowing it out before I even get to the toilet. I have soiled a pack of panties (victoria secret I might add!) but ill try some of these suggestions. I just went to Walmart but its black Friday so you think I could get some adult diapers?? No! Everyone is already pushing and shoving so its back home to start clean up with my wet vac. Thanks for everyone's help.
—Guest jane


I've got it pretty bad now and water, sprite, and alka-seltzer seems to be helping, I had some chicken broth but that made it worse so I stuck with with toast with butter.
—Guest Q

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What Do You Eat for Diarrhea?

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