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Readers Respond: What Do You Eat for Diarrhea?

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Updated October 10, 2012

What are your go-to foods when you have diarrhea? What foods offer you comfort without setting off your system?

Homeopathic Diarrhea Cures

Activated Charcoal, Coconut Water, Broth with White over-boiled rice, guided meditation for anxiety and stress, applesauce, Calms Forte or Bach Rescue Remedy and yogurt with live cultures. Take one tsp of activated charcoal mixed in a 12 oz glass of filtered water, sip slowly, over an hour. Follow with coconut water for dehydration, rice with broth, guided meditation videos on Youtube, every four-five hours, take calms forte tablets or spray/tincture of Bach Flower Remedy. This will relieve symptoms in as little as six hours. Follow program for 24 hours and begin to introduce yogurt and other low fat, non spicy foods back into your diet, over another 24 hours, after 48 hours, introduce more food. This will clear in two days. If your stomach gurgles and you have gas with no bloating, your system is running smoother. Don't drink caffeine, alcohol or caffeinated tea. Stay calm!
—Guest HawaiiBoy

To help with diarrhea

I started taking Culturelle daily and the diarrhea stopped after a few days. This is the best pro-biotic on the market. If I don't take it I have severe pain in my abdomen area and it takes about a week to feel normal again after starting up with the Culturelle, so don't stop taking it, it really does work. Gina

Saltines and poweraid!!!!

Saltines made by the Premium brand which also is gluten free and poweraid works wonderfully. This is the only combination that works so good, it takes only a couple of days and you can start intoducing bannanas and other non irritating foods slowly : )
—Guest kmarie

Read this - IMPORTANT

Right now, I have diarrhea for 3 months already. It never went away because of the fact that I kept on making it worse. However, one day, I managed to get rid of the stupid virus. My technique: Eat bananas and drink plenty of water. Once you realize your stool is getting harder, KEEP eating bananas and drinking water. After a few days, try some plain rice. NOT FRIED RICE, BROWN RICE, just PLAIN RICE! If your stool becomes liquid again due to eating rice, THEN STOP and continue to eat Banana. You may eat crackers, but don't forget to eat bananas as well! AND LOTS OF WATER. NO GATORADE/POWERWADE OR ANY TYPE OF DRINK UNLESS RECOMMENDED BY DOCTOR. Even though you think your diarrhea is gone, continue to eat bananas, rice, crackers, and drink tons of water until at least a month pass. NEXT TIME, beware what you eat!
—Guest Angelos

IBS -If you have diarrhea

I usually get diarrhea after eating veggie soup, even though I eat crackers with it. It may be the corn in the soup or something else but I run to the bathroom several times and decide to take a half of Imodium tablet. It works and if the half doesn't help I take another half and my tummy settles down and the diarrhea stops. Eating baked potatoes without butter helps. I eat plain white breads also. I don't limit my eating what I want but I am careful how I eat and how much. I stop using milk and went to Silk and that eliminates the gas. I love cereals and I use the Silk instead of Milk.
—Guest Csp

runny butt

I noticed that during the act itself, I just drink water then I can graduate to dry toast and perhaps crackers.
—Guest olga

Bananas and water

I am 20 living in Mexico I have this problem a lot...just eat bananas and drink bottle water PLUS lactobacillus is really Good so get an probiotic with lactobacillus...and sleep!!!!
—Guest L

hate it

i have semi-skim milk and it doesn't affect me. toast, pasta, chicken and salad are good. drink probiotic drinks and loads of water.
—Guest vowles

Heres how to handle this!

I'm on my fourth day. Starting to get scary. I have no idea if I have food poisoning or what? Bananas are #1. Every time I eat one it calms my stomach. Eat about 5 a day. No gatorade, drink water, dry toast - no butter, applesauce - no cinnamon. Tough it out, you can eat all the foods you want in a couple days.
—Guest Nick


If you have this, try brat food like: Bananas rice, toast/tea etc. - hope this will work...AVOID: WHEAT CONTAINING PRODUCTS, APPLES, PEARS, PEACHES,POTATOES, CORN, OATMEAL,WHEAY BRAN, PRUNES AND DATES, ALSO DAIRY FOODS.
—Guest guest n


It depends. For most people the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, tea/toast) diet works, but not for everyone. And some people find cola helps whereas other people think it makes it worse.
—Guest Mee

Aw god:(

don't eat much, just eat some dry white toast, rice or pasta, and drink plenty of water. Don't try and hold it in that makes it a lot worse!! Because then all you've been holding just comes out at once, maybe before you get to the toilet. If your stomach is sore, a warm wheat bag or hot water bottle helps.
—Guest I m.a.p ness


Boil rice and drink the water as well as eating the rice with live yoghourt and white bread, toasted, and banana.
—Guest Gloria

Be careful w probiotics

They tend to make my diarrhea worse, if anything, and there is recent research showing improvement in many IBS cases with an *antibiotic.*

Try this

Rice is very good. Soup with potatoes and crackers works well. I have had diarrhea for days and also took lactobacillus which helps restore the intestine lining.
—Guest Guest Ray

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