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Readers Respond: What Do You Eat for Diarrhea?

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Updated October 10, 2012

What are your go-to foods when you have diarrhea? What foods offer you comfort without setting off your system? Share Your Tips

Looking for food when having diarrhea

I got a lot of ideas. Actually I've been eating steamed rice, boiled noodle, boiled egg whites and chicken great meat. But my diarrhea has not stopped for one week. And I lost my energy. So I'll see a doctor tomorrow. Thanks for advice. LC of Queens, NY
—Guest Lydia Chang

How to help with Diarrhea

Honestly some of the best things for curing diarrhea are: Plain rice Plain toast Water Naps during the day
—Guest Jacob


Tried toast and it just came out the other end as fast and it got in, so ive been living on banana's, crackers, diralite and the occasional sip of orange cordial to help with the dryness of the crackers.
—Guest mel

I eat

Low salted foods and stay away from dairy. I would also try to have some kind of medication to relieve pain and dizziness. That is what I do for Diarrhea.
—Guest ---

really works

This was a God send when i had continuous diarrhea for 5 days and had literally no energy. Take 2 heaped tablespoons of rice flour mixed with about 6 tablespoons of cold water, mix and drink. Do this everytime you get a bout of diarrhea. I only needed it twice and the problem stopped. I was strictly on plain rice, plain toast, water and diaralyte for 2 days.
—Guest susiem

coconut water

The only thing that ended my 6 month bout of diarrhea was drinking coconut water. Now I drink it with my vitamin pills every morning and I have not had a relapse. When I looked it up on the hinternet it said it was the common digestive remedy in all tropical countries.
—Guest suej43@gmail.com

Diarrhea cha-cha-cha

I've had diarrhea the last three days. What helps me is a rice sock (a thick sock filled with rice, put in microwave for 45 sec), peppermint tea, and sleeping. I'm super sensitive to gluten, dairy, seeds, and raw fruits and veggies. Peanut butter is neutral.
—Guest Temperance

Im ouch

I've had diarrhea for 4 days and I can't get rid of it. I've lost a stone from not eating
—Guest Lydia

help with diarrhea

Lots of Pedialyte burnt dry toast (tastes bad) but the charcoal in the burnt toast will soak up all the nasties in your tummy, and believe it or not seedless pumpkin paste in a can. I know this combination works because i have 8 puppies that came down with parvo. Within 2 days no more diarrhea. within 5 days everything back to normal. Hope this helps and you all feel better soon :)
—Guest Nancy R

If you have diarrhea and your hungry

If you have diarrhea you should have some ginger ale then in a few hours or when you are starving have cold plain pasta with no drink. Next watch some videos on the computer or on the T.V for a few hours. Then go to sleep in your favorite place to sleep (for me it was my moms bedroom) This worked like a charm.
—Guest Termeh


Im 13 and money is very tight in my family what cheap things can i get to help?
—Guest Hi


I am working in Africa at the moment, don't usually suffer but here's what helps me. Eat nothing for the first 12 hours. Just drink water. Flush the problem out. When your stomach has had sufficient time to heal, try bananas, boiled rice (with a little salt) and dry toast. Be strict with these for a day or 2. When you are back to normal try yogurt for healthy bacteria for your stomach. But not until you are better as it can make you worse.
—Guest Chris

two years running

well i have had the runs on and off again for two years running and i found that the things i could eat and drink during those times have changed. first i you are jonesing for the toilet avoid all dairy products it will just make it worse, just in case you are really sensitive avoid any foods that have dairy products in them. second don't drink soda unless it is ginger ale, let me tell you nothing puts you on the toilet faster than orange, grape, pepsi, and all of those other kinds of soda. after you think the runs have run their course. third nothing fried, most of the time it is the fried stuff causing the problem in the first place, so no matter how good it smell try to avoid it or to the throne it is for you. now i found eating plain things has been great for when you want something to eat but can't cause of the runs, i usually eat toast, cheerios, chicken noodle soup, crackers, rice, boiled chicken, vegetables, and i drink water or tea. the tea helps calm down the stomach.
—Guest tasha

top tips for avoiding diarrhea

hi! when I get diarrhea its simply because I get caught out! I eat the wrong stuff i'm run down, or dehydrated I usually don't realize I am run down or dehydrated until its too late! so, here's what to do! stay well hydrated with water not Guinness! stay away from coffee for two reasons one its horrible and two because it equals bathroom visits! if you're like me and you like your Saturday morning fry! boil the sausages and you should be ok! bananas, broccoli, and rice are god!! stick to a regular diet and you will be fine, if this is all new to you at least eat bannanas and avoid crisps big mistake and also peanuts , when I first started to suffer from diarrhea I kept a list of what I ate if I got the diarrhea I would look back what I ate in the last 24 hrs and mark out at least one food if I ate the same stuff again bar one food and I was ok then i'd know my trigger foods find out what they are and avoid them there is no cure just stay hydrated and eat bananas, rice, and broccoli.

From fabulous fat to sickly slim

I weighed 299 and swore I would never tap that 300 mark. I didn't! But what I did tap into for 5 yrs was society hollering in your face. Lose weight!! I was NEVER in a Dr office and now thousands in the "hole" financially. Unable to work I am acceptable to society who sees me about 1 hour a day and my home and commode the rest!! I have been diagnosed with IBS had GI test, surgery for Hashimotos thyroid disease, stay dizzy, cannot eat except like a baby. I am Sick all the time now!! Oh people see me and say I look amazing! Look like Barbara Mandrell. I am 59 yrs old and feel 89! I spike fevers. Blood pressure spikes and bouts of diarrhea horribly to point I just get weak! Oh my weight loss got me a new husband but what use am I to him? He wants to travel and I am too sick!! I relate to everything these people are talking about. Does anyone know? Help us?
—Guest Mississippi

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What Do You Eat for Diarrhea?

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